3/27/2013 DAY 3 LB528 STOP this bill

Susan cover

AM605 was ADOPTED with 33 yes  0 no  11 not voting
LB528 ADVANCES to E & R with 32 yes  3 no  9 not voting.   Bloomfield said he will not vote for this bill.

Did YOU make your CALL/EMAIL? Why? **This bill is about trusting the STD infected patient to TELL THEIR PARTNER(s) the TRUTH of WHY they are taking the antibiotics; it’s about treating minors without parental notification; it’s about writing unlimited prescriptions for partners YOU HAVE NOT seen/examined or spoken with; it’s about unknown medicine interaction or pre-existing conditions; it’s about no follow up requirements; it’s about the fact that the only person this bill protects is the infected STD patient from having to tell the partner(s) that she/he has Chlamydia or Gonorrhea.  Nebraska Legislators contact link    http://www.nebraskalegislature.gov/senators/senator_list.php

LB528 DAY 3 Sen. Conrad says Christensen claim of Statutory Rape outrageous and it’s political theatre.http://youtu.be/C8HOknynvGY

LB528 DAY 3  Sen. Christensen defends Statutory Rape comment and says there is potential for it to not be discovered or reported. – http://youtu.be/-Om_EXXjpsI

LB528 DAY 3 Sen. Price questions Chambers on liability issue.

LB528 DAY 3 Sen. Kintner chatise Chambers for mocking Christensen and the legislative body.http://youtu.be/AbPcVhJH7ro

LB528 DAY 3 Sen. Chambers questions Kintner and goes on a rant almost getting “chicken head” whiplashhttp://youtu.be/EPKwg-Cg1V8

LB528 DAY 3 Sen. Christensen 2nd X stands for parental notification.  Bill could be better, as is it won’t have impact.  Personal responsibility.  No data from states that show decrease in STDs of states who have similar bill for Expedited Partner Therapy.http://youtu.be/BqcMoQCn_Cw

LB528 DAY 3 Sen. Brasch says this bill will shift standard of care in NE when prescribing unseen partner(s). – http://youtu.be/c1JVosgOLIY

LB528 DAY 3 Sen. Brasch 2nd X asks is it going to slow down or eradicate STDs? Constituents are concerned about families and government intrusion. http://youtu.be/eyxAes9ScXA

LB528 Sen. Sara Howard says, “I had no idea that supporting babies and families and opposing STDs was controversial.”http://youtu.be/cQ2V9f7zz6M
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