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Feb 26th Show Political Show Down of Ernie Chambers

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Round 1

    The Political SHOW DOWN

of Sen. Ernie Chambers

The Susan Smith Show Part 1 2/26/2013 Political SHOW DOWN of Ernie Chambers

The Susan Smith Show Part II 2/26/2013 Political SHOW DOWN of Ernie Chambers



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From Wikipedia:

The bray of the donkey may be used as a simile for loud and foolish speech in political mockery.[91][92] For example,[93]

    There are braying men in the world as well as braying asses; for what’s loud and senseless talking and swearing, any other than braying
    -Sir Roger L’Estrange

The words “donkey” and “ass” (or translations thereof) have come to have derogatory or insulting meaning in several languages, and are generally used to mean someone who is obstinate, stupid or silly..

Ernie Chambers braying like a Jackass on the Unicameral floor courtesy of
–Scott Voorhees –Host: 9-11 a.m.  1110 KFAB-AM / Omaha, NE

Retired Delta Force Gen Boykin in present day outlines the Socializing of the U.S.


Feb 19th Show Tired of the B.S. from political parties?


Will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

The Susan Smith Show  Part I Feb 19, 2013 Socialist USA continued from Feb 12th show.   Pro-illegal alien candidates Virgil Patlan and Brad Ashford, support Jean Stothert for Mayor, WA resident runs President’s SSN through Everify – files lawsuit and fined by courts $12,000 dollars, Judge rules in favor of ICE agents lawsuit against President and DHS, Full blown Military exercises in U.S. cities – residents and elected officials not notified- causes panic.

The Susan Smith Show  Part II Feb 19, 2013 Socialist USA
Full blown Military Exercises in U.S. cities panics residents – elected officials not notified.  Video interview with KGB Defector outlines how the U.S. will be destroyed by implementing Socialism.

Here is the story of how a mother and homemaker in Washington State stood up to challenge the identity fraud of Barack Obama. Learn how she paid a price for her courage to run the president through E-Verify. Related posts: Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I’m Not Going To Back Down From Obama’s Identity Document Fraud Investigation.

Judge rules in favor of ICE agents suing Obama’s DREAM directive – National Law Enforcement.

Full Blown Military Drills in U.S. cities – residents and elected officials NOT NOTIFIED – causes panic and chaos.

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s shockingly prophetic warning from 29 years ago, describing what’s happening in America today almost to the letter

Retired Delta Force Gen Boykin in present day outlines the Socializing of the U.S.

President Obama KingNot Governed by God are ruled by Tyrants quote

USA in Distress Upside Down Flag

Feb 12, 2013 Show SIZZLE! Tired of BOTH parties?

Can of Wup AssRedJackwFlagVeryNiceTired of the B.S. from the political parties?  Me too and I’m not holding anything back so be sure to tune in. 

Opposing/exposing candidates and what about that pesky hi jacking of the Republican Party by the Ron Paul Libertarians?

Who are the snakes in the grass……..?

Pic of Virgil Patlan Smiling and a Grinnin

………………..just an Obama supporta pickin yo “conservative” pockets and a grinnin………just a pickin and a grinnin…….just a pickin and a grinnin…….

The Susan Smith Show Part I  Feb 12 2013

The Susan Smith Show Part II Feb 12 2013

ILLEGAL ALIENS:  GOLD RUSH IN NEBRASKA!  Candidates WANT YOU! Elected officials WANT YOU! The New Republican/Libertarian Party WANTS YOU!  I.D.s, Driver’s License, FREE Medicaid, Education, Housing, Welfare, Food Stamps, Tax Refunds and JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!

STATES:  Send us your Illegal Aliens!  Send us your poor, sickly, elderly, criminals, Gang and Mexican Drug Cartel members and mentally insane!

Make fliers with a map to Nebraska and hand them out at Churches, Home Depot parking lots where illegal aliens wait to be picked up for cash jobs, every pro-amnesty/pro-illegal alien org you can think of….That’s what Nebraska wants that is EXACTLY what Nebraska should get! To help NE with its endeavor I’m considering paying for billboards in CA, AZ TX, NV, CO, ILL and other over run illegal alien states welcoming them to NEBRASKA.

Feb 11, 2013 OMAHA MAYORAL FORUM Video Clips

Upside Down Flag by illegals

Much thanks to Ms. Cheryl Weston for hosting an Omaha Mayoral Forum. 

Two video clips with  candidate responses to questions about ILLEGAL immigration, Amnesty and Driver’s Licenses  and one video with their closing comments.


Q.  Will you support Immigration Reform/Amnesty?

Brad Ashford – MY COMMENT:  Of course he will and he bragged about Nebraska being one of the first states to pass the DREAM ACT and bragged about pre-natal care for illegal aliens and is responsible for making Nebraska a De Facto Sanctuary State

Jean Stothert – “….Enforce the current laws…”

Mayor Suttle – “…Our city is open to everyone…I have just three requests 1)Work Hard 2)Follow our laws and 3) Follow your American Dream…..we, the city of Omaha are ready to follow the Federal Guidelines, aspects, whatever they are…”

MY COMMENT:  I guess that leaves out Following our CURRENT FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAWS or else we wouldn’t be a Sanctuary City.

Dan Welch – “…will reach out to them (Hispanic Community) at every opportunity…”

David Nabity – “..I agree with Brad Ashford we need a pathway to citizenship…if there is any citizen in our city we need to know who they are, they need to be able to get a Driver’s License, be insured…and pay taxes…”

Illegal Aliens Arrogancepic of kitty thumping paw
Q. Would you support DREAMERS (illegal alien children up to age 31) getting Driver’s Licenses?


Jean Stothert – “Yes”

Mayor Suttle – “Yes and scholarships too…”

Dan Welch – “…with the caveat that they take courses/classes to pass…it can’t be Carte Blanche…”

David Nabity – “Yes”

Brad Ashford – “Yes”
Texas barbed wire middle finger to BO
Dan Welch, Mayor Suttle, Jean Stothert, Brad Ashford, David Nabity

BO My Work Is Done

Feb 5, 2013 Show Cont’d from last week Homosexual Protection Ordinance


Join us tonight as we finish the 2nd part to the conversation of Homosexual Protection Ordinances with Guests Brian Camenker of MASS Resistance and Dave Geryhls of the Omaha Liberty Project.

See the January 29th Show posting for the first half of the discussion with Patrick Bonnett of the Omaha Liberty Project and first half of interview with Brian Camenker.  You won’t want to miss out on this discussion!

The Susan Smith Show Part I Feb 5, 2013 Homosexual Protection Ordinance

The Susan Smith Show Part II Feb 5, 2013 Homosexual Protection Ordinance

The Susan Smith Show Part III Feb 5, 2013 Homosexual Protection Ordinance