March 25, 2013 STOP Nebraska Bill LB528 TODAY !


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In addition to the over riding of parental notification of a minor being treated for Chlamydia and  Gonorrhea, this bill allows an individual to be treated without being seen, examined AND without being given the REAL reason for the prescription/treatment!  This is especially dangerous for the mate/spouse of the infected person if they are not told the REAL REASON for the prescription.

FOR EXAMPLE:  Jim is married to Nancy, Nancy cheated and got Chlamydia, Nancy’s doctor gave her a prescription and wrote one for Jim (without seeing, examining or talking to him about the REASON for the prescription).  Nancy tells Jim it’s to treat a yeast infection.  Jim then unknowingly infects someone else – that person is now carrying the disease unknowingly. Chlamydia is a disease that may lay dormant in a person showing no symptoms that alerts a person to seek medical attention.

That’s a true story and it’s unfortunate a lawsuit was not filed against the doctor who wrote the prescription for the spouse. If this bill passes it would prevent an unsuspecting infected person from filing a lawsuit against the prescribing doctor in the example given.  It is the mate/spouse of the treated/infected person who is being protected while absolutely no concern is shown for other individuals who may be infected too. I find it hard to understand why any doctor would behave in such an unethical and dangerous manner.

LB528 Sen. Sara Howard Intro:

LB528 Sen. Kintner AM767 Parental Notification fails – 4 yes 21 no 16 not voting. Sen. Howard opposing it.

LB528 Sen. John Harms concerns with AM767 and LB528:

LB528 Sen. Lydia Brasch concerns with AM767 and LB528:


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