Nebraska Legislators respond to Ernie Chambers’ outrageous comments – Calling for apology, Drafting a Resolution, and Asking him to Resign.

Updated 3/29/2015 Facebook Page someone set up to share info about Ernie Chambers:

1969 Ernie Chambers Arrested Concealed Weapon ChargeThe caption that came with the picture to the left is of Ernie Chambers being arrested on a concealed  weapon charge in 1969.

TAKE ACTION:  Contact Senator David A. Schnoor ask him to proceed with Sen. Ernie Chambers EXPULSION – or 402-471-2625

Ernie ChambersErnie Chambers Responds to Backlash 3/26  Chambers “…ignorant…especially the police..(referring to some senators)…pathethic dunces…”

Black Woman Ernie talking out his ass againErnie Chambers 2nd Response to Backlash 3/26:  Chambers rails against Sen McCoy and Lindstrom….”…makes no difference whatsoever..”

ISIS BRIDE - Camel in Wedding VeilErnie Chambers 3rd Response to Backlash 3/26:    Chambers rails at senators “…the power I have, the fear I inspire…..mob mentality..backwardness and racist Nebraska…calls Sen. David Schnoor  pathetic and arrogant….”

20100714_AlShabaabErnie Chambers 4th Response to Backlash 3/26:     Chambers mocks the senators “…I’m not afraid but you are……spines of an over ripe banana….”

Sen Beau McCoy 3/26     Sen. McCoy  “…..Chambers’ comments are a Public Safety issue…”

Sen. Jim Smith 3/26  Sen Jim Smith  “….words spoken with regard to violence against law enforcement are unacceptable….”

Sen. David Schnoor 3/26  Senator Schnoor asks Sen Chambers’ resign…”…you can sit there and laugh..that’s what you do make a mockery of the senate, of someone’s Christian beliefs….”

Sens. Johnson and Craighead 3/26  Senator Jerry Johnson agrees with Sen. McCoy and Sen. Craighead invites the senators for a picture op with signs supporting our police.

Sen. Les Seiler 3/26:   Sen. Les Seiler, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee (where the comments took place) says “…senators are protected from criminal and civil prosecution for anything said during hearing and floor debates…..”

Sen. Dave Bloomfield 3/26:   Bloomfield advises senators not to with hold support for Chamber’s bill on Prairie Dogs because Chambers’ comments and that he’s learned to respect him.

Sen. Lydia Brasch 3/26    Sen .Brasch “…it’s not right to compare our police to ISIS….”

Sen. Matt Williams 3/26   Sen Williams,                                       Member of the Judiciary Committee where Chambers’ comments were made says  “… regret is not responding Friday at the hearing….I’m not asking Sen. Chambers to apologize…the comments I’ve heard about being a bigot, hypocritical, a Christian, – hurt and those comments are irrelevant..issue a challenge to all senators….to keep comments relevant….”

I did NOT get videos taken for THE FOLLOWING Senators –  these are notes I took while they were talking, if you need clarification or want to verify please contact the appropriate senator.  If a senator would like to send me their statement I will post it and even better would be for them to post a comment to this page.  Thanks, Susan

Sen. Kate Bolz –…piling on Chambers….

Sen. Bloomfield – piling on Chambers… Free Speech…has a right to say…attempting to condemn a man…supports Chambers….

Sen. Lindstrom – …will pull name from Chambers’ Death Penalty Repeal; no longer want my name associated with Sen. Chambers…

Sen. Riepe – …disappointed and anger for Chambers….

Sen. Krist – (member of Judiciary Committee) I am embarrassed for not nudging Chambers at the time…..Free Speech…

Sen. Haar – thanks to Sen. Bloomfield for comments Free Speech….…won’t be in photo op rally to support police because I see it as a Litmus Test…power of words…it’s popular for some to murder people who work at planned parenthood , my wife works at one of them, so I know the worry it causes and the debate on those bills gets heated but I didn’t bring it to the floor….I don’t have black skin so I can’t judge that ( meaning Chambers comments).

Sen. Kolowski – …many disturbing things…not here to judge….

Sen. Kintner – Chamber’s should clarify comments….

Sen. Hilkemann – disgusted with Chambers’ constant insults on the floor about religion, republicans, government, bible,etc….

Sen. Groene – Chambers will pay for what he said…people have already pulled their names from his bills….

Sen. Schnoor –  ..pathetic for those who defend him..

Sen Kuehn – …asked Chambers for an apology…

Sen. Nordquist – …Chambers’ comments highly inappropriate…draft a resolution in support of police….

Sen. Mello – …Chambers’ comments were more than in-artful…can’t condone…my concern is the ramifications of how we use situations like this as a political…everytime we are offended do we bring it to the floor…I’m offended hearing that a senator was asked to resign….

Sen Garrett, member of Judiciary Committee – ….I reluctantly rise to speak…I think it was my first session when Chambers called us all racists…I think the genesis of his ISIS/ISIL comment was when he asked why anyone need to carry guns…the most troubling is that Chambers is a learned man…


Fox NewsFOX NEWS –Outrage after Nebraska Politician Compares cops to ISIS – Bishop E.W. Gregory Sounds Off  “…he should resign or be driven from office….”

552931_3778621137813310918609_nKFAB Ernie Chambers POLL QUESTION:

KFAB – Scott Voorhees Show 3/26  Ernie Chambers Part 2 –If you live outside his district, what does it say to you that those in North Omaha stand behind this vile, egotistical racist? And, if you’re in his district, what do you say about his support for shooting police officers?

Chris Baker KFABKFAB – Chris Baker show 3/26 Chambers Mania – Dr. Janice Kuhn and Chris Baker discuss Senator Ernie Chambers and his latest comments.

KMTV3 –  Omaha Senator Standing Behind Comments about Police and ISIS

WOWT 6 – Chambers Refuses to Apologize for Police ISIS  Comparison

KETV7 – Senators Call for Chambers to Resign:

Omaha World Herald –  List of Critics Grows after Chambers’ “My ISIS is the Police” Comments


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