7/18/2014 Border Crisis Bill by Cronyn/Cuellar – De FACTO AMNESTY


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killthebillHUMANE Act: Flawed Bill Offers
More Lenient Process for Illegal Minors -Center for immigration Studies

WASHINGTON, DC (July 17, 2014) — A new analysis of the Helping Unaccompanied Minors and Alleviating National Emergency (HUMANE) Act by the Center for Immigration Studies finds the legislation to be poorly crafted and highly deceptive. Introduced by Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), the stated purpose is to No AmnestyNotNowNotEveramend the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA), or Wilberforce Act. The Obama administration maintains that the TVPRA mandates lengthy and cumbersome deportation proceedings for all Central American unaccompanied alien children (UAC), and must be changed to address the surge of new arrivals.

The HUMANE Act indeed provides accelerated processing for UAC from Central America – but the proposed new process is far more lenient than current law provides, and it would also be expanded to cover illegal juvenile crossers from Mexico, which would likely motivate an even larger flow of illegal migrants.             View the full report at: http://www.cis.org/analyzing-humane-act

Key Findings:

  • The bill eliminates the key distinction in treatment between aliens from contiguous countries (Canada and Mexico), and others – which ostensibly would appear to eliminate the stumbling block claimed by administration officials in removing the Central American juveniles. However, another provision in the bill offers the new form of accelerated hearing to apply for status to juveniles from Mexico, who under current rules can be returned expeditiously.
  • The new, accelerated proceedings would provide immigration judges with new authority to grant permanent residence to UACs if doing so would not be “manifestly unjust”—an open-ended phrase that has no prior meaning or context in immigration law and would open the door to approval to virtually all UACs. This is a stunningly lenient standard for awarding green cards.
  • Although the bill refers to “expedited” procedures, in fact it eliminates the possibility of using existing INA procedures for expedited removal even for juveniles who have not been subject to severe forms of trafficking under the TVPRA, and instead requires hearings in front of an immigration judge. Additionally, if the alien absconds, the case is frozen and the judge cannot issue a removal order (as is allowed under current law).
  • The bill offers a chance for all UACs who arrived after January 1, 2013 to ask a judge to expunge all prior enforcement actions, including an order of removal or notice to appear for proceedings, so that they can apply for a green card under the new, more lenient process. This is essentially an amnesty for any UAC from the current surge who has already been processed.
  • The bill expands the definition of UAC beyond current law to allow any alien who crossed unaccompanied as a juvenile to apply under the new, lenient process.

Illegal Aliens destroy wages “Much like the massive 2013 Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill, the HUMANE Act appears tough up front, but beware,” said Dan Cadman, a fellow with the Center and the report’s author. “The fine print reveals that this so-called cure for a few bugs in the Wilberforce Act is worse than the original bill. It would not help address this surge, but instead spark a new wave of juvenile illegal crossers. ”

Contact: Marguerite Telford     202-466-8185, mrt@cis.org


Mexicans with Pumping FistsMADISON, Wis. — The federal government has asked officials in the Madison and Milwaukee areas to look for potential sites to house hundreds of undocumented children flooding into the country through the Mexican border.  http://watchdog.org/159344/undocumented-children-wisconsin/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=watchdognewsletter_29

Wilson right BO liedSENTINEL INTELLIGENCE SERVICES, LLC   LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D.   Wednesday –  July the 16th, 2014    1300Hrs; M.S.T. (Arizona)


 SUBJECT OF BRIEFING:          Rush the Border of the United States


Yesterday, Tuesday, July 16th, 2014, I coordinated the visit by selected Here come more Obamacare Sign UpsArizona elected officials to the community of Oracle, Arizona where a bus of 50 unaccompanied illegal children were to be dropped off at a licensed boy’s behavioral health facility.  Approximately 200 protesters were present, and another 75 pro-illegal protesters.  Approximately 20 uniformed Pinal County, Arizona Deputies were present and there were several “plain clothes” agencies represented.  An impressive array of media, both national and state-wide also were on scene.  No bus arrived, Benghazi we will find out What difference does it makeand it was learned that a certain avowed Communist, open borders, southern Arizona U.S. Congressman asked DHS to order the bus NOT arrive, but come another day simply to frustrate and embarrass the protesters.  This revelation became confirmed by law enforcement and passed to me, and I quietly mentioned the same to the elected officials where I recommended we leave.  Various Intel chatter suggests two windows of drop-off opportunity; later today and then on Saturday.  What adds intrigue to the on-going drops of illegals by DHS is simply the multiple DHS buses now traversing the State of Arizona.  Multiple buses in multiple regions simultaneously, some with escort.  Regardless of timing, the drop will occur at illegal aliens lots around planethe boy’s facility in Oracle, Arizona and this is confirmed by two high ranking sources, even to share that the facility has just completed a refurbishing to accommodate 50 new boys.  The drops may occur in similar fashion as to what eventually occurred in Murrieta, California…after all protesters left the area approximately 0230Hrs (morning) under the cover of darkness. 

M.S. TattoosThere are a number of liability issues that have not yet been addressed but are under review.  These liability concerns are far more than mere administrative, and they warrant investigation because of the clear and present concerns of health and safety risks to the surrounding communities and citizens. 


mexican-tran-derails-670x3991.   The Rio Grande Region of Texas remains “Ground Zero” for this Rush-the-Border.  Arizona, however, continues to be a “quiet” doorway for drug distribution nationwide, as well as illegals from “countries of interest”.  Arizona’s quietness in comparison to events in Texas is not to be misinterpreted as not as alarming.  The past years, the multiple entryways through Arizona’s vast desert has seen evidence dropped and recovered from Middle Eastern travelers, especially Border Crisis Cheat Sheets for illegal alienscountries who detest America and intend to do us harm.  Even the military post in Sierra Vista, Arizona that houses Top Secret Communications abilities and other Special Operations cannot seem to keep drug traffickers from using paths across the post to continue their northbound travels.  It must also be understood that Border Patrol check points have been moved some 45 miles DHS Notice to Appear Formnorth of the Arizona International border.  Approximately 500 Border Patrol Agents from Arizona have been transferred from front-line services to child care services.  Various electronic surveillance and early warning trespass devices either work intermittently or are directed creating blind spots, and as I have shown Clare Lopez personally, many sections of the Border Fence either are incomplete, are broken, or actually have openings to meet EPA standards! There are a number of DHS and DOJ policies handed down to Border Patrol further hampering the agent’s ability to interdict illegals, defend themselves from assault or outright attack, questioning of illegals, etc.  I will not address the gross politicization of border law enforcement for this report. 

Illegal Aliens tubing across Rio Grande2.   The now nationally discussed medical fears are beginning to manifest.  Reports by Border Patrol facilities holding illegal children and military bases used likewise, now report strong cases, and quickly spreading cases of pneumonia, TB, scabies, parasitic diseases not even seen previously in America, sexually transmitted diseases, severe swine flu.  Isolated for now, cases of Polio are reported in southern states.  A Navy base in San Diego has been forced to seal a portion of the base due to severe pneumonia by illegal children.  Just today, reports are beginning to reach the light of day of leprosy cases in New York and other severe skin diseases from illegal mexican-train-derail-migrantschildren dropped off in that city.  We have not even begun to see the health challenges awaiting us from these third-world children, and when school opens in a month, their co-mingling will create potential nightmares given that most of these diseases have a 30-45 day incubation period, which period should expire about the time of the school season.  For the many who will probably not even see a school door, they will be turned loose (many already have been food-riotsreleased into America), and their hygiene and general mind-set of participating in society will not match the cultural values of our country, nor will they care.  In the small community of Oracle, Arizona, citizens are alarmed that the inbound illegal children are sick, not being properly screened or treated, and will become a burden to their community, not to mention if they require medical treatment and are taken to the community health facility, what transmitted diseases will be taken to the health facility with the host?  Will the community now become at health risk?  Who will pay for these treatments, or the results of contamination? 

Adult Men shown in Border Crisis Pic3.   There is now evidence that DHS has decided to drop illegals and illegal children at small communities and towns across America, and this transfer is well underway throughout America.  Small communities and towns are less likely to stage massive protests, especially if the Feds can slip the illegal children in during the cover of darkness.  Evidence further shows local or city and county law enforcement are NOT briefed in any aspect of these transfers.  At the same time, however, evidence mounts that contracts and calls for vendors un-martial-law-forceswith selective skills to handle children have been distributed prior to the illegals mass arrivals.  At this time, the feds are seeking private homes to house children and willing to pay upwards to $6,000 per household per month!  Additional requests to fill contracts have been posted seeking “Nanny’s” for these illegal children.  Behavioral Health facilities, motels and small hotels, even an abandoned resort in Waco, Texas have been commandeered by DHS to house this tidal wave of humanity flowing in from all points south of the American Border. 

mexican-soliders4.   By DHS estimates over 300,000 illegals already have been processed across America.  Already known is that a large number have not appeared in court as ordered!  The numbers continue to grow in both regards.  There will be a lull in the large numbers inbound only because of the severe heat at this time of the year.  Reports from well south of the border and into Central and South Central America tell many thousands are still positioning themselves to Bush targeted Terrorists Obama targets Americanscross the American southern Border.  We are no way close to seeing the end of this mass Rush-the-Border.  Very best estimates by various official agencies suggests the number of illegals (prior to this current rush) are closer to 20 million!  Our Nation’s cultural identity is really at stake, and once a nation loses its’ culture that country is finished and morphs into something other than what it was founded on and became.  

5.   Sophisticated gang members, sophisticated children with years of fighting and killing in civil and turf wars in their country of origin are now in America.  Very capable of masquerading as under 17 years of If Am Flag offends help package, and knowing Border Patrol policy is not to query any further once the individual claims minor child status, these children in actuality are 22-24 years of age, and seasoned fighters.  The likelihood of urban violence is more than mere theory.  Given the continued deterioration of our country’s economy and the new heavy burdens these illegals will prove, I have no doubt, and adding the aforesaid brief considerations, the planned Rush-the-Border will lead to flash-points lighting a severe civil unrest, if not worse!  The illegals have no interest, no incentive, and given the Democrat ideology of “NO Need to Assimilate” the values and psychology these illegals bring will I will not be forced to learn another language becase of illegalsprove a severe conflict to our heritage; our values; our cultural integrity.  America is being transformed into a third-world status, and many Americans still do not see this unfolding before their eyes.  As these realities show up on door steps of communities across the country, the already underlying tensions will turn into states of seizures versus states of holding onto what’s mine.  Crime as a way of life for these illegals will become a frightening reality for Americans.  The economic burden of subsidies by the government will further prove unachievable given the economic disaster facing America, and not really being discussed.  Mere acts of survival will become the new norm.

When they jumped the fence they broke the law6.   The real fear of terrorists having come into the country amidst the wave of humanity scantily checked because of such overwhelming numbers is frequently talked about by Border Patrol Agents, and equally shut down with warnings and threats by Border Patrol Management.  Significant droppings of Middle Eastern articles are being found in both the Arizona and Texas deserts.  

7.   Media blackouts are routine.  At times when media arrives at a protest, as in the case of Oracle, Arizona yesterday, the media script calls for only reporting on flashes by and between protesters, and When you commit a crime you are a criminal Illegal alienssharing the emotional stories of those supporting the “poor unaccompanied children who deserve a chance at happiness.”  I watch a Mexican TV station line a group of pro-illegal protesters up in a line, with their handmade signs, and march them in front of the camera – twice; the first-time the little kids were too bunched up so it had to be orchestrated again to make a good visual.  A collusion of silence exists in telling the truth about the Border Wars.  Day in and day out, arranged and orchestrated information for pro-open borders fills the non-thinking citizens of our country with a false message.  When the reality of this mass media campaign hits, it will be too late to reverse the effects.

The difference Communism-Socialism8.   The citizens of Oracle, Arizona in emails and vocally let it be known they are scared, fed-up, and angry that elected officials will not stand up and fulfill their oaths of office, and to the Constitution.  The Sheriff of the County of Pinal, Arizona, Sheriff Paul Babeu, did stand to protect and serve the people of his county.  This fact is widely known here in Arizona.  The Oracle citizens, much like those in Murrieta, California stood to protect their community alone, and without fear of what would become of them.  “Remember Bunkerville” and “Remember Murrieta” were frequent calls leading up to the “Battle at Oracle”.  The pressure continues to build and a flash point will be ignited, it is only a matter of time. 

Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist

Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment

Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst

Member/FBI InfraGard Program

ASIS International

Association for Intelligence Officers

U.S. Border Intelligence Group

Upside Down Flag by illegals


BO My Work Is Done


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