7/27/2013 93 yr old BRUTALLY RAPED/BEATEN by 19 Yr Old ILLEGAL ALIEN

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UPDATED 7/31/2013  The JUSTICE 4 LOUISE Rally is on hold, for now, because the 19 year old ILLEGAL ALIEN, SERGIO MARTINEZ-PEREZ waived his preliminary hearing scheduled for Aug 12th.


POSTED JULY 27, 2013  Articles say he PICKED HER OUT RANDOMLY?  I highly doubt it – someone should ask the family if Louise recently had her roof replaced/repaired or perhaps a neighbor had their roof done – The ILLEGAL ALIEN WORKED FOR A ROOFING COMPANY!  Who is the EMPLOYER who hired him,  WHO is the LANDLORD that RENTED TO  him – did the illegal alien live in her neighborhood?  THAT is WHOM I WOULD BE SUING.  Will RICO charges be filed against the employer/landlord of this Illegal Alien? Both profited from felony illegal activity according to our federal immigration law 8 U.S.C. 1324 aiding, abetting, inducing, encouraging, harboring or transporting of illegal aliens.

Susan coverTHOSE who encourage, protect, aid and abet ILLEGAL ALIENS to NEBRASKA – YOU remember these names and their ugly deaths because YOU are responsible for them. IF YOU supported bills/ordinances that allowed the enforcement of our federal immigration laws that would deter illegal immigration these NEBRASKANS would NOT HAVE BEEN MURDERED by illegal aliens.  100% preventable and unnecessary deaths.

Ne VOIAC 2011 002Tell me you pro-ILLEGAL ALIEN/pro-AMNESTY bastards ie. city councilmen, mayors, senators, representatives, Church Leaders, EMPLOYERS, LANDLORDS, et al. Will any of you attend LOUISE SOLLOWIN’s funeral?  The 93 year old citizen who was BRUTALLY RAPED, BRUTALLY MURDERED – blood spattered in the bedroom, blood all over her body, bones crushed, face beaten beyond recognition by a 19 year old ILLEGAL ALIEN Sergio Martinez-Perez who was found naked, passed out on top of her? 

Just like you never bothered to attend the funerals of other NEBRASKANS who have been killed by illegal aliens?  MINDY SCHREIBER, DAWN RICE, JOSIE BLUHM, EVELYN VERDUGO, KERRA WILSON, LISA BRYANT and other murdered during the NORFOLK BANK MASSACRE), MARK ZACH, SZCEPANIK FAMILY,STEVEN “MIKE” MCADAMS, RONALD E. RYDBERG and many others? http://www.omaha.com/article/20130726/NEWS/130729113/1685#man-accused-of-killing-93-year-old-is-in-u-s-illegally-little-else-known-about-him


Daughter of LOUISE SOLLOWIN walks into bedroom sees naked,passed out 19 year old ILLEGAL ALIEN on top of her bloodied, beaten and raped MOTHER.  http://www.omaha.com/article/20130726/NEWS/130729198/

ILLEGAL ALIEN “angry with women because he was turned down”http://www.omaha.com/article/20130724/NEWS/130729475/1685#prosecutor-teen-beat-raped-93-year-old-because-he-was-angry-with-women

Serious Eagleeagleflagcrossgraceful EagleMAP US NOT YOURS

Upcoming VIEW POINT show with former Democrat party leader Kris Pierce about illegal immigration with pro-illegal alien/amnesty ass kissers like JEREMY ASPEN, REYNALDO CERVANTES  with only one voice opposing illegal immigration/amnesty head of Project Immigration for Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, Marty Brown.

Upside Down Flag by illegalsThis heinous act was committed by school students in Texas.  Another case where they tore the U.S. Flag completely down and put up the Mexican flag happened in Maywood City CA at a Post Office and FL at an apartment complex.

Welcome to Maywood, Mexico
by Roger Hedgecock

Video 1
Lou Dobbs Show Covers Maywood, Ca. Flag Incident

Video 2
Mexicans and Illegals Take Over Maywood, Ca. Post Office and Raise Mexican Flag (RAW FOOTAGE)
Aug. 26, 2006

NY ICE attacked on May 1, 2012

NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement) conducted its annual May 1st COUNTER PR…

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