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Omaha Liberty Ladies
Ride the Bus to Secure Our Border!
Dear Susan,

Please join us. . .

Did you know. . .

As stated in the Omaha World Herald the cost to just educate those sent to Nebraska is 2.3 million and with Nebraska already the third highest tax State how much more will we be paying in property taxes?

Don’t be fooled with what you see on TV – 80% of those crossing the border are not little girls and boys but teenagers that don’t have the language skills to compete in the workplace and help support the family.

According to FAIR the cost to Nebraska in taxes is already 250 million dollars a year and climbing.  That amount does not include those that have come to Nebraska since 2010.

According to the Omaha World Herald only 16% are younger then 12 years of age which means out of 46,932 reported 39,423 are 16 and 17-year-olds.  With no English skills how are they going to support their families and secure a job.  Data is only from Oct. 1 2012 to May 2014.  Who is going to pay for their education and will they qualify for welfare and free heath care?  We ARE.  


Saturday, August 2nd


Departs Omaha:

Westroads Mall parking lot near JC Penny

8:45 AM


Departs Capitol:

12 Noon



(I will collect the money when we leave Omaha)


The bus will fill up fast so reserve a spot ASAP. I have

the option to order another bus if we need one.


When you reserve a seat, it will be reserved for you and will be paid for. Please let us know if you have to cancel. “No shows” are expensive.


If you choose to drive, bring a friend (or several). If we want our voices heard,

we need a big crowd!

For reservations contact: sheilaheieck@reagan.com

Please include your full name, phone number and email.

See you then!

Yours in Liberty,

Sheila Heieck

President, Omaha Liberty Ladies



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