SSShowpic 12 18 2012 001Giving a shout out and thank you to my readers from around the world: Canada, United Kingdom, Senegal, Russian Federation, Germany, Dominican Republic,Austria, Finland, New Zealand, Mexico, India, Brazil, Italy, Sweden, France, Romania, Singapore, Poland, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Ireland, South Africa, Argentina, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Bahrain, Spain, Viet Nam, Turkey, Jamaica, Malaysia, Nigeria, Greece, Japan, Aruba, Columbia, Costa Rica, Slovenia and Republic of Korea.


Green Eyed MonsterI woke up to a local radio show The Good Morning Show on KFAB 1110 AM (show call in #402-558-1110, main # 402-561-2075 or email goodmorningshow@kfab.com) during an interview with Candace of The Open Door Mission talking about if there was any expectation of Border Crisis Children being sent to Omaha, show host Gary Sadlemyer referred to people who have no compassion for the kids as “KNUCKLE DRAGGERS”.  

Here is the comment I posted on their website (kfab.com) and on their Facebook page: Would Mr. Sadlemyer care to clarify his “knuckle dragging” comment about the U.S. Border Crisis? Where is HIS compassion for Americans who are paying for it financially, economically, pandemic of diseases, and basic public health and safety? Do you really think that any of the 191,000 (DHS Report) who have arrived since Oct 2013 will EVER be deported? The future of American children is screwed and so are our resources, if that’s what you call being a “Knuckle Dragger”, then I’d rather be that than a naive, rose colored glass fool.

head in sandI’m sure there are plenty of people out there who don’t mind being conned by our Government under the guise of helping poor little children and if they wish to send money, teddy bears, clothing etc to the UACs in addition to the billions of federal tax dollars already paid to various community organizations who contract to take care of these children and “Refugees” (in Ne for 2015 Lutheran Family Services $250k; Catholic Social Services $128k; Southern Sudan Assn $66k) then go ahead BUT DO NOT take CHEAP SHOTS at Citizens who CARE ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN’s FUTURE, OUR RESOURCES and OUR Country’s Sovereignty. Where is the compassion for citizens and
lUpside Down Flag by illegalsegal immigrants and the bastardization of our rights and resources? Why aren’t these “conned” people calling for the parent(s) of these UACs to be arrested and charged with child abandonment, neglect, abuse or trafficking?  Americans are investigated and pulled into court if their children miss more than 20 days in school, Americans are arrested and charged for abandonment, neglect, abuse and trafficking but apparently it’s okay to do this if you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN.



killthebill….the real fireworks are likely to be on Capitol Hill, where Democratsand Republicans will begin working on the president’s $3.7 billion funding request for emergency operations to deal with the crisis.….Of the $3.7 billion requested, nearly half, $1.8 billion, would be set aside for the Department of Health and Human Services to house and care for the waves of immigrant children already in U.S. custody. Slightly less, $1.4 billion, would go to border security measures like drones, border agents, immigration judges to speed the processing time for asylum hearings, and returning the children to their countries.


MAP US NOT YOURSFor a third time, the buses were rerouted to the San Ysidro, California Border Patrol station, near the U.S.-Mexico border, for processing. The demonstrators gathered in areas to the north and south of the Murrieta station after law enforcement blocked off the road near the station itself. Many told Breitbart News they considered their stand a success, since buses scheduled for Murrieta are avoiding it as long as demonstrators remain…….first-time demonstrators and onlookers from many different backgrounds–from young enlisted Marines to legal immigrants from NoIllegalsNoAmnestyGermany, Mexico, and Central America. Karen Siegemund of Rage Against the Media, comedian and author Evan Sayet, and radio host Kender Macgowan made it out as well.….  http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-California/2014/07/07/Protestors-Keep-Third-Round-of-Illegal-Alien-Buses-from-Murrieta-Border-Patrol-Station

Agent Ron Zermeno, who is also the Health and Safety Coordinator for the San Diego Sector was served a cease and desist order by his higher ups after he began to question the sanitary and health conditions for agents and for the 140 immigrant children who are being transported from Texas to California every 72 hours.  http://benswann.com/exclusive-border-patrol-agent-contracting-scabies-agent-speaks-out-given-cease-and-desist-order/

Illegal Aliens ArroganceJust since October, the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector has made more than 194,000 arrests, nearly triple that of any other sector. In the first week of June alone, agents in this area south of Mission arrested more than 2,800 people, most from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, making it the highest-volume arrest zone on the entire U.S. border. More than 60 percent were children.  http://news.yahoo.com/south-texas-shows-drama-behind-illegal-immigration-060724743.html

Show Me The Money !Immigrants, in the U.S. legally and not, send billions of dollars — $51.1 billion in 2012 — back to their home countries, with almost half of those remittances flowing down to Mexico…. Regulators say the banking system was being exploited by terrorists and drug lords seeking to launder money. While they have not banned banks from engaging in higher-risk businesses like money transfers to certain countries, they acknowledge that banks must now invest significantly more to monitor the money moving through their systems or face substantial penalties…. Even with the current relatively low remittance fees, the costs can still add up. Some Latin American immigrants say they regularly send three remittances a week to pay for last-minute school supplies or rent. [New York Timeshttp://theweek.com/article/index/264289/speedreads-the-cost-of-illegal-immigration-just-jumped-thanks-to-us-bank-regulators

Train loads of Illegal AliensMY COMMENT: Do starving poor kids REFUSE food? No. But the UACs did.…. BROWNSVILLE, Texas (AP) — Children’s faces pressed against glass. Hundreds of young boys and girls covered with aluminum-foil-like blankets next to chain link fences topped with barbed wire. The pungent odor that comes with keeping people in close quarters ….it took a few days of children rejecting breakfast burritos before agents learned that Central Americans aren’t accustomed to flour tortillas. FEMA renegotiated its contract with a food vendor to begin receiving corn tortillas instead.….  http://news.yahoo.com/sights-smells-holding-cells-immigrant-kids-224624692.html


Nebraska EBT sign in Juarez, MexicoMY COMMENT:  What kind of child wears size 5X and 6X? The Department of Homeland Security is looking to fulfill an order for thousands of pairs of men’s underwear – with hundreds of the requested men’s briefs in the 5X and 6X-large sizes….A solicitation posted earlier this month by the Immigration & Customs Enforcement office seeks thousands of “White 100% Cotton Men’s Briefs” ranging from mediums to hundreds of 6X-large pairs of the underwear.  http://houston.cbslocal.com/2014/06/24/homeland-security-seeks-thousands-of-pairs-of-underwear-for-detained-immigrants/

Liberty_Tree womanswordchildflagMY COMMENT: Great job only telling the illegal alien’s side of the story and while the Media and pro-illegal alien groups try to trump up the sympathy and compassion for them NO ONE IS TELLING THE SIDE OF THE citizen and LEGAL immigrant.  What about the negative impact illegal immigration has for Americans like identity theft, medical identity theft, low-paying jobs or no job at all, deaths of family members, over burdened taxes to pay for the illegal aliens in our schools, hospitals, welfare assistance – after all illegal aliens only pay for taxes when purchasing items NOT EMPLOYMENT/STATE/FEDERAL/MEDICARE taxes.  Clearly the illegal alien parent(s) living in the U.S. sent money to pay Coyotes to bring their 12 yr old daughter over from Equador.  WHY AREN’T THE PARENTS BEING CHARGED WITH CHILD NEGLECT, ABUSE OR ABANDONMENT RESULTING IN THE DEATH OF A CHILD?  

911 Flag against Twin TowersThe U.S. already spends $18.3 billion a year on the combined efforts of CBP and ICE, both under the budget of Homeland Security….. We recently awarded a $145-million contract to an Israeli defense firm to install high-tech surveillance systems on integrated towers along the Arizona border. We have a growing fleet of Predator drones patrolling the border, on which we’ve spent an average of $44,800 per person apprehended……When the tragic story of 12-year-old Noemi Álvarez Quillay hit The New York Times in April, it set off a kind of awakening north of the border. Trying to get to her parents in
No AmnestyNotNowNotEverthe Bronx, the girl had traveled 4,000 miles from Ecuador to the U.S. border in the company of strangers. She ended up hanging herself in a shelter for migrants in Ciudad Juárez. She wasn’t the only unaccompanied minor trying to make the crossing that season. The U.N. Refugee Agency had already issued a report noting its concern “at the increasing numbers of children in the Americas forced from their homes and families, propelled by violence, insecurity and abuse in their communities and at home.” http://news.yahoo.com/family-trapped-between-u-border-patrol-mexican-mafia-142616108.html

President Obama KingWhat’s even worse and speaks to the arrogant, inept and unqualified President Obama is the fact that he has allowed the Mexican Military or Narco Terrorists to shoot at Americans on U.S. soil, allowed Mexican Drug Cartels/gangs to grow their drug crops and takeover miles of our National Forest and Federal Lands and now he allows our Southern Border to break wide open, with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens pouring across from all over the world.  HE REFUSES TO VISIT and SECURE THE BORDER, HE REFUSES TO ADDRESS THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT about their violent incursions he would rather BLAME CONGRESS + DEMAND A $4 BILLION DOLLAR BLANK CHECK of citizens federal tax dollars + DEMAND IMMIGRATION REFORM but makes time to slam a few beers down and play a few games of pool with Colorado Democrats and continues his Fundraising Fever.

BO My Work Is DonePresident Obama is a Dictator ruling via Executive Order/Policy Directives because he is not capable of working with Congress.  Throughout his terms he has painted Congress, particularly Republicans, as the problem when in actuality it is his inability to work with Congress towards common sense solutions.  What did America expect by voting for a man whose background was “Community Organizer and 6 months as a Senator?  Maybe next time they will vote for a President because of his policies instead of his skin color.  Our borders are compromised and our President does nothing.




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