SSSwhitedresspics 005Dear Nebraskans,

It’s time to vote and our Douglas County Election Commissioner says he is expecting only about 23% voter turn out.  That’s pitiful and embarrassing.  But wait there’s more….

Let’s talk about the political ads.  I don’t mind negative comments about candidates because it gives me a chance to look into the allegations and decide for myself if it’s true or false.  But I do care about downright lies and there’s been plenty of that going on.

Oh and the endorsements have run amok too.  The main shocker is that Iowa Congressman Steve King endorsed Pete Ricketts for Governor INSTEAD of JON BRUNING who HAS been a trailblazing defender of enforcing our laws and deterring more illegal immigration to our state.  At least Governor Heineman, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpario and most of the Sheriffs in NE got it right when they all endorsed Jon Bruning.

head in sandOf course there is the Sarah Palin endorsement which doesn’t mean anything to me since the state she was Governor of (Alaska) is a Sanctuary State for illegal aliens and the man she ran on a presidential ticket with (John McCain) is and always has been PRO-AMNESTY.   I hope they didn’t pay her too much for her insincere and robotic endorsement.  Perhaps Sarah’s time would be well spent teaching her daughter Bristol how to be a parent and her daughter Willow how to put her Cosmetology license to work by actually getting a job instead of hanging out with Bristol and her child.  Both daughters were in a “wife swap” episode and their swap out was with Joan and Melissa Rivers.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the left wing libs were open and respectful while the Palin girls refused to even try.  They seemed very lost and very lazy.  Sarah Palin’s husband idea of parenting is for “…parents to go deaf once they have kids.” – That pretty much sums it up.  But I digress….

One of the biggest scandals is the now infamous MIKE SIMMONDS email to candidates describing his “LITMUS TEST” of complete amnesty by candidates in exchange for his very large donations.  Several recipients were a sad surprise for me, one in particular going to Lee Terry for U.S. House of Representatives and Pete Ricketts but Pete did say he got his donation before the email was sent.  I’ll be checking on that later.  Article links to follow but first here are my picks on the Ballot:

NoIllegalsNoAmnestyU.S. House of Representatives:  Dan Frei

U.S. Senate:  Shane Osborn

Governor:  Jon Bruning

Attorney General:  Pete Pirsch (Mike Hilgers would also be a good choice)

State Auditor:  Charlie Janssen

State Legislature: Gwenn Aspen, Matt Butler, Joni Craighead, Laura Ebke, Joni Craighead, Tommy Garrett , Bill Kintner, Lydia Brasch, and many other conservatives.  REPLACE THE LEFT WING LIBS at the Unicameral!

Here are the links I talked about – enjoy and be enlightened:

Nebraska Conservative Coalition ENDORSES SHANE OSBORN exposes Ben Sasse

Kris Kobach endorses Shane Osborn exposes Sasse on Laura Ingraham show

Ben Sasse will support Mitch McConnell if GOP says to

Sid Dinsdale FLIP FLOPS on video about pro-life issue and illegal immigration

Fellow Nebraskan, Mother, wife, activist, grassroots leader endorses Shane Osborn

Pants on FireDAVE NABITY puts down citizens and says it’s LEGAL immigrants who are the problem NOT illegal aliens! …and has the NERVE to negligently bash Jon Bruning.  Let me tell you about JON BRUNING, he has been one of three elected officials in this state to trail blaze enforcement of our laws and OPPOSES AMNESTY.


91% DO NOT WANT AMNESTY!  Vote in this poll-1/2 down on right side of page

Joe Herring exposes Sasse and Mike Simmonds donation

Here’s another tidbit of info.  During the last election when Bruning ran for U.S. Senate – that’s when the negative bashing against Bruning started.  Daily attacks (mountains made out of mole hills) started on Nebraska Watchdog.  Interesting that at that time when you looked on the contributor’s page a nice picture of Pete Ricketts and his bio was listed.  NOW, since Ricketts ran in this election, Nebraska Watchdog has replaced the “Ricketts” contributor page to a general donation form for the readers to fill out.  Coincidence that Nebraska Watchdog has been light on the Bruning bashing since then? Hmmmm

Sounds like a whole lot of planning has been going on….oh and then let’s tie in the Bruning bashing that DAVE NABITY did while debating Joe Herring on the Scott Voorhees Show on KFAB1110 AM – see the podcast link above.  Coincidence or just good long term planning by the Ricketts campaign?

Fellow Nebraskans, I am in support of any candidate who sincerely changes his opinion from a pro-amnesty position (as Pete Ricketts was in 2006) to taking the NO AMNESTY side if they have taken the time to educate themselves on ALL the issues negatively impacted by illegal immigration.  What I am saying is why would you vote for the unknown when you have a PROVEN and EXPERIENCED leader like JON BRUNING?

Good Luck at the Ballots Nebraskans – this election is major, I hope we all vote the right people in.

HdShotAnnGrnSuitVERYNICENo AmnestyNotNowNotEver












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