7/29/2014 ACTION ALERT – Tell Congress $$ for Border Security but NO AMNESTY !

                                               ACTION ALERT issued by NumbersUSA.com

NoIllegalsNoAmnestyPlease dial 1-855-827-2353, toll free and ask for your House Representative and tell them that you do not want him to vote for any Bill that would give another amnesty to the illegal immigrants!  If Lee is not your Rep. just ask for your Rep. and operator will connect you to the right office. Please pass this on to everyone you know, Obama must be stopped.


  1.  You object to Pres. Obama by himself giving another mass amnesty to illegal aliens. The news media are reporting that he plans to do it soon, and you are outraged.

    2. Congress should not give the President any of the money he wants for the Border Surge unless the bill prohibits the President from issuing any more work permits to illegal aliens without congressional approval. Ask if the Representative will promise to insist on that.

    3. Tell them you support H.R.5160 by Rep. Blackburn that blocks any more go-it-alone amnesties by a President.

    4. Talk about anything else you find in this alert, including quoting Sen. Sessions.

(The Blackburn bill would prohibit any federal agency or instrumentality from using federal funding or resources to: (1) consider or adjudicate any new or previously denied application of any alien requesting consideration of deferred action for childhood arrivals, as authorized by Executive memorandum on August 15, 2012; or (2) authorize any alien to work in the United States who was not lawfully admitted into the United States and who is not in lawful status in the United States on the date of enactment of this Act.)

Sen. Sessions is not being alarmist in his emergency mobilization of American voters. He notes that quite a number of major publications have been reporting inside sources detailing how Pres. Obama is putting together the final details for issuing the next mass amnesty without congressional approval. National Journal, Time magazine and The Hill are some of them.

The danger is just around the corner, Sessions warns.  www.numbersusa.com

No AmnestyNotNowNotEver




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