1/7 to 1/15 Nebraska Unicameral Activity for the 2015 Session

Sign Nebraska the good life

Thanks to my Australian friends who viewed the page I have on Senator Ernie Chambers and called him to discuss the disgusting comments he makes.  Senator Chambers mentioned you on the Unicameral Floor today.  It’s great having people from all over the world visit my site. Susan

2015 Unicam  – Updated 1/15/2015 @ 5pm  Sen Paul Schumacher the biggest BS award for trying to minimize the POWER of the Chairman seats.  Evidence is the number of years when Left wingers had majority of seats/members and blocked many conservative bills.  All VIDEOS are shown below:

Sen. Groene explains why he supports Kintner’s Amendment to Rule Change and says he posted his votes for Speaker and Chairman seats on his page on the Nebraska Legislature website.  http://youtu.be/F167R0DMOoM

Senator Tanya Cook gets rather huffy, arrogant and condescending in her comments.  Sen Schnoor and Larson make great comments in support of Sen. Kintner’s Amendment to Rule Change.  http://youtu.be/g_m7jduz5qY

Sen Ernie Chambers rant includes uncomplimentary comments towards Sen Tyson Larson…. simple-minded, childish drivel.  Sen. McCollister explains his NO vote while Sen. Schilz comments in the neutral but votes Yes. http://youtu.be/6weP60wNUvI

Senators Bloomfield and Kolowski explain their NO votes on Sen. Kintner’s Amendment for Rule Change on secret ballots for Speaker and Chairman seats  http://youtu.be/O3LDMsnNzuw 

Senators Garrett and Johnson explain their NO votes while Sen. Ernie Chambers goes on a rant about slave owners and Republicans. http://youtu.be/i9alvf5aXMY

Sen. Paul Schumacher goes on a rant referencing what happened between DCRP Chair Bryan Baumgart and Sen. Bob Krist and says Chairman seats do not have the POWER people think they do and no cowtowing to political parties.  Senator Bill Kintner’s closing comments on his Amendment.  http://youtu.be/7qg1RZJjUvo

Video of the Final Roll Call Vote for Sen. Kintner’s Amendment to Rule Change from Secret Speaker/Chair Votes to Public Recorded Votes.  Two Senators whose votes are not on this video are Sen. Williams and Watermeier – both NO votes. TOTAL VOTES  12 Yes  33 NO  http://youtu.be/rJIH9W-jHeU

State Bill pic smaller2015 Unicameral – Updated 1/15/2015 @ 3pm  Sadly NEBRASKANS the Kintner Amendment failed. The votes are 12 Yes 33 No. Videos are at www.TheSusanSmithShow.wordpress.com more will be added later this evening. There were several that sparked some angry and arrogant drivel Sen. Cook and Schumacher. Briefly the NO votes based on their comments: Krist, Nordquist, Chambers, McCollister, Bloomfield, Kolowski, Garrett, Johnson, Crawford, Pansing-brooks.

State Bill pic smaller2015 Unicameral – Updated 1/15/2015 @ 1:10pm CDT  WOW, ZIP, ZING! Check out what happened today – more videos later on….

Sen. Ernie Chambers rant on Gov. Ricketts, Racism, etc.  Didn’t take Sen. Chambers very long to go on a rant. While his District deals with gang violence drugs and stray bullets he introduced a bill to save the mountain lions and prairie dogs.     http://youtu.be/kO7a2SdvkvQ

Rules Change Debate on Kintner’s Amendment Secret/Open Public opening comments:    http://youtu.be/nc_4jYKPJNA

Floor Debate on Rules Change from Secret to Open/recorded by Sen. Bob Krist, Jeremy Nordquist and Sen. Laura Ebke.


State Bill pic smaller2015 Unicameral – Updated 1/14/2015  BAD NEWS NEBRASKANS!    Spoke with Chairman of Rules Committee Sen. Tommy Garrett’s office – an aide reports that the Rules Comittee UNANIMOUSLY voted to NOT approve a Rules change from Secret Votes to Recorded Votes for Speaker/Chairman seats.  In other words the calls and emails made by Nebraskans asking for RECORDED VOTES fell on deaf ears.        TAKE ACTION NOW, there is one option left and must be done by tomorrow (Thursday Jan 15th) – You need to find another senator, perhaps Senator Bill Kintner, to attach it to an existing bill or enter it as a new bill.  Make your calls/emails now.  Sen. Kintner  402-471-2613   bkintner@leg.ne.gov 

NOTE:  The Rules Committee changes will be announced and debated on Thursday Jan 15th – tune in to NET2 TV or webstream it live at http://www.negraskalegislature.gov    Can’t watch – set your DVR!

State Bill pic smaller2015 Unicameral – Updated 1/9/2015

Announced:  Senator Tommy Garrett, Chairman of Rules Committee –  the committee will meet on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 @ 1:30pm.  (NEBRASKANS KEEP YOUR EMAILS/CALLS GOING TO SEN. TOMMY GARRETT and Committee Members to Request RULE CHANGE for RECORDED VOTES FOR SPEAKER AND CHAIRS OF COMMITTEES):     Senators  Tommy Garrett  402-471- 2627  tgarrett@leg.ne.gov ,  Jeremy Nordquist 402-471- 2721     jnordquist@leg.ne.gov , Dave Bloomfield 402-471- 2716      dbloomfield@leg.ne.gov ,  Paul,Schumacher 402-471-2715        pschumacher@leg.ne.gov , and  Bob Krist 402-471- 2718       bkrist@leg.ne.gov .

 Announced:  Senator Beau McCoy, Chairman of Committee on Committees distributed the Final Report – it was adopted, without discussion, with 36 yes, 0 no, 10 Not Voting.

Announced:  Vice Chairman of the Revenue Committee – Senator Paul Schumacher.

Announced:  Vice Chairman of the Transportation & Telecommunications Committee, Senator Lydia Brasch.

Announced:  Vice Chairman of the Education Committee, Senator Rick Kolowski.

Bills and Legislative Resolutions submitted.

State Bill pic smaller2015 Unicameral  – UPDATED 1/8/2015

Announced:  Senator Tommy Garrett, Chairman of Rules Committee – Adoption of Temporary Rules but not to last past the 12th day of this session when the NEW PERMANENT RULES ARE EFFECTIVE.  (NEBRASKANS KEEP YOUR EMAILS/CALLS GOING TO SEN. TOMMY GARRETT to Request RULE CHANGE for RECORDED VOTES FOR SPEAKER AND CHAIRS OF COMMITTEES): 402-471- 2627        tgarrett@leg.ne.gov

Announced:  Vice Chairman of Committee on Committees –  Senator Colby Coash.  Committee Members to various committees Report received. 

Announced:  Vice Chairman of Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee – Senator Al Davis.  Legislative Bills entered to Clerk and Inauguration Ceremony of newly elected.

State Bill pic smaller2015 Unicameral – UPDATED  1/6/2015 @ 3:15 CST

Election of Speaker and Committee Chairman positions. (Note:  The ballots were secret and even the number of votes for the contested seats were not recorded).

**The Rules Committee will meet later this week to determine the
permanent rules.  Continue making calls/emails to your senators and ESPECIALLY contact Senator Tommy Garrett who is the Chairman of the Rules Committee.

 Adoption of Rules:  Senator Kintner’s (conservative) request and comments on public recorded votes.     :http://youtu.be/xF5b1Sash-Q


Speaker :  Senator Galen Hadley (30 votes) – elected.      Sen. Colby Coash (14) votes – supposed to be a conservative.

Chair of Committee on Committees:  Sen. Beau McCoy – Declared – Conservative

Members of Committee on Committees nominees provided by Caucus:

District 1   Campbell/Coash/Garrett   (liberal/liberal/conservative)

District 2   Krist/Smith/Mello  (liberal/conservative/liberal)

District 3   Bloomfield/Schilz/Hadley (conservative/conservative/liberal)

Chair of Executive Board:  Senator Bob Krist w/ 31 votes – Elected – moderate.

Senator Bloomfield ran against him w/18 votes –  conservative. 

Vice Chairman of Executive Board:  Sen. Dan Watermeier w/32 votes – Elected

Senator Rick Kolowski ran against him w/17 votes. 

Six nominees for Members of Executive Board provided by Caucus:

District 1 Campbell/Coash  (liberal/liberal)

District 2 Chambers/Murante (liberal/conservative)

District 3 Larson/Hughes (moderate/unknown)


Chair of Agriculture Committee:  Senator Jerry Johnson w/25 votes – Elected – liberal.

Senator Lydia Brasch ran against him w/22 votes – a conservative.

Chair of Appropriations Committee:  Senator Heath Mellow –Declared- Left winger

Chair of Banking, Commerce & Insurance Committee:  Senator Scheer – Declared-

Chair of Business & Labor Committee:  Senator Burke Harr – Declared- left winger

Chair of Education Committee:  Senator Kate Sullivan – Declared – left winger

Chair of General Affairs Committee:  Senator Tyson Larson – Declared – moderate 

Chair of Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee:  Senator John Murante – Declared – conservative.

Chair of Health & Human Services Committee:  Senator Kathy Campbell – Declared – left winger.

Chair of Judiciary Committee:  Senator Les Seiler – Decalred – Moderate

Chair of Natural Resources Committee:  Senator Ken Schilz – Declared – conservative.

Chair of Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee:  Senator Jeremy Nordquist with 26 votes – elected – left winger.  Senator Brett Lindstrom ran against him w/23 votes – moderate.

Chair of Revenue Committee:  Senator Mike Gloor – Declared – Moderate

Chair of Transportation & Telecommunications Committee:  Senator Jim Smith – Declared – conservative.

Chair of Urban Affairs Committee:   Senator Sue Crawford – Declared – moderate

Chair of Enrollment & Review Committee: Senator Matt Hansen – Declared.

Chair of Rules Committee:  Senator Tommy Garrett – Declared – conservative.


ACTION ALERT that went out January 7th @ 10 a.m. :

Please end the practice of secret ballots for Committee Chairs and let NO SEAT GO UNCHALLENGED by a CONSERVATIVE legislator.  This is how we’ve ended up with left wing liberals blocking legitimate, conservative legislation in the past.

On January 7, 2015 after being sworn in the first vote will be to adopt the Legislative Rules from the 2014 session.  Please request a PUBLIC ROLL CALL VOTE and OFFER AN AMENDMENT to REMOVE SECRECY for CHAIRMEN ELECTIONS by requiring a PUBLIC RECORDED VOTE.

                                       2015 Unicameral Senators Contact Info

LD    Name                        Phone                     Email

1       Dan Watermeier       402-471-2733        dwatermeier@leg.ne.gov

2       Bill Kintner              402-471- 2613       bkintner@leg.ne.gov

3       Tommy Garrett        402-471- 2627        tgarrett@leg.ne.gov

4       Bob Hilemann         402-471-  2621        bhilemann@leg.ne.gov

5       Heath Mello            402-471- 2710         hmello@leg.ne.gov

6        Joni Craighead        402-471- 2714        jcraighead@leg.ne.gov

7       Jeremy Nordquist     402-471- 2721     jnordquist@leg.ne.gov

8       Burke Harr               402-471-2722       bharr@leg.ne.gov

9       Sara Howard            402-471- 2723      showare@leg.ne.gov

10     Bob Krist                 402-471- 2718       bkrist@leg.ne.gov

11     Ernie Chambers       402-471- 2612        no email

12     Merv Riepe              402-471- 2623       mriepe@leg.ne.gov

13     Tanya Cook             402-471-2727        tcook@leg.ne.gov

14     Jim Smith                402-471- 2730       jsmith@leg.ne.gov

15     David A. Schnoor   402-471- 2625       dschnoor@leg.ne.gov

16     Lydia Brasch           402-471- 2728       lbrasch@leg.leg.gov

17     Dave Bloomfield     402-471- 2716      dbloomfield@leg.ne.gov

18     Brett Lindstrom       402-471-2618        blindstrom@leg.ne.gov

19     Jim Scheer                402-471-2929       jscheer@leg.ne.gov

20     John McCollister      402-471- 2622       jmccolister@leg.ne.gov

21     Ken Haar                  402-471- 2673       khaar@leg.ne.gov

22     Paul Schumacher      402-471-2715        pschumacher@leg.ne.gov

23     Jerry Johnson           402-471-2719         jjohnson@leg.ne.gov

24     Mark Kolterman       402-471-2756        mkolterman@leg.ne.gov

25     Kathy Campbell       402-471- 2731        kcampbell@leg.ne.gov

26     Matt Hansen             402 471-2610         mhansen@leg.ne.gov

27     Colby Coash            402-471- 2632         ccoash@leg.ne.gov

28     Patty Pansing Brooks  402-471-2633       ppansingbrooks@leg.ne.gov

29     Kate Bolz                402-471- 2734          kbolz@leg.ne.gov

30     Roy Baker               402-471- 2620          rbaker@leg.ne.gov

31     Rick Kolowski        402-471-2327           rkolowski@leg.ne.gov

32     Laura Ebke              402-471-2711           lebke@leg.ne.gov

33     Les Seiler                402-471-2712            lseiler@leg.ne.gov

34     Curt Friesen            402-471- 2630           cfriesen@leg.ne.gov

35     Mike Gloor             402-471- 2617            mgloor@leg.ne.gov

36     Matt Williams        402-471-2642              mwilliams@leg.ne.gov

37    Galen Hadley          402-471-2726              ghadley@leg.ne.gov

38    John Kuehn             402-471-  2732           jkuehn@leg.ne.gov

39    Beau McCoy           402-471-2885               bmccoy@leg.ne.gov

40    Tyson Larson          402-471-2801                tlarson@leg.ne.gov

41    Kate Sullivan          402-471-2631                ksullivan@leg.ne.gov

42    Mike Groene           402-471- 2729              mgroene@leg.ne.gov

43    Al Davis                  402-471-2628                adavis@leg.ne.gov

44    Dan Hughes            402-471- 2805             dhughes@leg.ne.gov

45    Sue Crawford          402-471- 2615               scrawford@leg.ne.gov

46    Adam Morfeld        402-471-2720               amorfeld@leg.ne.gov

47    Ken Schilz              402-471-2616                 kschilz@leg.ne.gov

48    John Stinner           402-471- 2802               jstinner@leg.ne.gov

49    John Murante         402-471-2725                  jmurante@leg.ne.gov

The 104th Legislature, 1st Session, is scheduled to convene January 7, 2015, at 10:00 a.m.

www.nebraskalegislator.gov     Webstream Live  or watch on T.V. on NET2 or Cox Cable Ch 16

NEBRASKANS – please sign up for a free subscription to the Unicameral Update.  It will be mailed to you on a weekly basis and is full of legislative bill, senator and committee information.  For information about the Unicameral, legislative processes, bill information, other general information, legislative publications, or a subscription to the Unicameral Update, contact the Unicameral Information office at uio@leg.ne.gov or (402) 471-2788.


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