7/8/2014 Somos Independents requests DOJ investigate Murrieta, CA Protest Organizers

July 13 2010 Fremont CC Mtg 010Friends, please note that one of the signers of this request is none other than Nebraska pro-illegal alien/amnesty advocate, Shirley Mora James AKA S.A. Mora James, requests DOJ investigate protestors involved in turning away DHS buses of illegal aliens in Murrieta, CA  including Laura Ingraham and others in conspiring to obstruct federal authorities. Below is the complete written formal request:


July 7, 2014
Ruben Salazar, California Attorney (909) 428-4511
DeeDee Garcia Blase, Immigration Activist (480) 200-3748
Shirl Mora James, Civil Rights / Immigration Leader (402) 890-2295
July 7, 2014
Department of Justice
Eric Holder
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
FBI Headquarters
Director James Comey
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
(202) 324-3000
Subject:  Humanitarian Crisis:  Seeking Outside Investigation From DOJ Regarding Murrieta Protestors Regarding Conspiracy To Commit Obstruction of Federal Officers And To Violate Civil Rights
Dear Mr. James Comey and Attorney General Eric Holder:
We are seeking outside investigation with regard to the incident that occurred in Murrieta, California when a number of Tea Party homeland domestic terrorists (masquerading as patriots) were obstructing federal law enforcement from performing their jobs and terrorizing small refugee immigrant children from Central America with racial slurs and attacking American men and women who were protecting the children from hate crimes.  We believe the following ought to be investigated:

1)  Diana Serafin, Councilwoman of the City of Murrieta appears to have attempted or conspired to obstruct federal agents from the performance of their protective functions over the unaccompanied alien children. She should be federally indicted under Title 18,Chap 7, Section 118.
2)   Steven Golda is a Customs and Border Patrol agent (presumably from the Murrieta station) is the federal agent (possibly now retired) along with his cohorts, appear to have improperly or illegally leaked confidential and privileged information to Murrieta city officials on June 26, 2014; 5 days in advance of the arrival of the children refugees from Texas to Murrieta, California, including to Councilwoman Diana Serafin. Allegedly Serafin texted to Golda her concerns over the “illegals” being dumped at the city’s bus stations and bus stops and “waiting and waiting spreading diseases.” Note that the Golda replied to Councilwoman Serafin that “this is exactly what happens” and – referring to the INS’s former “Mexican catch and release” program which has long been discontinued since 9-11 – Golda startled the local city official by saying that he “used to walk them out the door at the BP Station in El Cajon.”
3)   Patrice Lynes is the main organizer of the anti-immigrant Murrieta anti-immigrant protests where a number of hate crimes occurred to include obstructing federal law enforcement from performing their duties in transporting children and wasting American tax payer monies in doing so.  According to her facebook page she is or was running for Council in Temecula.
4)  Customs and Border Patrol Agent Gabe Pacheo of NBPC Local 1613 went on the Laura Ingraham Show and publicly lied that DHS was instructing border patrol to engage in “back door” or “de facto” amnesty. He knows DHS is simply following the 2010 prosecutorial discretion Morton Memo for ICE lawyers as to adults and the 2008 TVPRA and the March 2009 US CIS procedures and the 2010 DHS regulations relating to “unaccompanied alien children” seeking asylum. Pacheco’s non profit appears to be a conflict of interest with regard to his federal responsibilities. The National Border Patrol Council Local 1613 (NBPC Local 1613) is a so-called non-profit private organization representing over 1,500 non-supervisory U.S. Border Patrol agents from the San Diego sector.  Tea Party “patriot nurse” Patrice Lynns takes credit for helping organizing the rally along with “former border patrol agents.” Lynns is or was running for Temecula city Council, and also admits in an interview she told local residents the arriving children refugees carried diseases and that they would overwhelm the city’s medical resources. Following that lead, the NBPC Local blog released a press release claiming one of the border patrol agents contacted scabies. And, now a member of NBPC Patrol Local 1613 Gabe Pacheco told right wing personalities that the DHS was ordering them to engage in “backdoor” or “de facto” amnesty.” All three claims are lies.
Per procedure, the children and families were health screened in Texas BEFORE coming to Murrieta, CA. San Diego Sector Chief Paul Beeson said at the Murrieta townhall meeting there were doctors who checked them out in Texas before they were put on the plane. Plus, none of them were allowed to be held in custody at the Murrieta Border Patrol station; the DHS buses were actually turned around and left them off in San Diego, where they received a pleasant and compassionate reception by local residents. And the agent who supposedly got scabbeis was in Texas, not in Murrieta.
Plus, the so-called “back-door” amnesty political rhetoric being pushed by and wrote about by right wing political activist like Laura Ingrahm and Mr. Breitbart (and now Border Patrol Agent Gabe Pacheco), is a flat lie. Asylum laws and rules for adults is different from special protective asylum rules for children. The CBP agents busing in the children refugees were simply enforcing existing laws and regulations for them: (1) the TVPRA of 2008; (2) the UC CIS March 2009 special procedures for “unaccompanied alien children” seeking asylum; and (3) the new DHS 2010 custody and detention regulations for detention and custody and release into the community. Nonetheless, this “back-door amnesty” lie was spouted out recently by Gabe Pacheco on the Laura Ingraham Show. Pacheco is a member of NBPC Local 1613. Is Gabe Pacheco the person behind the Facebook page, “Nbpc Local (Murrieta), where a picture of the protest appears? Is border patrol agent Steven R. Golda from Murrieta behind Nbpc Local Murrieta, or is he a current or former member of NBPC Local 1613, like mentioned by the racist protestor who spat on Lupillo Rivera? Do these or other current or former members of NBPC Local 1613 have any connection or prior knowledge about the ugly racist protest of July 1, 2014 in Murrieta, CA.? Did the NBPC Local 1613 have any hand in helping organize the hostile rally with Patrice Lynns, under the guise of bogus fears over medical and health concerns and lack of immigration enforcement?
5)  The Murrieta Police Department and law enforcement officers must explain why spitting, assault, hate crimes and obstructing federal law enforcement via the Border Patrol were allowed to take place without any arrests.
6)  The Murrieta Mayor Alan Long must be investigated for inciting hate crimes and contributing to obstruction of federal law enforcement from conducting their duties.  If Long and Serafin used city time money and staff it’s a possible violation of the Federal Hatch Act and/or Color of Law abuse.
7)  We believe the Border Patrol agent(s) who may have violated HPPA by releasing confidential medical information with regard to federal CBP agents ought to be investigated.   Border patrol agents involved in leaking information and participating in partisan politics may be in violation of the Federal Hatch Act and/or Color of Law abuse.
8)  Golda was mentioned in a racist text by local resident Joseph Crosby Culberson. Culberston referred to the refugee children a “infested illegals” and he expressed his objection to having his taxes to pay for “burritos for breakfast” for the “anchor babies.” Culberston also appears to have been caught on video by TV as the Murrieta protester who spat on singer Lupillo Rivera. But, Culberston has still not been arrested by the local Murrieta police who stood by idly for his hate crime.

We are seeking the help of the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) with regard to the  parties who are involved with inciting and inflaming hate crimes against innocent Central American refugee immigrant children and obstructing federal law enforcement operations with regard Border Patrol and Homeland security.   These refugee immigrant children should be treated with the same respect the numerous Cuban immigrant refugees are receiving and who are also streaming in from Cuba as their “wet foot dry foot reaches out dry land.”
We believe some of the tax payer resources that have been used for Cuban immigrant refugees ought to be traded or redirected to help in the Central American Refugee humanitarian Crisis.
Ruben Salazar
California Resident
Shirley Mora James
Lead Co-President of Somos Independents
Civil Rights and Immigration Attorney
DeeDee Garcia Blase
Founder, Co-President of Somos Independents
head in sandWHO IS SHIRLEY MORA JAMES?  Well let’s see what is on the public Internet about her……

Shirley Mora James aka S.A. Mora James – Lincoln – main office  1028 “G” Street, Suite 103, P.O. Box 21772, Lincoln, NE 68542-1772 Telephone: 402.890.2295, Fax: 402.325.1006  http://lawyers.justia.com/lawyer/shirley-mora-james-739196


DonkeyLet’s ask Ms. Mora James how much money she makes off of illegal immigration? She is a pro-illegal alien/amnesty advocate and lawyer in Nebraska. 1,400 of her clients are the DACA/DREAMER’s for whom she is trying desperately to get NE Driver’s Licenses. She testified at our Unicameral to help illegal aliens get “free” prenatal care paid for by Nebraska citizens and LEGAL immigrants…..She even posted on the Tequila Facebook page about how “Racist” the Norfolk, Ne group was who had a parade float with an outhouse and the outside painted Obama’s Library and then listed each of the members names – even though there wake as nothing racist about it.  Her post is shown below:

Shirl Mora JamesShirl Mora James – 13 hrs · Edited ·
Names of the Norfolk GOP members who approved the racist float:
“The articles reiterated that it was not the city government who decided what floats were entered into the parade. So while sending angry letters to the mayor is A VERY GOOD IDEA, may I also offer a humble suggestion. The following are the people of the “Independent Order of Odd Fellows” in Norfolk who approved of this float:
Mayor Nagin accused of but was the one doing itMerle Rix
Leland Andersen
Marie Byram
Beverlyann Brunswick
Rick Konopasek
Kris Colwell
Inez Haspeslaqh
Marjorie Summers
David Fauss
Terry Beckner
Eva Seda
Rod Colfack” — via Shirl Mora James  https://mbasic.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=663129587105905&id=108162332602636&refid=52

Train loads of Illegal AliensMore about the formal request by Somos Independents   http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-California/2014/07/07/Tequila-Party-Asks-Holder-to-Prosecute-Tea-Party-for-Murrieta-terrorism

Clients of attorney Shirley Mora James are among the 1,400 young Nebraska residents who have stepped forward to accept President Barack Obama’s offer of lawful presence but still can’t get a Nebraska driver’s license.  http://journalstar.com/shirley-mora-james/image_0d9c4206-d98b-5d72-b652-7d7c66a0327e.html

Show Me The Money !Published on Mar 21, 2013 – Unicameral Testimony In support of Prenatal Care for Illegal Aliens  http://youtu.be/kDhHOhedXrY

Shirl ey Mora James Defending Women Against Nebraska Republican Bigotry. Here is her testimony: March 21, 2013

Good afternoon, Chairperson Campbell and distinguished members of the Health and Mexico Pres angry with U.S.Human Services Committee. My name is Shirl A. Mora James. I am a civil rights/immigration attorney from Lincoln. I am licensed to practice in all the Nebraska state courts, the United States Federal Courts of the District of Nebraska, the United States Immigration Court in Omaha, the United States Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit and the United States Supreme Court. I am here speaking as the President of Nebraska Hispanic Bar Association and as the President of Somo Independents, a national organization lead by Latinas to register and empower Latin@s to support politicians that support our issues which include providing prenatal care for all U. S. citizen babies.

Today, my purpose is to give a voice to the Nebraska EBT sign in Juarez, Mexicosilent unborn U.S. citizen babies and their mothers in this debate, these babies could be denied prenatal care, if you allow LB-518 out of committee. Personally, I was raised in western Nebraska and taught in the Catholic teachings which value babies above all else and especially above one’s self-interest. Simply put, no mother, whether she has legal presence or not, should ever have to ponder the possibility of aborting her wanted unborn baby because she cannot afford prenatal care. I ask you all to consider this truth, these U.S. citizen babies and their mothers are part of our human family and must be treated as such.

When you commit a crime you are a criminal Illegal aliensNow, it is high time to call out the author of LB-518 and other anti-life politicians who attempt to dehumanize these U.S. citizen babies by calling them ‘anchor babies’ or by denying them prenatal care for their own pathetic political gain. To the author of LB-518, I say: you are a coward who attacks innocent helpless U.S. citizen babies, where in the world is your moral compass? Stop and think, what would you do, if these children were yours. You profess to be ‘Prolife and have Family Values’ so then ‘walk your talk’ and stop attacking the health and the very lives of these innocent babies and start protecting and advocating for them or else you are nothing but a hypocrite for political self-gain.

Mexican-ArmyMoreover, SHAME on all the anti-life politicians that attack U.S. citizen babies because of the status of their mothers! Finally, let’s ponder this moral question: What have we become, in what kind of society would it ok to deny certain U.S. citizen babies prenatal care and attempt to force a mother to ponder a needless abortion, and what does it say about our so-called “Prolife” political leaders that promote the killing or disabling of certain U.S. citizen babies by denying them prenatal care.

Bus to Omaha w illegal aliensHonorable members of this Committee, PLEASE save the babies from this EVILNESS that has seeped into the core of a very small segment of Nebraska society! Please, I respectfully request that you all vote for our Nebraskan U.S. citizen babies and kill LB-518 in committee, and continue to allow our unborn Nebraskan babies the opportunity to obtain the necessary prenatal care regardless of the status or the wealth of their mother. I thank you for your time and kind consideration in this most important matter. If you have any questions for me, I would be happy to answer them now.


Shirl Mora JamesS. A. Mora James, JD
President of Nebraska Hispanic Association
President of Somo Independents



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