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Omaha Republican Mayor Jean Stothert PULLS a HILLARY CLINTON by deleting city business TEXTS..

Stothert tweeting - JEFF KORTUBA CARTOON

****UPDATED 5/16/2015  Repub Mayor LaRaza Stothert RUNS FROM MEDIA over TEXTS…
“If there’s communications back and forth between government officials as to the operations of government, those should be made available through the public information request,” said Peterson. (NE Atty. Gen) When KMTV reporter Rebekah Rae approached the mayor to get her response, Stothert refused to roll down her car window and had her driver escort her away….

Stothert billboard spoof If you Don't speak English“I have nothing to hide,” she said….Stothert said she deletes text messages at the end of every day. ..Last week, Stothert continued to delete messages after the newspaper made the records request….In Nebraska, the open records law, which was last amended in 2000, says that all records and documents of a government entity, regardless of physical form, should be public. The law applies to the State of Nebraska and all its many government subdivisions, including municipalities…“I believe in transparent government organizations,” she wrote in a letter to the MECA board chairman last month. “We cannot pick and choose or make exceptions about public information when we are spending the taxpayer’s money.”…….Full STORY:

Mayor Stothert’s use of text messages raises public records concerns

Link to actual Text Messages in order see all of them you have to click on the actual smaller text icons:

Dozens of people came to Omaha City Hall a couple of weeks ago to hear a public discussion about how the city can direct more jobs to high-poverty areas. It was their chance to directly and publicly speak to the City Council about a controversial ordinance.

That day, Mayor Jean Stothert also made her opinions known to the council. But not from the podium.

She used text messages instead.

Stothert sent the ordinance sponsor, Councilman Chris Jerram, a text message asking if he would delay his proposal. “You told me – you would table it. What is the reality of this?”

Jerram responded, also via text message. “Nothing has changed.” He added that if the mayor agreed to part of his plan, he’d back off the rest. “You have not agreed to the pilot yet so the ordinance continues.”

“Are you kidding me?” Stothert fired back. “Blackmail Chris?”

And they continued to trade heated text messages during the meeting and after.

As a method of communication, texting has become a common practice among Omaha city leaders. City business is increasingly conducted by text message, particularly by Stothert — who has garnered a reputation as a frequent texter.

Councilman Franklin Thompson, a fellow Republican and a close ally of the mayor, said Stothert has texted him during council meetings. He described texts that contain both positive and negative interactions.

“She texts most people, I think, when she’s unhappy,” he said. “That’s just her style. And it’s a style that’s different from the other mayors.”

The rise in texting raises open-government questions; Stothert has promised to bring more transparency to Omaha City Hall.

The text messages exist in an electronic world outside city government’s public email servers. Stothert said she deletes text messages at the end of every day. The city attorney doubts that the text messages — which are on elected officials’ private phones — are public records.

Now a discussion has begun among Omaha city officials over the practice.

Stothert, who uses her own phone for city business, said she considers the text messages private and sees them as a substitute for a phone call, rather than email. Still, she allowed The World-Herald on Thursday to review her city-related text messages from that day.

“I have nothing to hide,” she said.

The World-Herald submitted a public records request last week to review correspondence that is being sent via texts by the mayor or City Council members.

Most council members, including Jerram, allowed The World-Herald to review their text messages.

There’s no question that — with few exceptions — government-related emails or letters between officials are a part of the public record, and anyone can file a request to review that correspondence.

City Attorney Paul Kratz said that he’s not sure whether text messages are public records that must be disclosed, even if elected officials are conducting public business.

“We are still researching the legal issues and the recoverability of text messages pursuant to your records request,” he said in an email Friday. “We should be able to respond next week.”

But John Bender, who teaches media law at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, said that if city-related text messages aren’t a public record, they should be.

“I think it’s pretty clear that the public records law applies to any records, no matter what physical form they’re in,” he said.

City Clerk Buster Brown, whose job includes maintaining City of Omaha records, was among the officials brought into the discussion last week. He said he has encouraged officials to communicate through email rather than text message so the record can be preserved. The city automatically saves emails, so even if an official deletes a message, the record is stored on city servers.

Stothert and some council members questioned the logistics of releasing text messages that are stored on their personal cellphones. They said they should be allowed to have an expectation of privacy for texts with their children or spouse, for example.

Public record laws are intended to allow citizens access to important information about how government operates.

A similar issue came up nationally recently when Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton disclosed that when she was Secretary of State she used a personal email address to do government business. Clinton ended up voluntarily releasing 55,000 emails to the State Department.

Most other states don’t specify whether text messages are public records, said Pam Greenberg, an expert on information technology from the National Conference of State Legislatures. Texas and Georgia are the exceptions: Their laws explicitly say that text messages can be public information.

In Nebraska, the open records law, which was last amended in 2000, says that all records and documents of a government entity, regardless of physical form, should be public. The law applies to the State of Nebraska and all its many government subdivisions, including municipalities.

There are some exceptions, such as records that contain medical information, trade secrets or attorney-client communications.

Stothert and the council members don’t have city-issued phones — they’re sending these texts from their private cellphones.

An assistant attorney general has previously advised that if officials conduct government business through private email, those records could still be public.

“A key question in determining whether any particular record is a public record is not where the record is located, but rather whether that record is a record ‘of or belonging to the government,’ ” wrote Dale Comer in a 2012 letter about a dispute between the Beatrice Daily Sun and the Gage County Board.

In response to a query from The World-Herald about whether text messages are public records, a spokeswoman for the Attorney General’s Office issued a statement: “We believe that text messages are public records if they are of or belonging to the State of Nebraska and pertain to public business.”

Stothert often says that she’s committed to conducting government transparently.

For instance, she has pushed the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority, the nonprofit group that manages the CenturyLink Center and TD Ameritrade Park, to release more information about its operations.

“I believe in transparent government organizations,” she wrote in a letter to the MECA board chairman last month. “We cannot pick and choose or make exceptions about public information when we are spending the taxpayer’s money.”

Stothert also said she has worked to make herself more available to the media and the public than her recent predecessors.

Stothert said she has previously asked Kratz to review whether text messages would be public and to explore whether the city needs a clear policy.

She said that she prefers to talk to people face-to-face or by phone, but when she can’t do that, she uses text messaging for the convenience. She said she generally conducts routine matters such as scheduling via text message.

“I’m not using it to do major city business,” she said.

Her texts often start early in the morning and continue at night. She said she will often have a thought she wants to share but doesn’t want to wake someone up with a phone call.

Stothert said she deletes messages at the end of the day because she sees them as “unimportant.”

“It’s not like there’s this big secret argument going on all the time,” she said.

The text messages she provided Thursday were generally routine. The texts included discussions with staffers about the logistics of a press conference and an exchange with U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse about being the commencement speaker at Midland University. She texted Police Chief Todd Schmaderer to ask about an update of a case.

She said she would be comfortable routinely providing the public with text messages that she has sent. But she would balk at showing others’ texts to her, saying that would be a “betrayal” of confidentiality.

Last week, Stothert continued to delete messages after the newspaper made the records request. Stothert said she was unaware of the newspaper’s request for her texts, though she had discussed with Kratz that he planned to research whether text messages would be public records. Both Stothert and Kratz said that he did not recommend that she stop deleting texts.

On the council side, most council members expressed a willingness to comply with the request.

One council member, Garry Gernandt, said he deletes text messages and didn’t have any such messages on his phone.

Three council members — Jerram, Pete Festersen and Ben Gray — agreed to comply within a day and provided The World-Herald with copies of their text messages.

“It’s public record,” Jerram said. “It’s city business.”

Friday, Councilwoman Aimee Melton allowed The World-Herald to review her messages on her phone. The same day, Councilman Rich Pahls agreed to do the same.

But Councilman Franklin Thompson said he wouldn’t provide access to his city texts unless he was told to do so by a lawyer or ordered by a judge. Later he said he contacted Verizon and was told that the company would not provide him a transcript of his text messages without a subpoena.

Melton said she would like to see the issue clarified so everyone, especially constituents, knows the rules.

“We probably need to have a policy in place that we all know, whether these are public records or not,” Melton said.

The council members’ text messages show that they generally send texts about routine matters or logistical planning. The texts show that council members have discussed some major city issues, most notably Jerram’s proposal about city contractors, which is still pending before the council.

Stothert’s texts with Melton — and their shared texts with fellow Republicans Pahls and Thompson — show a more collegial relationship than she shares with the Democrats.

The four share thoughts about city issues and impressions of City Hall happenings.

Stothert occasionally lobbies the Republican council members, including asking them to support a resolution condemning State Sen. Ernie Chambers.

The four spoke about their disagreement with Jerram’s north Omaha jobs ordinance. Melton, an attorney, said she considers it unconstitutional.

Democrats, however, have shared the occasional pointed remark about Stothert. At one point, for example, Gray used the word “petty” to describe Stothert’s action.

During their jobs discussion, Jerram called Stothert “Sneaky Jean.” She said he is “one rude, insulting man.”

As the council was conducting the public hearing on Jerram’s ordinance, Stothert texted the council Republicans: “OMG! This is ridiculous.”

Festersen said it’s inappropriate for the mayor to text council members during public meetings.

Bender, the UNL professor, suggested that texting during council meetings could violate the state’s open meetings law, which is intended to ensure that discussion about legislation takes place in an open forum.

Stothert said council members also occasionally send her a text during council meetings, often to ask what she thinks of a particular issue.

She acknowledged that she disagreed with Jerram through texts and said she’s comfortable with how she expressed it.

“I would tell Chris Jerram in front of you that I was unhappy,” she said.

Jerram said the mayor texts him frequently and often aggressively.

Gray agreed.

“They come in barrages. It’ll be this and that and this and that,” he said. “As a matter of fact, I don’t know how she has time to text like that.”

Contact the writer: 402-444-1084,

If you betray your oath you should be firedHillary What does it matter photo of Stephens beatenSusan Smith Show-Gringo Stothert billboard


Republican Mayor Jean Stothert continues legacy of  Democrat Omaha Mayors Mike Fahey and Jim Suttle by encouraging and welcoming illegal aliens…Fahey gave Mexico President Vicente Fox a Key to the City

NYT2010031117422459COmaha Mayor Jean Stothert(FULL STORY) Former Mexican President Makes Stop in the Metro

Posted: Nov 11, 2008 10:55 PM CSTUpdated: Dec 08, 2008 2:46 PM CST    Scott Patterson

Omaha (KPTM) – Omaha is playing host to a foreign dignitary.  Organizers say the visit by former president of Mexico Vicente Fox shows how Omaha is becoming a more globalized city.

Fox says he’s pleased with his first ever trip to Nebraska. “Except the weather, the day has been magnificent” he jokingly referred to the rainy day.

Fox is in town to sign an agreement with the Gallup Corporation, to promote jobs and leadership.  He’s also speaking about the importance of the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico. “We know each other very well, and time ago we decided to become partners,” Fox told a crowd at the Orpheum Theatre.

He’s referring to NAFTA, saying the controversial free trade agreement has benefited both countries.  The U.S. exports $200 billion worth of goods to Mexico every year. “We buy meat from Nebraska,” says Fox.  “We buy services from Gallup.”

Illegal Aliens Flip U.S. offFox supports a guest worker program for Mexicans that are working in the U.S. illegally, while supporting families back in Mexico. “There’s a lot of misunderstanding of the problems and the challenges of the future,” says Fox.  “Building a wall is no answer to our problems and to our border.”

He also spoke about another border concern: drugs.  Fox says his government is waging a war against drug lords who use Mexico as a stopping point between South America and the United States.  But Fox says it’s not just Mexico’s fight.

“Once the drug has crossed the border, who moves it up north?” he says.  “How it gets to Chicago, to Omaha.” Fox says the U.S. and Mexico have to keep working together.

Upside Down Flag by illegalsmexican-tran-derails-670x399Bus to Omaha w illegal aliens“I’m always optimistic that we’ll have a successful Latin America, a successful Mexico, and a successful United States in this 21st century,” he says.

Fox surprised a lot of people when he opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq.  He says Mexicans are eager to see Barack Obama become president.  Fox hopes Obama will listen to other countries, rather than trying to impose the U.S.’s ideas on the rest of the world…..

The former president was welcomed to Omaha with a special presentation.

Mike Fahey“I, Mike Fahey, the mayor of the city of Omaha, do hereby present the key to the city of Omaha to President Fox,” said Fahey before shaking Fox’s hand.

Fox will give a speech at Creighton University Wednesday morning.  His wife, the former first lady of Mexico, will also speak at a women’s leadership luncheon.

Not everyone was happy to see Vicente Fox in Omaha.

RedJackwFlagVeryNiceA woman carried a flag and a sign that read, “had enough?” in front of the Orpheum Theatre where Fox spoke Tuesday afternoon.  She was later joined by fellow members of the Nebraskans Advisory Group.  They don’t like Fox’s stance on illegal immigration.  He thinks the U.S. should let illegal immigrants stay here under a guest worker program.  The protestors say those immigrants take American jobs, money and resources.

“I would like to ask Vicente Fox why it was okay for the Mexican government to send their armed military down to their southern border to keep those illegal aliens out of there, but he’s over here denouncing us for wanting to tighten our immigration laws,” says Susan Smith.

Upside Down Flag by illegalsThe Nebraskans Advisory Group wants to know where the billion dollars in U.S. aid sent to Mexico is being used if the people there still feel the need to enter the U.S. for work.

Jim SuttleDemocrat Mayor Jim Suttle was HONEST about his position on illegal aliens in Omaha……During his campaign, at a Meet & Greet in North Omaha, I asked Mr. Suttle if he would support an agreement with ICE for a 287(g) program that would allow police and Sheriffs to assist in the process of detaining and processing illegal aliens who were caught during their shift hours.  He said that he would not support any program that targets one group of people. 

 I didn’t like his answer, but he was HONEST about it and that’s more than I can say for Republican Mayor Jean Stothert who told me at a Christmas Party in 2012, during her campaign, that she believed EVERYONE SHOULD FOLLOW THE LAWS and our laws should be enforced.

Another thing about Mayor Suttle he always returned phone calls.  Omaha Mayor Stothert won’t even honor appointment /phone meeting requests.  She deletes comments by me and others on her Facebook Page even though comments were polite but direct and she always seems to have pat excuses for controversial issues like.”…misinformation out there….I’ll check and get back to you….some people just don’t know how to communicate without confrontation…..”  Like I said, she had one campaign speech for illegal aliens and one for the rest of us – that’s why so many were stunned when she endorsed LB 623 Drivers Licenses for illegal aliens and supports a “Pathway for citizenship for illegal aliens.”  

Pic of Virgil Patlan Smiling and a GrinninOmaha Mayor Jean StothertTodays Illegals Tomorrows DemocratsMaybe Stothert’s body guard, PRO-AMNESTY Republican VIRGIL PATLIN, has been whispering in her ear or maybe Republican Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert is a Prima Donna (a very temperamental person with an inflated view of their own talent or importance) and Elitist (a person who believes that a system or society should be ruled or dominated by an elite/snob) who ran a campaign of SMOKE AND MIRRORS (a metaphor for a deceptive, fraudulent or insubstantial explanation or description.)  ~ Please see two prior pages for detailed accounts as well as most of the newly elected “Republicans” who are following her pitiful example ~ Driver’s Licenses for illegal aliens LB 623 and Sanctuary Policies….    And


February 2015   Another year and another set of broken promises from Mayor Jean Stothert.  In her state of the City address today she once again failed to show any improvement in her three key promises to the citizens of Omaha; crime, job creation, and eliminating the bar and restaurant tax.

Chair Vince Powers pointed to the most recent Violence Policy Center report that placed Nebraska and Omaha as having the second highest African American homicide rate in the nation.  “Mayor Stothert promised that the news of the day would not be about another local shooting but sadly she presides over one of highest homicide rates in the nation, and the nine dead and over a dozen shootings in January of this year only underscores that terrible statistic,” said Powers.  “In addition, she fell short of her 2014 benchmark for police by 17 officers, we have seen a spike in murders and property crime, and due to her inabilities both fire and police have been without contracts now for over a year.”

Another promise made by Stothert was job creation, but the most recent Bureau of Labor Statists report show that since Mayor Stothert’s first full month in office (July 2013 thru December 2014) the Omaha MSA has fewer jobs than when she took office.  Today, Omaha is in jeopardy of losing two long standing, large employers, Kellogs and Woodman.  A list of economic development projects the Stothert promised last year have fell through including, the Crossroads Mall development, Tranquility Park multi-sport complex project, and the North Omaha Industrial Park.

Finally Mayor Stothert promised that she would roll back the Bar and Restaurant tax, making that her number one priority in her campaign.  “Here we are 18 months later and Jean Stothert continues to pocket the cash from the tax on bars and restaurants, with no end in sight” said Powers.

45% sewer fee increase over 5 year period.

If you betray your oath you should be firedIf we enforced the laws we wouldn't have this problem

Republican Amnesty Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert hits a SOUR NOTE with conservatives at a Tea Party Rally in Omaha, Nebraska…

Omaha Mayor Jean StothertBus to Omaha w illegal aliensNebraska local media soft ball questions and lack of coverage on the CONTROVERSIAL Republican Amnesty Omaha Mayor Stothert’s endorsement of LB 623 Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens protects her from political backlash and fall out in an effort to keep conservative Nebraskans in the dark. –  402-444-5000 email   Couldn’t find a pod cast from her interview with Chris Baker/KFAB although Chris Baker said he was sympathetic to illegal alien children; Scott Voorhees brought it up 4/14 but no podcast;  other local news sites have disabled comment sections.

Word is getting around though because I’ve had several website visitors from MEXICO…

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothertstothert Twitter picNancy-PelosiAmnesty Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert proved yesterday at a Tea Party Rally that she has one speech for conservatives and another for illegal aliens in South Omaha by refusing to talk about her endorsement of Drivers Licenses for Illegal aliens LB623. Things turned  SOUR for Stothert when a woman in the audience started booing and shouting at her and this is what happened when another Republican Michelle W. tried talking to Stothert:  

Good morning folks….This weekend I attended the Tea Party gathering at Walnut Grove Park….I want to say that I was very disappointed in this event….my husband and I sat at a picnic table behind those honored to speak by those that put this event on….another couple sat down at the end of the table and when Mayor Stohert was introduced and came to the mike to speak, the female sitting there would not applaud….once Mayor Stohert was finished with her speech, this same woman booed her at which time the Mayor looked back at US not the woman who had booed….anyway, the woman was upset because the Mayor was supporting the bill in the Unicameral to give “Dreamers” DL….well, so am I….so I decided to call the Mayor on her actions….well let me tell you this; I was treated with disdain and contempt...I was disrespected by Mayor Stohert because I went to her, like a lady, and called her on her open letter supporting DL for children that were brought her by their parents, who are illegal immigrants….SHE got very upset when I asked her why she would do such a thing.…SHE said because it is the right thing to do…that the Dreamers are going to school, working, serving our country by joining the military etc….I reminded her that she, others, and the Unicameral seem to have forgotten what the definition of ILLEGAL meant and WHY we should not be rewarding those that have broken our laws….SHE dismissed me like I was NOTHING..…I could have made a scene but I did not, but SHE sure did….SHE huddled WITH all the important people that were there and made it quite clear that she was not happy I approached her.…I am sorry I voted for her….When you are an ELECTED official YOU are supposed to handle yourself as such….YOU do not have the luxury to PICK and CHOOSE who you talk to…..YOU answer to the people of Omaha NOT the RNC or special groups that helped put you in office….Omahans still voted for you and I was one of them…but rest assured Mayor Stohert will not get my vote next time around….Disrespect me once and you lose all respect and support from me…. “

Ordinance 5165Omaha Mayor Jean StothertNe VOIAC 2011 005She believes in public safety so much that the Omaha Police Dept  REFUSES all ICE Hold requests …she would not attend or speak at the Memorial for 93 year old Louise Sollowin who was viciously raped and beaten to death by 19 year old illegal alien but was interviewed by local media on a South Omaha sidewalk after two drug buying/selling illegal aliens were shot in a park and said “..this kind of violence will not be tolerated….”  Her actions speaks volumes of betrayal against citizens and legal immigrants.

State Bill pic smallerJohn McCollisterHarry Reid Flipping Middle FingerIt seems that most Nebraska Republican elected officials/candidates have learned to lie, cheat and steal as well as their protected Illegal Aliens.  So you can either keep being used and abused OR you can tell them you will not donate, volunteer, promote or vote – let their illegal aliens do it for them since they are the ones benefitting from our taxes, donations and efforts.  Withdraw your membership to the Nebraska GOP 402-475-2122 and your County Republican Party.  Protest these Amnesty Republicans wherever you see them – shout them down, hold a sign, call/email their offices, get a couple of friends/family hold signs outside their offices.  Do something!

Obama, I am the law nowHillary What does it matter photo of Stephens beatenIf you betray your oath you should be firedOmaha Mayor Jean StothertP.S.  What will Amnesty Mayor Stothert’s BUDGET look like if Obama/Congress refuses to reimburse UNMC the cost of treating the Ebola patients – The NYC mayor requested a $20 million dollar reimbursement for treating just ONE Ebola patient.  Stothert didn’t talkabout this either – it seemed to have slipped her mind just like the drivers licenses for illegal aliens Dreamers.

45% sewer fee increase over 5 year period.

MAYOR JEAN STOTHERT’s Phone/Email:  402-444-5000  

More information on LB 623 – TAKE ACTION!

Omaha Mayor Jean StothertBenghazi we will find out What difference does it makeNancy-PelosiJohn McCollisterHarry Reid Flipping Middle FingerLaura EbkeIf you betray your oath you should be firedJim SmithGringo De Mexico BOEHNERLes Seiler200,000 homeless vets bo gives illegals free housingTommy Garrettelderly usa face pension cuts illegal alienscurt friesenMexicans with Pumping Fistsal davisIf you betray your oath you should be firedTombstone Death of America Obama

BOYCOTT the RINO versions of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid of Nebraska – SENATORS and OMAHA MAYOR for DRIVERS LICENSES for Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens Flip U.S. offBus to Omaha w illegal aliensUpset?  You should be….given that some Republican candidates have enjoyed the donations, volunteer work, promoting and votes HAVE FORGOTTEN THEIR CAMPAIGN PROMISES of OPPOSING benefits and services for illegal aliens and are now PUSHING to give Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens.

UPDATE – BREAKING NEWS  May 20, 2015 UPDATE  LB623 Drivers License for Illegal Alien (DACA) FINAL VOTE PASSED. Now it goes to Governor Ricketts for signing or Veto.

9 No Votes:  Bloomfield; Brasch; Groene; Kintner; Lindstrom; McCoy; Murante; Riepe; Schnoor.

2 Present Not Voting:  Hilkemann; Watermeier.

4 Excused Not Voting:  Craighead; Larson; Scheer; Schilz.

34 YES VOTESBaker; Bolz; Campbell; Chambers; Coash; Cook; Crawford; Davis; Ebke; Fiesen; Garrett; Gloor; K. Haar; Hadley; Hansen; B. Harr; Howard; Hughes; Johnson; Kolowski; Kolterman; Krist; Kuehn; McCollister; Mello; Morfeld; Nordquist; Pansing-Brooks; Schumacher; Seiler; Smith; Stinner; Sullivan; Willaims.

Omaha Mayor Jean StothertNebraska Lots of Free Stuff billboardLet’s put aside the fact that Nebraskans have been opposing illegal immigration at least since 2006 and in spite of the majority of Nebraskans’ wishes they have passed In-State Tuition, Pre-natal Care and will soon be passing Driver’s Licenses.  Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert when asked, by me, at a Christmas dinner event in 2012 told me she “…believes everyone should have to follow the laws..”  ….

Mexicans with Pumping FistsNe VOIAC 2011 002Perhaps Mayor Stothert will throw us citizens and legal immigrants a bone by giving us the FREE RIDE/FREE “Get Out Of Jail” card she gave to ILLEGAL ALIENS by allowing the Omaha Police Department to REFUSE ICE HOLDS?    Mayor Stothert’s phone number:  402-444-5000.

SERGIO a dreamerLouise Pic Vigil flierIt’s all becoming very clear now why she couldn’t attend a Memorial Service for 93 year old Louise Sollowin who was raped and viciously beaten to death by a 19 year old illegal alien who was working for an Omaha roofing company.

Laura EbkeIllegal Aliens ArroganceAnd newly elected Senator Laura Ebke who told me, on the phone, when asked do you support benefits and services for illegal aliens said “NO”.  

John McCollisterHarry Reid Flipping Middle FingerAnd what about newly elected Sen John McCollister who was head of conservative think tank The Platte Institute…..who took over LB623 (introduced by left wing liberal Jeremy Nordquist) and made it his Priority Bill making sure to get it on the agenda if advanced from committee.  I remember seeing him going around to all of the republican/conservative events panning for donations and support.

Ne GOP LogoGringo De Mexico BOEHNERDoes anyone think for a second that Mayor Stothert or these other Republicans would publicly support LB623 WITHOUT getting the blessing and approval from the Nebraska Republican Party?  It’s deceitful back door pandering for the illegal alien/Mexican voting bloc.

Their actions are despicable and reprehensible  – PLEDGE NOW TO REFUSE TO DONATE, VOLUNTEER, PROMOTE OR VOTE FOR ANY OF THEM AGAIN.  Call the Republican Party and let them know you will not be giving them one more dime of support.  AND SHOUT DOWN THESE ELECTED OFFICIALS WHEREVER YOU SEE THEM – hold their feet to the fire! BOYCOTT ALL Republican Party and Candidate events!

Jim SmithLes SeilerTommy Garrettal daviscurt friesenThe committee adopted an amendment that requires the licenses to be surrendered if the DACA program is struck down in court or discontinued by an executive order by a future president…..Murante asked to delay further action on the bill until Wednesday so he could work out details on a second amendment that would require the licenses to clearly indicate the holder had DACA status. Such markings would allow a law enforcement officer to quickly identify an invalid license if the program is discontinued….After his motion failed, Murante declined to pursue the amendment further. He said he could not recall a similar situation in which senators refused the request of a colleague for more time to craft an amendment….Sen. Jim Smith of Papillion, the committee chairman, said there has been ample time for members to propose and draft amendments. He set Friday’s executive session after determining there were the minimum number of five votes to advance the bill….Voting to advance were Smith and Sens. Al Davis of Hyannis, Curt Friesen of Henderson, Les Seiler of Hastings and Tommy Garrett of Bellevue. Sen. Beau McCoy joined Murante in casting “no” votes and Sen. Lydia Brasch of Bancroft abstained.

Updated List of 30 Senators supporting LB 623:  John McCollister   Laura Ebke  Les Seiler Jim Smith  Tommy Garrett  Kathy Campbell   Bob Krist   Ken Schilz  Jerry Johnson   Rick Kolowski  Roy Baker  Jeremy Nordquist  Adam Morfeld  John Stinner  Matt Williams   Matt Hansen  Mike Gloor    Ken Haar    Kate Sullivan   Tanya Cook  Ernie Chambers   Sue Crawford   Burke Harr  Al  Davis   Sara Howard    Heath Mello  Paul Schumacher  Patty Pansing-Brooks  Curt Friesen  Mark Kolterman

CALL/EMAIL your senators – contact information link – BOYCOTT – BOYCOTT!

MORE INFORMATION on this bill and sample letters at

An Excellent REASON NOT to use the word DREAMER by Lois K.: I object to the use of the word “dreamers” in this context”. It is clever wording meant to draw an emotional response from us. I have empathy for all young people who wish to improve their life situation, but are we a sovereign Country with borders and laws or not. DACA is not it a law passed by the United States Congress, it is simply an overreach of power by the Obama administration. First we are told DACA is for those brought to this Country as children, next we are told they need only to have arrived before ageStop discriminating DEPORT the WHOLE Family 16. No one believes either the State or Federal Government are doing background checks on these people. In March 2015, 8.5M Americans were looking for work and that does not include those who are part-time, under-employed or have stopped looking for work. The American “dream” is out of reach for many legal U.S. Citizens.

Dominoes I suggest you give a damnNYT2010031117422459C