7/23/2014 The Honeymoon is Over for Obama…Media, Party Members and Voters Turn on Him

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Fake Applications for ObamaCare Tax Subsidies Show How Vulnerable Health Care Law is to Fraud & Abuse

no anger management stop pissing me off


….a Government Accountability Office (GAO) undercover examination of enrollment controls in the ObamaCare health care exchanges… Ranking Member Tom Coburn: “GAO’s early results of its audit ofHealthcare.gov are astounding.  Fictitious people have used fictitious documents to gain tens of thousands of dollars in real subsidies. http://www.coburn.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/rightnow

The reason we have a consitution is to protect us from obamaOBAMACARE – TWO FEDERAL COURTS ISSUE OPPOSING RULINGS…  http://video.foxnews.com/v/3691071261001/two-equal-federal-courts-issue-opposing-rulings-on-obamacare/#sp=show-clips

DINESH D’SOUZA – VIDEO – Slams Obama’s plan for Southern Border Collapse  http://video.foxnews.com/v/3676671760001/dinesh-dsouza-slams-obamas-plan-for-immigration-crisis/?playlist_id=2694949842001#sp=show-clips

Ben Carson-Allan West


NAACP Convention cold shoulders BLACK CONSERVATIVE LEADERS…  http://video.foxnews.com/v/3691612501001/is-the-naacp-discriminating-against-black-conservatives/?playlist_id=2694949842001#sp=show-clips



Iowa State Welcome SignIOWA FINDS OUT 110 UACs WERE SECRETLY BROUGHT IN BY DHS/HHS…A federal official says 122 children who entered the country illegally were sent to Iowa in the first half of the year…Branstad spokesman Jimmy Centers said Tuesday the state hasn’t been notified about the children entering Iowa.   http://www.ketv.com/news/more-than-100-immigrant-children-have-entered-iowa/27091392#ixzz38HG2QC8Z

IOWA, Story Behind Clarinda Academy and the UACs….Office of Refugee Resettlement, a division of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services…The ORR’s Unaccompanied Refugee Minors program has been in operation since 1980. It “ensures that eligible unaccompanied minor populations receive the full range of assistance, care and services available to all foster children in the state by establishing a legal authority to act in place of the child’s unavailable parent(s).”  Read more at http://stevedeace.com/news/governor-said-maybe-illegal-kids-said/#Teqf2YwUzBAvHD5u.99

killthebillSENATE’S PROPOSAL CUTS OBAMA’s 3.7billion Request for Border Crisis by 1 billion but includes some aid for other projects bringing the total of the bill back up to 3.7 billion http://www.post-gazette.com/news/nation/2014/07/23/Senate-Democrats-Cut-1-Billion-From-Obama-Border-Fund-Plan/stories/201407230073

MAYOR OF LYNN, MASS ON INFLUX OF ILLEGAL ALIENS – 248 UACs – OVERWHELMING  http://video.foxnews.com/v/3678337676001/mayor-of-lynn-massachusetts-on-influx-of-illegal-immigrants/?intcmp=obinsite#sp=show-clips

Allen West speaks out about Mounting Crisis while Obama Fundraises for Party…  http://video.foxnews.com/v/3691406048001/mounting-crises-not-stopping-fundraiser-in-chief/?playlist_id=930909814001#sp=show-clips

Liberty_Tree womanswordchildflagAmerican Flags Desecrated on Top of the Brooklyn Bridge… I would like to know why the description of suspects was so cryptic  “..a group of 4 or 5 people and some other individuals?”  Does that strike anyone else as odd?  Any Patriotic person who is educated enough on the issues in this country also knows that to show our country is in distress is to fly the American Flag UPSIDE DOWN not desecrate our flag.  I believe it is a sign from a Terrorist group or Terrorist sympathizers as a foreboding warning that another attack may be imminent.   I believe President Obama is surrendering our country by not securing our borders and enforcing our laws – but  the majority of citizens and legal immigrants will NEVER SURRENDER to anyone at any time.



Obamas New HomeObama’s new home?  I guess the Obama’s have increased their income since moving into the White House – proof that Socialism makes the elite even more wealthy.  Guess they know they’re not welcomed back to Chicago, IL since videos of Blacks outraged at him for caring more about illegal aliens than he does for them.  Good luck and good riddance!

Thoughts From a Poster – GREAT POINTS.  “The home had been listed for as much as $12.5 million over the past few years, but most Obamas New Home Waterfall and Logoonrecently landed at $4.25 million, and real estate agent Marc Lange suggested back in May that the seller would be willing to take $4 million.” Smell a rat? I do. Remember, Obama got his house back in Chicago the same way. His buddy, convicted felon Tony Rezko, helped the Obama’s buy a $1.95 million house and adjoining property which they could not afford. Rezko bought the adjoining vacant land for the full price allowing Obama to negotiate down the price of the house. The buying of the land which allowed Obama to buy the house was essentially a “gift” from Rezko to Obama, a violation of Obamas New Home Golf CourseSenate ethics rules.
Somebody, somewhere is going to help the seller of this place to be “willing to take $4 million” or less so Obama can buy it. And that will amount to a political payoff or a bribe or buying influence or protection just like with Rezko.  https://homes.yahoo.com/blogs/spaces/peek-at-desert-home-that-obama-s-rumored-to-be-buying-202405373.html

PHOTO TOUR OF OBAMA’s NEW HOME: https://homes.yahoo.com/photos/photos-desert-home-rumored-to-be-obamas-slideshow/

ad 6000 for taking illegal alien kidsSAN DIEGO (Reuters) – A Southern California city will put itself at the center of a nationwide debate over illegal immigration on Tuesday evening when officials there are expected to reject a bid by the U.S. government to open a shelter for unaccompanied migrant children. FROM A POSTER:  I was present at the previous meeting mentioned in this article. The crowd of more than 300 was overwhelmingly against the shelter being approved. The council voted 7-0 to not approve the private contractor to lease the site. Immediately after the meeting the word went out the ACLU would likely file a suit against the city. Also the DHHS could declare an emergency order and the Feds would or could override the City. This sort of bully behaviour by the Government and its Lib allies is behind the decline of our towns. They do not respect the will of the citizens or the voice of the people. http://news.yahoo.com/san-diego-area-community-expected-reject-illegal-immigrant-172918331.html

No AmnestyNotNowNotEverAccording to the Guatemalan attorney general, 2,030 minors have been deported from the US and Mexico so far this year. The government is struggling to keep track of returnees and provide needed support.

…a handful of boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 16 are among those escorted off an official flight from the US…The leaders of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador will visit the White House this Friday to discuss the issue of child migration with US President Barack Obamahttp://news.yahoo.com/us-border-crisis-overwhelms-social-services-central-america-165509248.html

Eagle Flag BeautifulToo bad that Vargas wasn’t deported either and I’d like to know who pulled the strings to let him go…oh wait that would be President Obama and his inept and unqualified policies.  Let those kids be an inspiration, emmy and pulitzer prize winners in their home countries.  Force THEIR governments to do what’s right for their people instead of expecting hard working, tax paying citizens and legal immigrants to do it.  There is NO misunderstanding Americans know exactly what’s going on and we don’t like it at all.  Stop your pathetic propaganda.  http://www.buzzfeed.com/adriancarrasquillo/powerful-cartoon-asks-americans-to-consider-the-potential-of

I knew what kind of story to expect when I saw it was coming from a University.  SECURE THE BORDERS AND ENFORCE THE LAWS, is that in your vocabulary?  How is Eric Holder’s “Smart On Crime Initiative” working out for us?  Climb down off that cross of yours and walk amongst those of us – who have to deal with and pay for illegal immigration.  Self deportation works well but one has to actually ENFORCE THE LAWS to make that happen. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bill-ong-hing/border-crisis-lesson-refo_b_5609667.html

Obama drinking beer w girlsTurkish Prime Minister Doesn’t Bother Talking to Obama Anymore – VIDEO – https://screen.yahoo.com/turkeys-erdogan-acknowledges-strains-obama-134121653.html

Omaha Public Schools want to BUILD couple new schools:  SAY NO!  VIDEO and ARTICLE  http://www.jrn.com/kmtv/news/OPS-Discusses-Building-New-High-Schools-268023821.html

Omaha Mayor Jean StothertOmaha Mayor Stothert Proposed Budget allows for Property Tax Cuts:  VIDEO/ARTICLE  http://www.jrn.com/kmtv/news/OPS-Discusses-Building-New-High-Schools-268023821.html

200 Marijuana Plants, Cocaine, Guns & Pills seized in two raids in South Omaha Homes  http://www.jrn.com/kmtv/news/UPDATE-200-Marijuana-Plants-Cocaine-Gun–268193132.html

Prince William County, VA find out DHS/HHS secretly delivered UACs http://sheriffofnottinghampwc.blogspot.com/2014/07/a-very-bad-day-for-pwc-citizens-at.html

Inside the Costa Concordia – Picture Slide Show.  http://www.jrn.com/kmtv/galleries/now-trending/inside-the-costa-concordia-rtr3zjuz-268019821.html

Here come more Obamacare Sign UpsThe Obama administration’s bumbling response to the influx of migrant children from Central America has complicated the politics of immigration. Scenes of young immigrants in U.S. custody have emboldened conservative opponents, lent credence to complaints that the border is insecure and painted the White House a soft shade of incompetent. Even for voters willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, the situation is unsettling……  http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2014-07-22/obama-alone-will-decide-the-immigration-debate?cmpid=yhoo

TX Nat'l Guard nice photoTexas National Guard asking for volunteers…VIDEO  https://screen.yahoo.com/texas-national-guard-looking-volunteers-220300662.html



Mexican-ArmySounds like one more Obamalite Sheriff defending an inept and incompetent President  “…in Lucio’s opinion, the police and Border Patrol agents were handling the small uptick in crime..”  I wonder if his townspeople would describe the crime wave as a “small uptick?”  Having boots on the ground at this point is better than nothing which is exactly what any of Obama’s policies amount to other than encouraging the collapse and invasion of our southern border.  Hopefully, Perry has given them instructions to shoot to kill the next time the Mexican Drug Cartels/Military start shooting 50 caliber bullets at our BPA or hover their helicopters on U.S. soil.  This Sheriff needs to grow a pair. #  Border Sheriff…”in Lucio’s opinion, the police and Border Patrol agents were handling the small uptick in crime…”  http://news.yahoo.com/border-sheriffs-perplexed-rick-perrys-plan-send-1-142109129.html

Train loads of Illegal Aliens..it is interesting to really examine what might happen if the US is not able to make its payments. Most of this scenario is taken from a controversial, just-released investigation. They have compared historical sources and looked at things that have actually occurred in other real government catastrophes. ..  http://downtrend.com/jrc410/if-the-us-defaults-obama-ready-to-terminate-16-states/?utm_campaign=Blogads

Not Governed by God are ruled by Tyrants quoteMichael Korte walks across his lawn in Glendora, Calif. Korte and his wife face a possible fine of up to $500 for not maintaining their lawn during the drought.got these letters warning they could be fined if they water, and I got a letter warning that I could be fined for not watering,” Whitney told the Associated Press. “I felt like I was in an alternate universe.http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2014/07/20/3462064/california-drought-fine-brown-lawn/


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