8/2/2014 EBOLA Virus Deliberately Brought Into the UNITED STATES.

Susan coverEBOLA VIRUS BROUGHT TO THE U.S. – I challenge BRUCE JOHNSON, SIM USA light hearted comments that “…there is nothing to fear..not an airborne disease…patients were getting great care in Liberia…”

It is unforgivable to have brought EBOLA INFECTED PATIENTS to the United States.  I will post information and my thoughts on Ebola Sunday, 8/3 then you decide if you’ve got something to worry about or if you believe BRUCE JOHNSON and others who are pooh poohing this deadly disease.

This is nothing short of OBAMA’s BIO-CHEMICAL WARFARE on the UNITED STATES. Thanks to our Southern Border collapse four people in Colorado have Pneumonic Plague and last summer a California State Park had to shut down several of its campsites due to Bubonic Plague.



Ebola Bubbles sores on Arm












back fever blister of illegal alien

Ebola 2nd pic of disease eaten mouth

Ebola FactsEbola Burying Dead VictimsEbola Quarantine



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