Feb 11, 2013 OMAHA MAYORAL FORUM Video Clips

Upside Down Flag by illegals

Much thanks to Ms. Cheryl Weston for hosting an Omaha Mayoral Forum. 

Two video clips with  candidate responses to questions about ILLEGAL immigration, Amnesty and Driver’s Licenses  and one video with their closing comments.


Q.  Will you support Immigration Reform/Amnesty?  http://youtu.be/JmxvcPBehoA

Brad Ashford – MY COMMENT:  Of course he will and he bragged about Nebraska being one of the first states to pass the DREAM ACT and bragged about pre-natal care for illegal aliens and is responsible for making Nebraska a De Facto Sanctuary State

Jean Stothert – “….Enforce the current laws…”

Mayor Suttle – “…Our city is open to everyone…I have just three requests 1)Work Hard 2)Follow our laws and 3) Follow your American Dream…..we, the city of Omaha are ready to follow the Federal Guidelines, aspects, whatever they are…”

MY COMMENT:  I guess that leaves out Following our CURRENT FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAWS or else we wouldn’t be a Sanctuary City.

Dan Welch – “…will reach out to them (Hispanic Community) at every opportunity…”

David Nabity – “..I agree with Brad Ashford we need a pathway to citizenship…if there is any citizen in our city we need to know who they are, they need to be able to get a Driver’s License, be insured…and pay taxes…”

Illegal Aliens Arrogancepic of kitty thumping paw
Q. Would you support DREAMERS (illegal alien children up to age 31) getting Driver’s Licenses? http://youtu.be/nYUJXHEPdhM


Jean Stothert – “Yes”

Mayor Suttle – “Yes and scholarships too…”

Dan Welch – “…with the caveat that they take courses/classes to pass…it can’t be Carte Blanche…”

David Nabity – “Yes”

Brad Ashford – “Yes”
Texas barbed wire middle finger to BO
Dan Welch, Mayor Suttle, Jean Stothert, Brad Ashford, David Nabity

BO My Work Is Done


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