7/1/2014 U.S. Border Crisis Updates and Action Items

Upside Down Flag by illegals

This is the time for your voice to be heard. I hope you are posting comments on articles.   Take advantage of candidates/Incumbents at town hall meetings and political events.  Contact your Governors, Attorney Generals and Mayor asking them to REFUSE to ACCEPT any Refugees and that your city resources cannot handle the influx from the Border Crisis.  Plenty of articles/videos and action items.  If you like connecting the dots to see just how corrupt our government has been and continues to be take a look at the Book Nook Page.   Susan

NO AMNESTY, No Pathways to Citizenship, No pathways to Residency, No pathways to “New Guest Worker Programs, GET OUR MILITARY ON OUR U.S. Southern BORDER NOW!

Not Governed by God are ruled by Tyrants quotePresident Obama COMMENTLINE:  1(202)456-1111 OR 1414   E-MAIL ADDRESS  president@whitehouse.gov

1(866)220-0044;  1(877)762-8762;  1(888)978-3072;  1(800)833-6354;  1(866)338-1015

Mexico Pres angry with U.S.“They could say they didn’t fire at the agents intentionally. But for them to say that they were no shots fired within the United States, toward the United States Border Patrol, is a lie. They got in contact with our managers and apologized for the incident,” del Cueto said….The Mexican helicopter was 15 yards from the border agents when they were came under fire, Del Cueto said. He’s also concerned that Tucson sector officials didn’t notify the next shift of border agents that there had been a shooting, he said….”… I think our managers within the area should have definitely informed the oncoming shift this had happened. We’re always on high alert, but I think it would raise a fear level for our agents,” del Cueto said.  http://www.policeone.com/border-patrol/articles/7329464-Mexican-police-chopper-fires-at-Ariz-border agents/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=todaysTopStories&nlid=7327357


Obama Behind the troops picPresident Obama and DHS better think very carefully on ANY action they may take against the legally armed citizens going to the border to protect our country. By God, if our federal immigration laws had been enforced and our borders properly secured after 9/11 this wouldn’t be happening now. The Government abdicated their primary responsibility did they really think citizens and legal immigrants would stand by doing nothing?  Susan

Militia members and other concerned U.S. citizens are converging on the border town of Laredo, Texas, on Friday to create a blockade against illegal immigrants crossing into the United States, This I'll Defendthe organizer of the human chain and protest said on Newsmax TV’s “MidPoint.” – But she said blockaders will follow the same rules of engagement as protesters in an April standoff between federal officials and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. “Just like at the Bundy ranch, there will be no patriot out there on that line that will fire first,” Rogers said. Her website on Wednesday posted a “call to ACTION for all Militia, III%ers, Oathkeepers, and Patriotic support personnel.” “We are trying to contact every person and every patriot in the United States to go down and help do something the government should have done a long time ago,” Rogers said.  http://www.teaparty.org/militia-members-form-human-chain-stop-illegals-45772/

July 13 2010 Fremont CC Mtg 010Border Patrol forced to continue babysitting functions for illegal aliens by putting out “RESCUE BEACONS.”  Yeh, that’ll stop ’em from flooding our border….Is this what B.O. meant when he said he was sending more resources to the U.S. Border Crisis?  And the world watches and laughs.  http://www.policeone.com/border-patrol/articles/7137716-Border-Patrol-to-roll-out-rescue-beacons-for-illegal-immigrants/?fb_ref=homepage

Rep. Randy Weber introduced a bill Monday to hold Mexico, Honduras, President Obama Darth Vader I can do what I wantGuatemala, and El Salvador “accountable” for their citizens’ illegal migration by suspending foreign aid to those countries.  http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/06/30/Bill-Would-Suspend-Foreign-Aid-To-Central-America-Mexico-Until-Flood-of-Illegal-Immigration-Stops

Hundreds of Chinese teens are slipping into the US a year, immigration groups say, mostly through Central America and Cuba.  They make their way to New York City, typically on buses, where they are farmed out across the country to work in Chinese restaurants.  http://nypost.com/2014/06/29/hundreds-of-chinese-teens-enter-u-s-through-central-america/

Cares more about IA than VETSThe Los Angeles Times reported that on Thursday, Brown met with the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort. …  Governor Brown said “The Mexicans threw out the Spanish around 1815, and then, of course, the gringos threw out the Mexicans in 1846, or 1848… But the point is, you never keep control forever.” …Speaking to hundreds of Latino elected officials from throughout the country holding a conference in San Diego, Brown said the Illegal Aliens Flip U.S. offshift in power has made possible public support for changes including his signing of legislation providing driver’s licenses to immigrants in the country illegally and providing them with scholarships and the right .. http://www.latimes.com/local/political/la-me-pc-gov-brown-growth-of-latino-power-paving-way-for-policy-changes-20140626-story.html?track=rss

Hitler-Obama comparisonDALLAS, Texas–Nerves are starting to fray. Texans want answers about the tsunami of undocumented and unaccompanied minors that may well hit public school classrooms this Fall. Breitbart Texas reported that the Clear Lake Tea Party (CLTP) voiced strong concerns about how these minors will be absorbed into classrooms across the state. Locally, it stands to tax Texans in more ways t
han one and how schools prepare comes with a surprising answer. http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-Texas/2014/06/28/Tsunami-of-Foreign-Minors-to-Hit-Public-Schools-Texas-Officials-Silent/

Obama Poster drawing imaginary border linesLetter From From: “Sheriff Joe Arpaio” <info@reelectjoearpaio.com>

Before you hear it from someone else I wanted you to hear it from me. I just gave an interview and now it is the top story on Drudge. Here is the bottom line: ….If President Obama cared at all about fixing the mess on our border he could. We could send U.S. troops into Mexico and work with the Mexican army to once and for all lockdown our border. …..And instead of bringing illegal aliens to court in the United States we should be putting them immediately onto planes and buses back to Mexico. …..I’ve had enough of our government pretending to deport illegals. 38 percent of the illegal-alien inmates in Maricopa county jails who are turned over to federal authorities for violating immigration law come back over and over again on various criminal charges.

Train loads of Illegal AliensThe following are notes I took during President Obama’s press conference, 6/30/2014, regarding the U.S. Border Crisis. …” A year ago the Senate passed S. 744 if the House would pass it I would sign it today, but for more than a year the House has refused to allow an up or down vote on the bill or …and I held off pressuring them for a long time to give Boehner’s time to get Republicans on board…….here is what their Show Me The Money !inaction has caused , fewer resources for border security, allowed millions of illegal aliens to NOT come out of the shadows and pay their taxes and contribute…..Our country and economy would be stronger today if they had allowed the bill, they would be with the majority of the people who support immigration reform…We now have a crisis at the border,,,a surge of Unaccompanied Alien Children…from other countries…that process will lead to them being sent back home.  I’ve sent a clear message to Nebraska EBT sign in Juarez, Mexicothese countries to send a clear message to not send their children on this dangerous journey….going after smugglers..sent a letter to congressional leaders to allow money for the crisis…the problem is our system is so broken that folks don’t know what the rules are….there have been Republicans in the house and senate to get this done….and  I appreciate their efforts…using the children crisis as their newest excuse to not fix it…it makes no sense…it’s politics, plain and simple….some blame me for Disgusted w BO disregard for lawrefusing to take action because their mad at me for too many Executive Actions….I take executive action only when we have a serious issue and congress chooses to do nothing…and in this situation it’s bad for our economy and future…so while I will continue to get Congress to act ….1.  DHS and ASG to move available resource to the border  2.  I also directed them to find additional things I can do with my executive authority to fix this and expect their recommendations by the end of summer and will implement them without delay.   Executive action will not alone get the job done…an act of congress will be needed….the majority of Americans agreeing on what needs to be done….normally that’s enough….maybe Voter ID Dems elitismmore families who have been living here for years, whose children are U.S. citizens maybe those families will get to stay together.  But, much of this only happens when Americans push congress to get this done.  I will take what action I can within my authority to do what I can for immigration reform….The only thing I can’t do is stand by and do nothing while they get their act together.  If congress is worried about me taking too much executive action then pass some bills, don’t just say no…..then there will be clarity both inside this country and others.  4th of July is coming up….during the events at the Whitehouse….some of illegal aliens signed
This is what a secure Border Looks Likeup in our military ..I am going to naturalize them at the White House on Friday….they’ve earned their citizenship…they were willing to die for this country…create something new…we won this country’s freedom together…we built this country together…and that’s what I want all of us to remember.  http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/06/30/Obama-Vows-to-Unilaterally-Change-as-Many-Immigration-Laws-as-He-Can-Complains-Folks-Don-t-Know-What-the-Rules-Are

Black American tells truth On Illegal Aliens in South Central


Illegal Aliens Laugh about Americans killed by illegal immigrants


Illegal Immigrants Becoming To Damn Bold





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