Jan 22, 2013 Show – Guest Pat Loontjer, Gambling with the Good Life

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Guest Pat Loontjer, Gambling with the Good Life shared information with us about the downside of expanded gambling in Nebraska.  Revealing myths about the monies improving cities and states.

The Susan Smith Show Part I Jan 22, 2013 Guest Pat Loontjer

The Susan Smith Show Part II Jan 22, 2013 Guest Pat Loontjer

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Virgil Patlan being pro-amnesty/pro-illegal alien candidate for Omaha City Council using conservative/Republican support; update on OPS Mexican American History by Carlos Jiminez used as a supplemental teaching guide; Free Subscription to Unicameral Update weekly mailer to get on their mailing list call 402-471-2788.


Executive Director of Gambling with the Good Life.  http://www.gamblingwiththegoodlife.com Pat Loontjer has been nicknamed the “Grassroots Grandma”. She was a homemaker and mother of five when the predator known as “Casino Gambling” attempted to invade Nebraska in 1995.

She quickly organized a dynamic group of concerned citizens from all walks of life who despite tremendous odds defeated the gambling industry 4 times in 1996. Since that time “Gambling with the Good Life” has successfully fought off the out- state gambling interests for the past 17 years. In 2004 Nevada launched an all out attack, spending over $7 million in an attempt to bring slot machines and casino to our great state. In spite of being out spent by over 20 to 1. Tom Osborne, Warren Buffett, Pete Rickets and other prominent Nebraskans joined with  “Gambling with the Good Life” to mobilized the largest coalition ever formed in the state and soundly defeated the Nevada gambling interests at the ballot box.

Pat has been active in church and civic affairs for most of her life. She has served as board member for “Good News Jail & Prison Ministry”, “Pro America” and was active with “Release Ministry”, which works with youth in the juvenile detention centers. In 1986 Pat was named “Nebraska Homemaker of the Year” by Eagle Forum. Pat currently serves as vice chairman for the national “Stop Predatory Gambling” organization.

Pat works in sales & public relations and has 13 beautiful grandchildren, all living in Nebraska whose future “Good Life” she seeks to protect.

Next week’s show:

Please join me next Tuesday, January 29th – my guest is Patrick Bonnet who will tell us about a petition to oppose the Homosexual Protection Ordinance being either passed or considered by city councils in Nebraska.

Patrick Bonnett


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