Feb 12, 2013 Show SIZZLE! Tired of BOTH parties?

Can of Wup AssRedJackwFlagVeryNiceTired of the B.S. from the political parties?  Me too and I’m not holding anything back so be sure to tune in. 

Opposing/exposing candidates and what about that pesky hi jacking of the Republican Party by the Ron Paul Libertarians?

Who are the snakes in the grass……..?

Pic of Virgil Patlan Smiling and a Grinnin

………………..just an Obama supporta pickin yo “conservative” pockets and a grinnin………just a pickin and a grinnin…….just a pickin and a grinnin…….

The Susan Smith Show Part I  Feb 12 2013

The Susan Smith Show Part II Feb 12 2013

ILLEGAL ALIENS:  GOLD RUSH IN NEBRASKA!  Candidates WANT YOU! Elected officials WANT YOU! The New Republican/Libertarian Party WANTS YOU!  I.D.s, Driver’s License, FREE Medicaid, Education, Housing, Welfare, Food Stamps, Tax Refunds and JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!

STATES:  Send us your Illegal Aliens!  Send us your poor, sickly, elderly, criminals, Gang and Mexican Drug Cartel members and mentally insane!

Make fliers with a map to Nebraska and hand them out at Churches, Home Depot parking lots where illegal aliens wait to be picked up for cash jobs, every pro-amnesty/pro-illegal alien org you can think of….That’s what Nebraska wants that is EXACTLY what Nebraska should get! To help NE with its endeavor I’m considering paying for billboards in CA, AZ TX, NV, CO, ILL and other over run illegal alien states welcoming them to NEBRASKA.


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