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SSSwhitedresspics 001Friends and patriots, please make your toll free calls to Congress to stop Shamnesty Bill S.744.  The future of our country’s sovereignty and national security  is up to YOU.  866-220-0044. 877-851-6437 or 888-995-6512.

Below are all of the updates I’ve received and Thursday 6/27 a final vote of passage by the Senate is expected. Join Nebraskans Advisory Group on Facebook.

Liberty_Tree womanswordchildflagRecall of Sens. McCain, Flake and Marco Rubio over Shamnesty Bill S.744 support – story links:

List of 13 GOP Traitor Senators to call at this link

UPDATE FROM ALIPAC: We regret to inform you that the liberal media is crowing that Obama’s illegal immigrant Amnesty bill, that will be likely to pass in the House as well, is now only a final step away from passage due to today’s vote. Today, all Democrats in the US Senate and 13 GOP Traitors voted to move the amnesty bill S. 744 forward!

Illegal alien backed Harry Reid (D-NV) is moving fast for the final vote as support drops for his treasonous bill, and the final vote could come as early as Thursday night or Friday morning.

While the bill is losing support rapidly and the number of GOP traitors dropped from 15 to 13, we do not know if you can apply enough pressure to turn a few more of these around, but we want you to try.

Please call all of the DC and District offices of these GOP Senators who just voted to put Obama types of lawmakers in office coast to coast for life with the new illegal alien voting bloc S. 744 will build if ever signed into law!

Sample Message- “I am very upset that Senator _________ is voting to support Obama’s illegal alien amnesty bill S. 744! Senator _______ is a traitor against those who elected him/her! We the people will remember the treachery and amnesty support of Senator __________”

From NumbersUSA:
Fact sheet on S 744:

Polling from Nebraska:

Crime pays under S 744 graphic:

Recent national poll, very relevant for Rs:

12 reasons to oppose S 744:

Fact sheet on the Corker-Hoeven amendment:

P. O. BOX 1204, JENKS, OK  74037

Judicial Watch Reporting Homeland Security abandons background
checks on illegal aliens.

Overwhelmed by huge numbers claiming the “deferred deportation” promised by Obama’s Executive Order, DHS waves meaningful checks.  Criminal or not, illegal aliens can stay!     Congress MUST enact an Immigration Moratorium without delay.  NO MORE immigrants allowed until Government can do their job.

THESE SENATORS DID NOT VOTE ON TUESDAY Amendments –  States got NO representation.      VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE


CO Udall (D-CO)

GA Chambliss (R-GA)    GA got NO representation

GA Isakson (R-GA)        GA got NO representation

OH Brown (D-OH)

UT Lee (R-UT)

WY Enzi (R-WY)


VOTE  NO on S-744

GLARING  LOOPHOLES in  S-744    844 Pages

Language riddled with non-specific language

Judge or Judges used 73 times

Waiver used 94 uses

Exempt or Exemptions used 18 times

Except used 156 times

Secretary allowed to bypass enforcementused 1,018 times

Secretary “May do” used 102 times    And THEY tell us this is a good Bill?

In February, Americans heard our DHS director Napolitano tell us,  “Our borders have in fact never been stronger.”

She also told us “You know, you’re never going to be able to seal that border.  That’s not a possibility.”

It appears being DHS director is WAY OVER Ms. Napolitano’s head.

Upside Down Flag by illegalsMAP US NOT YOURS

Illegal Aliens Arrogance

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Ne VOIAC 2011 002

Susan cover

2010 No Amnesty Billboard

BO My Work Is Done


6/26/2013 STOP S.744 SHAMNESTY BILL NOW !!

NoIllegalsNoAmnestyMY COMMENT TO CONGRESS:  Please stop the “ass whiffing” of the Dems/Socialst PRO-AMNESTY agenda.  SECURE OUR COUNTRY AND PEOPLE NOW!!

YOUR calls are needed NOW to stop the SHAMNESTY BILL S.744.  The pro-amnesty orgs and the ACLU are already sending out “pat on the back” emails saying the bill will pass the Senate as early as Thursday. TOLL FREE CONGRESS SWITCHBOARD #’s: 866-220-0044 or 877-851-6437 or 888-995-6512


killthebillUpside Down Flag by illegalsMAP US NOT YOURS







S.744 Update and ALERT from:  Steve Hampton

450 Amendments were attempted of which MOST were to DEFEND and PROTECT American CITIZENS. The Democrat CONTROLLED SENATE ( who favors illegal immigrants so called rights over American Citizens rights and safety ) blocked most from even being voted on. Only 13 got past the Democrat blockade to support Amnesty for 12-20 MILLION mainly Mexican illegal Immigrants.

The S 744 Bill would simply REWARD Illegal Immigrants with AMNESTY to: Take YOUR JOBS, Take YOUR TAX paid benefits, To let THEIR CHILDREN take College seats and benefits AWAY from YOUR CHILDREN, In time they will get FRONT SEAT “Minority Benefits AWAY from MOST REAL American Children and would let these illegals in time bring in TENS of MILLIONS of THEIR Family members into the United States. To American minorities, your benefits would be split with these illegals and their family members & Children.

The S 744 Amnesty BILL SHARPLY INCREASES the numbers of ( mainly Mexicans ) those who can enter the USA “Legally” Simply changing ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION into a FAKE “Legal Immigration” simply by letting the VERY SAME PEOPLE POUR ACROSS the border now under the disguise of Legal immigration. Immigration limits would be sharply INCREASED and in many cases Illegals can bring in those they could not bring in PRIOR to the Amnesty Bill. Example all their children under 31 years old. Etc Etc Etc.

The S 744 Amnesty Bill permits those illegals who have been ALREADY deported and back in their own Countries TO RETURN TO THE UNITED STATES !

The S 744 Amnesty Bill has no clear DEPORTATION provision for those illegals who REFUSE to learn English or even pass the simplest Kindergarten English, only to forget it right after the test. I took Spanish in High School for 2 years. No one here spoke Spanish so I don’t speak any Spanish now. The SAME will happen with these illegals. Their family members that they bring in by the TENS of MILLIONS wont learn English Either. Pressing #1 on the phone for Spanish is not the only thing that will happen in the future with this Amnesty Bill. While it says they need to learn English, NO TEETH have been made to guarantee it. And YOU the AMERICAN people WILL be FORCED to PAY for their English classes even though they came ILLEGALLY. Imagine the cost of teaching TENS of MILLIONS of these mainly Mexican illegal immigrants.

The S 744 Amnesty Bill lets Illegal immigrants who have been captured and FOUND GUILTY IN COURT of CRIMINAL EVENTS against Americans WILL get Amnesty ! Thru a special Waiver. Gang Membership DOES NOT PREVENT AMNESTY.

The S 744 Amnesty Bill, would, in time let these 12-20 MILLION mainly Mexican illegal immigrants obtain guns & weapons in the United States. NOTHING will prevent them from legally obtaining dangerous weapons.

The S 744 Amnesty Bill DELAYS their pathetically low fines. They can pay it over 10 years and ONLY have to PAY if Amnesty to stay in the USA given to that illegal. It comes down to a about 50 cents a day ( when averaged over the 10 years they are given to pay ). Yet, they get TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars in basic benefits a year of living in the USA on the backs of American Citizens.

The S 744 Amnesty Bill will LOWER WAGES of MILLIONS of Americans. ( according to the CBO )

The S 744 Amnesty Bill will cost the American people 6.4 TRILLION dollars ( Heritage Society )

The S 744 Amnesty Bill will cause Millions of Americans to lose jobs and or be unable to find jobs. ( According to the CBO ).

The S 744 Amnesty Bill will has been purposely been made VERY LENGHTY in order to give plenty of room for various interpretations to allow for more illegal immigration in the future for the next Amnesty demand.

The S 744 Amnesty Bill does not have ANY provision or guarantee that the Border and interior protections for the United States will be continued AFTER Amnesty is given to these 12-20 Million illegal immigrants and they begin bringing in TENS of MILLIONS of “Their” relatives into the United States.

The S 744 Amnesty Bill has purposely been “Rushed” to prevent its information being told to most of the American people. To cut off debate and RAM it through like Obamacare. As Pelosi said ” We didn’t read it. You have to pass it to see it”. Type of Bill.

The S 744 Amnesty Bill DOES NOT NOT NOT INCREASE the Penalty to FUTURE illegal Immigrants and it does NOT NOT prevent them from getting any FUTURE Amnesty. An attempt to prevent this was offered by the Republicans but BLOCKED by the DEMOCRATS who likely look forward to another Amnesty in the future.

The S 744 Amnesty Bill in its current form DOES NOT GUARANTEE ENDING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. As a matter of fact, the CBO states it will likely only cut illegal immigration by 25% in the future. This is because of loop holes, waivers, chain immigration by current illegals, open borders, weak laws and OUR interior and border patrol officers being told not to enforce the laws AGAIN.

The S 744 Amnesty Bill is supported by La Raza. Translates to THE RACE. A group that supports Illegal Immigrates of their race. Which should be a clear warning to ALL REAL Americans that this Amnesty Bill is simply opening up the front door to TENS of MILLIONS and MILLIONS more to enter soon afterwards !
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BO My Work Is Done

6/14/2013 FUNDING for DACA FAILED U.S. House of Reps

2010 No Amnesty BillboardGOOD NEWS – Good job U.S. House and REP. STEVE KING (IA) !!  And…oh how the PRO-ILLEGAL ALIEN groups are screaming about it …  Today, the U.S. House of Representatives approved an amendment offered by Rep. Steve King (R-IA) to HR 2217, the “Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act 2014.” This amendment denies funding to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to implement and administer several important programs, including the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program provides relief from removal and a work permit for two years to certain eligible undocumented youth. Among other requirements, DACA-eligible individuals must have entered the United States before age 16, prove they have continuously lived in the U.S. since 2007, meet an educational requirement, and must not have committed certain offenses. Many are current students, college graduates, and individuals that have family, employment, and community ties to the United States.


Join Nebraskans Advisory Group on Illegal Immigration on FACEBOOK.

Keep informed and stay ACTIVE.


Kudos to Rep. Steve King and the House Reps who voted down funding of this outrageous piece of amnesty by B.O.’s Administration.

Fri 6/14/2013 10am – Noon STOP the SHAMNESTY BILL!

killthebill                   Fri June 14th 10am – Noon


     Nebraskans calling Sens. Johanns and Fischer

This notice from Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom Project Immigration Committee and the Sarpy County Republican Party: Toll Free D.C. #s 866-220-0044 or 877-851-6437

Liberty_Tree womanswordchildflagProject Immigration Members -I received this email from the Sarpy County Republican Party for a “call in” to our Senators tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to noon.  I am a member of the Sarpy Republicans.  I was very disappointed to say the least when our two Senators voted to advance this disastrous bill to the floor for debate.  There is an article on the front page of the Wednesday Omaha World-Herald entitled – Immigration – Early Vote easy, but battles lie ahead.  The article includes comments from both Senators Fischer and Johanns.  In today’s OWH Senator Johanns has an article in the Midlands Voices. Let’s keep up the fight, call Washington tomorrow, and make our voices heard.  Signed Susan Gumm NTF Project Immigration, Project Manager.

NoIllegalsNoAmnestySarpy County Republican Party – Senate Immigration Nightmare Coming!  Thursday, June 13th     Hello,  Just when we thought we were safe for another year because the Unicameral was out of session Congress is once again giving us the pleasure of being stalwarts for freedom & liberty.

As many of us were paying attention to the latest scandal(s) the White House has been embroiled in there was something massive that may have slipped past our attention. On Tuesday (6/11) the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill (S.744) was voted to advanced to formal debate.

Advancement is the first step towards passing and could have been a chance to be dead on arrival. However, it moved forward with a vote of 82-15.

The unfortunate news is that both of Nebraska’s Senators voted FOR this advancement.

If you have not been paying attention to the news on this bill or had a chance to read up on it here are some highlights:

    According to the Heritage Foundation, 11 million illegal aliens will receive $9.4 trillion in government services over their lifetime, but only pay $3.1 million in taxes.

    According to the Heritage Foundation, if the S.744 is not passed, and we continue implementing current immigration laws taxpayers will spend a net $54.5 billion annually compared to $126 billion if S.744 were to pass.

    S.744 earmarks $150 million for immigration lawyers and pro-illegal-immigration groups that educate and assist illegal aliens in completing the amnesty process (p. 133-136).

    S.744 prevents ICE agents from deporting illegal aliens during the application window for amnesty if the illegal alien appears to be eligible for amnesty, regardless of if they have submitted an application.

So, how do we make our impact felt in Washington? We coordinate and focus our efforts to let them know that we are still here and we are not happy.

We are going to achieve this by lighting up their phone lines during a specific window of time!

On Friday (6/12) from 10AM to noon please place two phone calls. In any order you want please call Senators Johanns and Fischer, contact information below. Let them know you were unhappy with their advancement vote and when it comes time to vote on the bill they cast a NO vote.

Please ensure you are courteous & respectful when you call.  Senator Johanns: (202) 224-4224
Senator Fischer: (202) 224-6551

Please spread the word and let your friends and family. Remember the condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.  Thank you for all of your effort.  Signed by Levi D. Lippincott, Chairman
Sarpy County Republican Party

This I'll Defend2010 No Amnesty Billboard

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