Dec 11, 2012 Show

SSSwhitedresspics 004

YOUTUBE only allows 15 mins of video, so as soon as I get my 30 minute split in to 15 mins each I’ll get the links posted.

Video clips include Commissioner Mike Boyle rant against concerned citizen; Terrorist Bombing of AZ Social Security Office; Father Shoots daughters in Honor Killings in AZ; New Black Panther Leader encourages “..killing of the crackers and their  babies….” Plus STOPPING the Racist RAZA STUDIES in Public Schools and Hispanic Leaders anti-white,anti-American comments; Banning of criminal furloughs in Nebraska….and more.

Here are the links I refer to in my 12/11/2012 Show

New Black Panther leader King Samir Shabazz advocates violence against whites New Black Panther Party  May 21, 2012   By: Joe Newby

CBS5 News Report of Terrorist Bombing Abdullah A. Aldosary (47 yrs old) Iraqi Refugee in December 2012 of Social Security Bldg. In Casa Grande, AZ  (Didn’t hear about that?  That’s because the major networks who carried the story was Fox News, MSN, (CNN?) and in print The Huffington Post.

Father shoots daughters in Honor Killing in Arizona:

A  “Special Master” has been hired by the Feds to decide whether Raza Studies (a/k/a Mexican-American Studies) SHOULD BE PUT BACK IN to the curriculum.  ARIZONA was able to get it out of the schools last year after an investigation of their teaching materials showed that “hate” was being taught against white people (with quotes such as “kill the gringo” and “execute all white males over age 16” and that the students need to make a “Revolution” on the United States, and much more!

Also worth noting is that the money spent on this professor’s study did NOT ADDRESS THE QUESTION/CONCERNS about the studies.  They totally ignored the issue and the study is about how many students graduate from those who did not take the RAZA course.  The actual study is available on line and I read it.  So this study should not be used to determine a federal mandate to include this course.

CONTACT Prof. Willis D. Hawley, Univ of MD @ 301-405-3592 or email “Willis D. Hawley” <> and tell him you do NOT want Mexican-American Studies to be put back in our public schools.

TAKE ACTION – Boyle verbally insults concerned parent at Child/Youth Services Committee meeting – VIDEO. The behavior Douglas County Commissioner Boyle displayed towards this concerned parent is outrageous and unacceptable. Lodge your complaint one of two ways call/email info at; and/or express your disgust at their next board meeting 9am on Tue. 12/11/2012 on the second floor of the Civic Bldg at 18th & Farnam St.


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