8/1/2014 REPORTS ON HOUSE FLOOR on BORDER BILL from C-Span.org

 C-SPAN.ORG carried the House Debates  www.c-span.org/live/

PatrioticElephantUPDATED @ 8:55pm CST – FINAL VOTE on H.R. 5272 TERMINATION OF THE DACA PROGRAM for existing and future illegal aliens:  PASSED !!  Yes   216     No  192  Present 1  Not Voting  24

***UPDATED 8:10pmDebating H.R. 5272 Terminating DACA program for existing and future applicants.  WOW – the DEMS pants are on fire – they had to get the Sergeant in Arms to remove Sheila Jackson from the floor – Lutierrez’s head almost exploded..Ruben Hinojosa sputtering and stuttering!  Rep. Ted Poe says 144 Nation’s illegal aliens have come across our border this year including last week 3 from the Ukraine. It’s NOT just children coming over 85% are adults.  

PatrioticElephant***UPDATED 7:30pm FINAL VOTE ON REVISED H.R. 5230    PASSED!!   223 YES  189 NO **NOTE:  I’ve contacted my Congressman asking him to vote YES on the revised H.R. 5230 ***UPDATED @ 6:35 pm CST –  Revised H.R. 5230 does the following:  1.  Adds additional $35m to National Guard bringing the total amount in the bill $694 million which is fully offset.  2.  Gives Border Patrol free access to EPA protected federal border land.  3.  Ends DACA program for new and existing participants. 4. Changes initial screening process to treat all UACs within 7 days to return them to their countries (tweaking the 2008 Sex Trafficking Law). ***UPDATED @ 4:10pm The House Rules Committee votes to MOVE FORWARD with H.R. 5230 , H.R. 5272, with an additional hour of debate allowed for appropriations. Polis Amendment to Reduce Deficit Budget failed with 5 yes and 7 No votes.  HOUSE DEBATE to RESUME at about 4:45pm CST ***UPDATED @ 3:30pm  House Committee Member comments/questions:  Rep Hastings Member House Rules Committee: “…for all you WHITE people in here…” ***UPDATED @ 2:40pm HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE hearing testimony. Rep Guteirrez bleeding all over the place for the illegal aliens while demonizing Americans who oppose them. ***UPDATED @ 1:25pm – President Obama to hold press conference at 1:30pm CST. OBAMA: Amnesty is always going to be good for the economy…Plain Vanilla legislation can’t pass…I’m going to have to act alone… **UPDATED @1:15pm – the debate that took place was on RULES. So, the actual border bill has not been debated yet, that is expected this afternoon and sounds like it’s going to be a free for all with other bills being brought up. It’s Chaos on the floor really – nobody seems to know what they are debating.

**Updated @ 12:40 pm CST   So far Sen Tom Cole R-OK is standing his ground against the pro-amnesty reps who are pushing to bring forth H.R. 15 – which is just as bad as the new border crisis bills.

Gringo De Mexico BOEHNER


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