7/27/2014 Rally in Lincoln – Mark Your Calendars ! Secure the Borders NOW!

Sign Nebraska the good lifeLINCOLN, NE – RALLY TO SUPPORT GOVERNOR HEINEMAN in Securing our Borders and Enforcing the Laws.  State Capitol building 1445 K St, Lincoln, NE 68508 North side on the steps from 10 am – Noon on Saturday, August 2, 2014   Signs/American Flags welcome.         Nebraskans Advisory Group encourages all Nebraskans to support this event.



A MESSAGE FROM National Day of Protesting Against Immigration Reform, Amnesty and Border Surge   Americans: Make Them Listen is a Facebook group page better equipped with features such as unlimited file space, creating new event pages which are tied to the group, and a place to store photos for easy access.  Also, the group page is a troll free zone as we have the ability to easily remove the detractors. Thank you. Paul Arnold  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Make.Them.Listen.Org/




Would you be upset if a full 10 percent of your school district’s education tax dollars went to illegals? http://www.rightwingnews.com/uncategorized/illegals-comprise-10-percent-of-several-school-districts-in-new-york-as-they-brace-for-thousands-more/


President Obama Darth Vader I can do what I wantLetter to potential sponsors of UACsUnaccompanied Children’s Services | Office of Refugee Resettlement | Administration for Children… www.acf.hhs.gov


Illegal Aliens Arrogance Dear Potential Sponsor:

Thank you for your interest in applying for the release of a child to your care, from the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, Division of Children’s Services (ORR/DCS). The child is in our custody because he/she does not have immigration status and is unaccompanied. The ORR/DCS program is in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and is not a law enforcement or immigration agency. Our priority is to care for the child while working to safely and promptly reunify the child with family. Over 5,000 children are reunified every year with their families through our family reunification services.

Adult Men in DHS Holding FacilityA Case Worker is assigned to assist you and your family with the family reunification process. Please contact your Case Worker for assistance with completing the Family Reunification Application and supporting documentation.

6 tatooed mexican gang members scaryYou must immediately sign and return the Authorization for Release of Information form to your Case Worker. Your Case Worker will assist you to schedule an appointment to submit your fingerprints for background checks within 3 days. You must complete, sign, and return the Family Reunification Application and the required documents on the enclosed Family Reunification Checklist for Sponsors to the Case Worker. If you are unable to complete all requirements within 7 days, please notify your Case Worker, who will assist you.                 Following are some questions that sponsors frequently ask:

back fever blister of illegal alienQuestion: Can I sponsor my child if I am undocumented?

Answer: Yes. ORR/DCS prefers to release a child to a parent or legal guardian, regardless of your immigration status.
Question: Is there a cost to sponsor a child?
Answer: No. There is no fee to complete the requirements to sponsor a child or to complete the required paperwork.
Here come more Obamacare Sign UpsQuestion: Do I have to have an attorney to sponsor a child?
Answer: No. You do not have to have an attorney to complete the requirements to sponsor a child. If you choose to obtain assistance to complete the requirements to sponsor a child, please be aware that there is no cost required to sponsor a child, and that your Case Worker can assist you.
Question: Why do I have to submit my fingerprints?
Answer: ORR/DCS requires background checks to ensure the safety of the child.
Illegal Aliens destroy wagesQuestion: What information do I have to provide?
Answer: You must complete the Family Reunification Application and supporting documentation. You must also answer questions from your Case Worker about your household, your relationship with the child, and your ability to care for the physical and mental wellbeing of the child. You must provide proof of your identity.
Todays Illegals Tomorrows DemocratsQuestion: How long will this process take?
Answer: The sooner you submit fingerprints and all required documents, the sooner ORR/DCS will make a decision on releasing the child to your custody. You should submit all required information within 7 days. ORR/DCS will promptly inform you of a decision on releasing the child to your custody or will notify you if additional information or assessment is needed.
We look forward to assisting you with your application.

Liberty Eyes Covered with hands


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