SSSwhitedresspics 001Friends and patriots, please make your toll free calls to Congress to stop Shamnesty Bill S.744.  The future of our country’s sovereignty and national security  is up to YOU.  866-220-0044. 877-851-6437 or 888-995-6512.

Below are all of the updates I’ve received and Thursday 6/27 a final vote of passage by the Senate is expected. Join Nebraskans Advisory Group on Facebook.

Liberty_Tree womanswordchildflagRecall of Sens. McCain, Flake and Marco Rubio over Shamnesty Bill S.744 support – story links:

List of 13 GOP Traitor Senators to call at this link

UPDATE FROM ALIPAC: We regret to inform you that the liberal media is crowing that Obama’s illegal immigrant Amnesty bill, that will be likely to pass in the House as well, is now only a final step away from passage due to today’s vote. Today, all Democrats in the US Senate and 13 GOP Traitors voted to move the amnesty bill S. 744 forward!

Illegal alien backed Harry Reid (D-NV) is moving fast for the final vote as support drops for his treasonous bill, and the final vote could come as early as Thursday night or Friday morning.

While the bill is losing support rapidly and the number of GOP traitors dropped from 15 to 13, we do not know if you can apply enough pressure to turn a few more of these around, but we want you to try.

Please call all of the DC and District offices of these GOP Senators who just voted to put Obama types of lawmakers in office coast to coast for life with the new illegal alien voting bloc S. 744 will build if ever signed into law!

Sample Message- “I am very upset that Senator _________ is voting to support Obama’s illegal alien amnesty bill S. 744! Senator _______ is a traitor against those who elected him/her! We the people will remember the treachery and amnesty support of Senator __________”

From NumbersUSA:
Fact sheet on S 744:

Polling from Nebraska:

Crime pays under S 744 graphic:

Recent national poll, very relevant for Rs:

12 reasons to oppose S 744:

Fact sheet on the Corker-Hoeven amendment:

P. O. BOX 1204, JENKS, OK  74037

Judicial Watch Reporting Homeland Security abandons background
checks on illegal aliens.

Overwhelmed by huge numbers claiming the “deferred deportation” promised by Obama’s Executive Order, DHS waves meaningful checks.  Criminal or not, illegal aliens can stay!     Congress MUST enact an Immigration Moratorium without delay.  NO MORE immigrants allowed until Government can do their job.

THESE SENATORS DID NOT VOTE ON TUESDAY Amendments –  States got NO representation.      VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE


CO Udall (D-CO)

GA Chambliss (R-GA)    GA got NO representation

GA Isakson (R-GA)        GA got NO representation

OH Brown (D-OH)

UT Lee (R-UT)

WY Enzi (R-WY)


VOTE  NO on S-744

GLARING  LOOPHOLES in  S-744    844 Pages

Language riddled with non-specific language

Judge or Judges used 73 times

Waiver used 94 uses

Exempt or Exemptions used 18 times

Except used 156 times

Secretary allowed to bypass enforcementused 1,018 times

Secretary “May do” used 102 times    And THEY tell us this is a good Bill?

In February, Americans heard our DHS director Napolitano tell us,  “Our borders have in fact never been stronger.”

She also told us “You know, you’re never going to be able to seal that border.  That’s not a possibility.”

It appears being DHS director is WAY OVER Ms. Napolitano’s head.

Upside Down Flag by illegalsMAP US NOT YOURS

Illegal Aliens Arrogance

Islam Behead SignTraining-for-Jihad-300x194

Ne VOIAC 2011 002

Susan cover

2010 No Amnesty Billboard

BO My Work Is Done


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