3/26/2013 DAY 2 LB528 STOP THIS BILL!

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Please make your calls/emails to STOP THIS BILL senator contact info is http://www.nebraskalegislature.gov/senators/senator_list.php

Commentary and youtube links to Senators comments from today’s floor debate are shown below.  YOU MUST TAKE ACTION or this bill has enough support to pass!


Nebraska Unicameral floor debate will continue March 27th at 9a.m. Webstream it at http://www.nebraskalegislature.gov OR on Cox Cable Channel 16-02 Net TV.


Senators who are FOR this bill: Sara Howard, Beau McCoy, Kathy Campbell, Bob Krist, Mike Gloor, Ernie Chambers, Dave Bloomfield, Kolowski, Scott Lautenbaugh, Norm Wallman, Steve Lathrop, Bill Avery, and Sara Howard.

Senators who are or seem to be AGAINST this bill: Lydia Brasch, Mark Christensen, Tom Carlson, Scott Price and John Harms.

Summary for March 26, 2013 Floor Debate on LB528

Sen. Sara Howard’s “aw shucks, golly gee how sweet and non threatening can I look..” wears thin but delivers quite a smart ass blow to Sen. Christensen.  Sen. McCoy WITHDREW AM 765 which would have struck Gonorrhea from Expedited Partner Therapy because the CDC considers it a drug resistance disease.

Senators FOR this bill TRUST THE STD Patient to give the unseen/unexamined partner STD information and prescription.  There is no limit to the number of prescriptions written for partners and there is NO REQUIREMENT of the doctors to phone contact the infected, unseen/unexamined partner.

Sen. Lydia Brasch getting bashed with STUPID questions from Chambers and Gloor, comparing aspirin and other over-the-counter drugs to anti-biotics.

Sen McCoy’s Amendment AM764 was adopted w/ 37 yes  0 no  12 not voting. It REMOVES liability and gives immunity to Doctors for prescribing medication treatment for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia to UNSEEN/UNEXAMINED partners.

NOTE TO PRO senators: The OBJECTION to this bill is NOT about trusting doctors, it is about trusting the STD infected patient to TELL THEIR PARTNER(s) the TRUTH of WHY they are taking the antibiotics; it’s about treating minors without parental notification; it’s about writing unlimited prescriptions for partners YOU HAVE NOT seen/examined or spoken with; it’s about unknown medicine interaction or pre-existing conditions; it’s about no follow up requirements; it’s about the fact that the only person this bill protects is the infected STD patient from having to tell the partner(s) that she/he has Chlamydia or Gonorrhea.

Sen. Beau McCoy intros AM764http://youtu.be/An6qj495spc
AM764 which eliminates liability for doctors and gives them immunity from civil action.  It does require doctors writing the unlimited -prescriptions for unseen/unexamined partner(s) to provide written material to be sent home with the STD infected patient – making the patient responsible for giving the medical info to the partner.

Sen. Lydia Brasch concern with medicine interactionhttp://youtu.be/35wya9CmVdw

Sen. Mike Gloor questions Brasch with unreasonable hypothetical – Sen Gloor (and Sen Chambers) compared the medical risks of antibiotics to over the counter aspirin.  A VERY big reach for these senators to justify their support of this bill.  http://youtu.be/hRaPbQw6_XE

Sen. Lydia Brasch concern unknown for partnershttp://youtu.be/p6bdVGzUEeY
3/26/2013 Sen. Brasch expresses great concern for the lack of medical history, inter action of drugs by doctors who are not required to see, examine or speak with the partner(s). Concerned that not all infected persons will be treated. Gives examples of potential problems.

Sen. Christensen says this bill makes no sense and people have no morals. Asks why a partner who refuses to go to the doctor would be expected to get the prescription filled, read the information or take the pills?  http://youtu.be/Zl1UzgBucag

Sen. Lydia Brasch questions Howard about report  Sen. Brasch drives her point home by questioning Sen. Howard’s reports when no information has been taken on the partner(s).  Blindly treating multiple partners with no follow up care, no medical history, no known pre-existing conditions is BAD POLICY.  http://youtu.be/hzA7uQTjrEw

Sen. Carlson questions Chambershttp://youtu.be/J7DsIGjhREM

Sen. Beau McCoy intros AM765 removes gonorrhea from bill because of CDC report that it is a drug resistant disease and may require more than antibiotics.  NOTE:  After some discussion Sen McCoy withdrew this Amendment.

Sen.Christensen questions Sen. Howard about the unlimited prescriptions, the delivery.  If the partner refuses to go to the doctor what makes you think they will get the prescription, take it or read the information? –

Sen. Lydia Brasch questions Howard on doctors not being REQUIRED to speak with partner(s) – http://youtu.be/iQ5-PR-m5wE

Sen. Scott price questions Sen. Howard on the unlimited number of prescriptions for multiple partners and why are we expecting the infected patient to carry out the delivery, information and prescription to the partner(s).  Why are doctors NOT required to speak with the partner(s).  Price says there are many broken linkages in this bill. – http://youtu.be/u42TFReYqwQ

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