BOYCOTT the RINO versions of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid of Nebraska – SENATORS and OMAHA MAYOR for DRIVERS LICENSES for Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens Flip U.S. offBus to Omaha w illegal aliensUpset?  You should be….given that some Republican candidates have enjoyed the donations, volunteer work, promoting and votes HAVE FORGOTTEN THEIR CAMPAIGN PROMISES of OPPOSING benefits and services for illegal aliens and are now PUSHING to give Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens.

UPDATE – BREAKING NEWS  May 20, 2015 UPDATE  LB623 Drivers License for Illegal Alien (DACA) FINAL VOTE PASSED. Now it goes to Governor Ricketts for signing or Veto.

9 No Votes:  Bloomfield; Brasch; Groene; Kintner; Lindstrom; McCoy; Murante; Riepe; Schnoor.

2 Present Not Voting:  Hilkemann; Watermeier.

4 Excused Not Voting:  Craighead; Larson; Scheer; Schilz.

34 YES VOTESBaker; Bolz; Campbell; Chambers; Coash; Cook; Crawford; Davis; Ebke; Fiesen; Garrett; Gloor; K. Haar; Hadley; Hansen; B. Harr; Howard; Hughes; Johnson; Kolowski; Kolterman; Krist; Kuehn; McCollister; Mello; Morfeld; Nordquist; Pansing-Brooks; Schumacher; Seiler; Smith; Stinner; Sullivan; Willaims.

Omaha Mayor Jean StothertNebraska Lots of Free Stuff billboardLet’s put aside the fact that Nebraskans have been opposing illegal immigration at least since 2006 and in spite of the majority of Nebraskans’ wishes they have passed In-State Tuition, Pre-natal Care and will soon be passing Driver’s Licenses.  Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert when asked, by me, at a Christmas dinner event in 2012 told me she “…believes everyone should have to follow the laws..”  ….

Mexicans with Pumping FistsNe VOIAC 2011 002Perhaps Mayor Stothert will throw us citizens and legal immigrants a bone by giving us the FREE RIDE/FREE “Get Out Of Jail” card she gave to ILLEGAL ALIENS by allowing the Omaha Police Department to REFUSE ICE HOLDS?    Mayor Stothert’s phone number:  402-444-5000.

SERGIO a dreamerLouise Pic Vigil flierIt’s all becoming very clear now why she couldn’t attend a Memorial Service for 93 year old Louise Sollowin who was raped and viciously beaten to death by a 19 year old illegal alien who was working for an Omaha roofing company.

Laura EbkeIllegal Aliens ArroganceAnd newly elected Senator Laura Ebke who told me, on the phone, when asked do you support benefits and services for illegal aliens said “NO”.  

John McCollisterHarry Reid Flipping Middle FingerAnd what about newly elected Sen John McCollister who was head of conservative think tank The Platte Institute…..who took over LB623 (introduced by left wing liberal Jeremy Nordquist) and made it his Priority Bill making sure to get it on the agenda if advanced from committee.  I remember seeing him going around to all of the republican/conservative events panning for donations and support.

Ne GOP LogoGringo De Mexico BOEHNERDoes anyone think for a second that Mayor Stothert or these other Republicans would publicly support LB623 WITHOUT getting the blessing and approval from the Nebraska Republican Party?  It’s deceitful back door pandering for the illegal alien/Mexican voting bloc.

Their actions are despicable and reprehensible  – PLEDGE NOW TO REFUSE TO DONATE, VOLUNTEER, PROMOTE OR VOTE FOR ANY OF THEM AGAIN.  Call the Republican Party and let them know you will not be giving them one more dime of support.  AND SHOUT DOWN THESE ELECTED OFFICIALS WHEREVER YOU SEE THEM – hold their feet to the fire! BOYCOTT ALL Republican Party and Candidate events!

Jim SmithLes SeilerTommy Garrettal daviscurt friesenThe committee adopted an amendment that requires the licenses to be surrendered if the DACA program is struck down in court or discontinued by an executive order by a future president…..Murante asked to delay further action on the bill until Wednesday so he could work out details on a second amendment that would require the licenses to clearly indicate the holder had DACA status. Such markings would allow a law enforcement officer to quickly identify an invalid license if the program is discontinued….After his motion failed, Murante declined to pursue the amendment further. He said he could not recall a similar situation in which senators refused the request of a colleague for more time to craft an amendment….Sen. Jim Smith of Papillion, the committee chairman, said there has been ample time for members to propose and draft amendments. He set Friday’s executive session after determining there were the minimum number of five votes to advance the bill….Voting to advance were Smith and Sens. Al Davis of Hyannis, Curt Friesen of Henderson, Les Seiler of Hastings and Tommy Garrett of Bellevue. Sen. Beau McCoy joined Murante in casting “no” votes and Sen. Lydia Brasch of Bancroft abstained.

Updated List of 30 Senators supporting LB 623:  John McCollister   Laura Ebke  Les Seiler Jim Smith  Tommy Garrett  Kathy Campbell   Bob Krist   Ken Schilz  Jerry Johnson   Rick Kolowski  Roy Baker  Jeremy Nordquist  Adam Morfeld  John Stinner  Matt Williams   Matt Hansen  Mike Gloor    Ken Haar    Kate Sullivan   Tanya Cook  Ernie Chambers   Sue Crawford   Burke Harr  Al  Davis   Sara Howard    Heath Mello  Paul Schumacher  Patty Pansing-Brooks  Curt Friesen  Mark Kolterman

CALL/EMAIL your senators – contact information link – BOYCOTT – BOYCOTT!

MORE INFORMATION on this bill and sample letters at

An Excellent REASON NOT to use the word DREAMER by Lois K.: I object to the use of the word “dreamers” in this context”. It is clever wording meant to draw an emotional response from us. I have empathy for all young people who wish to improve their life situation, but are we a sovereign Country with borders and laws or not. DACA is not it a law passed by the United States Congress, it is simply an overreach of power by the Obama administration. First we are told DACA is for those brought to this Country as children, next we are told they need only to have arrived before ageStop discriminating DEPORT the WHOLE Family 16. No one believes either the State or Federal Government are doing background checks on these people. In March 2015, 8.5M Americans were looking for work and that does not include those who are part-time, under-employed or have stopped looking for work. The American “dream” is out of reach for many legal U.S. Citizens.

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