1/29/2015 Nebraskans SUPPORT LB 611 E-VERIFY – HEARING Mon., Feb 2, 2015

State Bill pic smallerNEBRASKANS, Send your emails/calls to SUPPORT  LB611 – Require private employers to use the E-Verify Program by Monday, February 2, 2015 at 9am


Introduced by Kintner, 2; Bloomfield, 17; Ebke, 32; Groene, 42; Hughes,

44; Larson, 40; Scheer, 19; Schilz, 47; Smith, 14; Watermeier, 1.

Public Hearing Monday, February 2, 2015 @ 1:30pm Room # 2102  **NOTE: if you plan to attend this hearing we suggest you get there at Noon and line up outside the door of Room 2102 because the illegal aliens and their supporters will try to fill up the room causing the Proponents to go to an overflow room.  IF YOU send an email try to send it BY 9am Monday February 2nd so the office has time to make enough copies for all of the Committee Members and Clerk, get it in their packets prior to the public hearing.

Business & Labor Committee:  Chairman, Burke Harr   402-471-2722       bharr@leg.ne.gov

Dave Bloomfield  402-471- 2716  dbloomfield@leg.ne.gov  Ernie Chambers  402-471- 2612 no email

Sue Crawford  402-471- 2615  scrawford@leg.ne.gov    Laura Ebke  402-471-2711 lebke@leg.ne.gov

Jerry Johnson  402-471-2719  jjohnson@leg.ne.gov    John McCollister 402-471- 2622 jmccollister@leg.ne.gov

EXAMPLE:  Copy of letter I emailed to the Committee

TO:  bharr@leg.ne.gov, dbloomfield@leg.ne.gov, scrawford@leg.ne.gov, lebke@leg.ne.gov, jjohnson@leg.ne.gov, jmccollister@leg.ne.gov,

Cc: bkintner@leg.ne.gov

SUBJECT:  Enter Into Record LB 611 Proponent

Dear Business and Labor Chairman and Committee Members:

Please enter into the record my support for LB 611 and request you advance it to the floor for a full debate and vote.

Several years ago Nebraska passed a law requiring businesses that have city/state government contracts must use E-Verify.  It is time to require ALL businesses to use it because…………….(NOTE:  the following are talking points provided by Susan Gumm of NTF-Project Immigration )

1)  The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), explicitly prohibits illegal aliens from being employed in the United States.
2)  E-Verify laws help to ensure that illegal aliens don’t get jobs, and sends a message that illegal aliens won’t be able to find work in the U.S.
3)  E-Verify will safeguard opportunities for legal workers and give employers a reliable tool to have a legal workforce.
4)  States and localities have a role in helping enforce immigration laws, especially when confronted with federal administrations that are not aggressive in enforcement.
5)  Protect the jobs and wages of lawful residents.
6)  With soaring unemployment rates nationwide, the best thing any smart, practical, law-abiding, civic-minded and patriotic American businesses can do is begin using E-Verify to ensure that all new hires are legal to work in the United States.
7)  Poll after poll shows that voters think American workers should come first.
8)  The American people are right to be concerned about their jobs and wages, and elected officials at every level should put the needs of American workers first.
9)  E-Verify is one program that would turn off the illegal immigration jobs magnet
10)  Federal law requires all employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the United States.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.



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