9/23/2014 Alex Jones, INFOWARS – ENDGAME, Can YOU handle the TRUTH?

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Can you handle the truth? Listen to Alex Jones Show for the important news and behind the scenes information of our government and critical issues facing our country. http://www.infowars.com/watch-alex-jones-show/


Here is another link to END GAME a documentary backed up with evidence by Alex Jones.  Full length version.  Watch if from the start to the end in order to connect all of the dots and especially the part about aids and ebola.  As you watch this documentary compare what he is saying to what is happening around the world and the U.S. today – keeping in mind that he did this documentary in 2007.  I don’t recommend you watch this before going to bed unless you want to lose sleep.

New World Order – Bildeberger, Eugenics, Aids/Ebola, Sterilization/Population Control, Environmental/Climate Change, Super Highway and so much more it will blow your mind.

ENDGAME Documentary by Alex Jones:  2 Hrs 30 mins      http://youtu.be/x-CrNlilZho

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