Jan 29, 2013 Show Homosexual Protection Ordinance Petition to Allow Citizens to Vote


Get the back story to the Homosexual Protection Ordinance the Omaha City Council passed and a Petition to get it repealed PLUS first hand reports of the aftermath in Massachusets where city ordinances became STATE LAW.  My guests had so much information to share we did an hour show, the first half hour will air tonight.

The Susan Smith Show Part I Feb 5, 2013 Homosexual Protection Ordinance

The Susan Smith Show Part II Feb 5, 2013 Homosexual Protection Ordinance

The Susan Smith Show Part III Feb 5, 2013 Homosexual Protection Ordinance

Susan Smith, Patrick Bonnet

Patrick G. Bonnett, Executive Director, Founder of The Nebraska Heritage Coalition currently serving as the Executive Director of the Omaha Liberty Project.      Our goal is simply to:
“Let The People Vote” The Ordinance that was passed in March was divisive, only had the support of 4 Councilmembers and most Omaha voters polled said they didn’t support the measure. So we feel that such an issue should have been put to a vote of the people. The “Omaha Liberty Project” committee has been working very hard to launch the petition and gather signatures to get the “Homosexual Ordinance” on the ballot next Spring so that the whole city will have the right to vote on it.   So far the response has been very encouraging.       Unfortunately our efforts have been slowed by individuals whose motives are questionable to say the least. They have been spreading false information regarding not only the petition but the legal status of our parent organization and the integrity of the committee members involved.  Pastor Dave Gerhls has provided a letter of certification from our Secretary of State for your review.       We want to assure you that the petition is valid, the organization is legal, our 501c3 status is current and our committee members are sincere, trustworthy individuals who are working diligently to protect our 1st amendment rights.      If you have any questions regarding any of these issues please do not hesitate to call any of us so that we can answer to your satisfaction and we can all forge on to victory.         Patrick G. Bonnett, Executive Director, The Nebraska Heritage Coalition, c/o Omaha Liberty Project, PO Box 451011, Omaha, NE  68145, (402) 212-7199   http://www.omahalibertyproject.org

Susan Smith, Brian Camenker

Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance in Massachusetts tells us about the fall out, the downside to this type of Ordinance starting out in cities and then becoming State Law.  He discusses the litigation that begins against employers, businesses and even customers who object.  The concerns of public bathroom use by Transgenders and the cost of no gender bathrooms passed on to business owners and customers.  How this impacts children and teenagers in schools to see their Teacher dressed in clothing opposite their gender.  The medical cost shared by all for Transgender medications/surgeries and so much more!  https://twitter.com/MassResistance     www.massresistance.org

Susan Smith, Dave Gehrls

Dave Gehrls a Steering Committee Member of the Omaha Liberty Project talks with us about the Spiritual angle of this hot topic.

City of Omaha Initiative Petition
The object of this petition is to adopt an ordinance to delete sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes within the City of Omaha and in City of Omaha contracts.
To the Council and Clerk of the City of Omaha, Nebraska, a municipal corporation:
We the undersigned registered voters of the City of Omaha, do hereby request pursuant to Omaha Home Rule Charter Section 2.18 and Neb. Rev. Stat. Sections 14-210 and 14-212 (Reissue 2007) that the following ordinance be presented to the Omaha City Council for enactment by said Council; and if not enacted in full by the City Council within 30 days of presentation thereto, that the ordinance be submitted to a vote of the electorate of the City of Omaha at the next election to be held within the City. The undersigned state, each for himself or herself: 1) I have personally signed this petition on the date opposite my name; 2) I am a registered voter of the City of Omaha and am qualified to sign this petition; and 3) My printed name, date of birth, street and number, and City address are correctly written after my signature……….READ MORE AT THE OMAHA LIBERTY PROJECT’S WEBSITE

ATTORNEY GENERAL of Nebraska JON BRUNING opinion http://www.nebraskaheritagecoalition.org/Omaha_Liberty_Project/Downloads/AG_Opinion.pdf

The Omaha Liberty Project, PO Box 451011, Omaha, NE 68145
Office Address:  1065 North 115th Ct., Omaha, NE 68154
(402) 212-7199 http://www.omahalibertyproject.org
Email Address:      exec@omahalibertyproject.org

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