Jan 15, 2013 Show Guest Scott Voorhees of KFAB 1110 AM Radio

1 15 2013 Best photo of Scott V and meHad a great time with guest conservative talk radio show host Scott Voorhees.

The Susan Smith Show Part I Jan 15, 2013 Guest Scott Voorhees http://youtu.be/6EzIqlzCN_I

The Susan Smith Show Part II Jan 15, 2013 Guest Scott Voorhees



1. Nebraskans are participating in a National Rally called “GUNS ACROSS AMERICA RALLY” on Saturday January 19th at Noon at the steps of the Capitol Bldg.in Lincoln at 1445 K St. This is a Family Friendly Event in support of the 2nd Amendment. Sen. Bill Kintner will be speaking at this event. https://www.facebook.com/events/324055167698331/

2.  Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom is having their monthly meeting this Wednesday Jan 16th at 6:30pm 8:30pm at the Milliard Library 132nd & Westwood Lane-couple of blocks South of 132nd & W.Center Rd. Guest speaker OPPD Rep/rate increases.  (also have legislative, education, illegal immigration committees) http://www.netaxpayers.org

3.  Mark your calendars for February 15th that’s the day the United States Supreme Court will hear evidence from Dr. Orly Taitz alleging President Barack Hussein Obama used forged documents and a stolen Social Security Number.  She is holding a rally in Washington, D.C. in front of the White House on Sunday, January 20, tentatively from 10-4 and in front of the Supreme Court on Monday January 21 from 10-4. She encourages citizens in other states to hold a similar rally, same date and time at their state capitol bldgs. Her website is: http://www.orlytaitzesq.com

4. As you know we’ve been following an issue about racist, anti-white, anti-American LA RAZA course in Arizona Public Schools and I told you I would look into Omaha Public Schools to make sure racism/revolution wasn’t being taught here.   The OPS website indicates Mexican American Studies are taught at South High and several middle schools so here’s what’s happened: on Jan 5th I asked for the name of materials used in this course by email to Edward Castro teacher of Social Studies at South High – to date no response.  On Jan 8th I left a phone message for the Dual Language Coordinator for South High, Jack Bangert who called me back the next day and referred me to the Head of Social Studies at South High, Sean Husher who called me back within a couple of hours and referred me to the OPS District Supervisor of Social Studies who is Barry Thomas and I left a message with his secretary on Jan 11th – to date – NO RESPONSE.  I want to thank Mr. Bangert and Mr. Husher for getting back to me so quickly.

What I don’t understand and what looks VERY SUSPICIOUS is the fact that neither Mr. Castro nor Mr. Thomas have called me back with THE TITLE OF THE MATERIAL THEY USE IN THIS COURSE!  IT”S NOT BRAIN SURGERY!  If you are concerned about this as I am please contact Mr. Barry Thomas at 402-557-2436. Ask them What is the title of the materials they use in the Mexican-American Class.

You will find more TAKE ACTION items on the TAKE ACTION page.

Sprinkled throughout our comments on rapid fire topics are some of Scott’s political parodies.  Since Scott and I are both conservative we wanted to make our liberal friends feel welcomed so we started off the interview with:


All My Liberal Friends are coming over tonight.(2:44)

*Scott give me his opinions about the Social Justice Diversity Manual Omaha Public Schools paid $133,000 and are forcing staff to read.

*3 year old deaf child in Kearny, Ne who was asked to leave school because his name signs were similar to that of a gun.

*The Principal in a west coast school banned peanut butter jelly sandwiches because she thought it was RACIST since kids in other countries didn’t have them.

* A New York teacher ordered to remove her prayer box from class or be fired.  She was also banned from attending the Bible Study Club.  But a social worker with posters supporting Gay,Lesbian,Transgender & Bisexual are posted on her door and office is okay.  http://www.gopusa.com/theloft/2013/01/14/message-to-teacher-either-religious-items-go-or-you-do/?subscriber=1


ACLU’s Greatest Hits (1:54)

Scott ‘s comments about:

*  Unicameral election of mostly Democrats to Chairman of Committees and most of whom ran unopposed by Republicans.  Giving Dems control.

*  Democrat Convention booing God and Jews.

*  Hug A Thug laws/Good Time Laws

*  Senator Ernie Chambers and Racist, anti-white, anti-American rhetoric


Oh Warren won’t ya buy me... (1:34)

Scott on Gun Restriction/Bans:

* Des Moines Register opinion calling NRA and citizens Terrorists and should be tied to the back of a truck and drug through the city streets.

* Iowa Rep. Mulbauer wants to BAN ALL guns and allow police to go door to door collecting guns from lawful citizens.

*  New York newspaper printing gun owners and their addresses.  One couple has already been robbed of their guns.  http://www.gopusa.com/freshink/2013/01/14/thieves-break-into-house-identified-by-anti-gun-newspaper/?subscriber=1


Obama’s Black Joe Biden’s White  (1:39)

1 15 2013 Show ScottV and me 002  KFAB 1110Am Gourmet Club.  Catch Scott’s show 9am-11a Mon-Fri on KFAB 1110AM

Thanks Scott for being a guest on my show, I had a great time!

One last parody for anyone suffering from the Flu, this will cheer you up


Who Let The Hogs Out?  (2:08)

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