Republican Amnesty Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert hits a SOUR NOTE with conservatives at a Tea Party Rally in Omaha, Nebraska…

Omaha Mayor Jean StothertBus to Omaha w illegal aliensNebraska local media soft ball questions and lack of coverage on the CONTROVERSIAL Republican Amnesty Omaha Mayor Stothert’s endorsement of LB 623 Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens protects her from political backlash and fall out in an effort to keep conservative Nebraskans in the dark. –  402-444-5000 email   Couldn’t find a pod cast from her interview with Chris Baker/KFAB although Chris Baker said he was sympathetic to illegal alien children; Scott Voorhees brought it up 4/14 but no podcast;  other local news sites have disabled comment sections.

Word is getting around though because I’ve had several website visitors from MEXICO…

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothertstothert Twitter picNancy-PelosiAmnesty Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert proved yesterday at a Tea Party Rally that she has one speech for conservatives and another for illegal aliens in South Omaha by refusing to talk about her endorsement of Drivers Licenses for Illegal aliens LB623. Things turned  SOUR for Stothert when a woman in the audience started booing and shouting at her and this is what happened when another Republican Michelle W. tried talking to Stothert:  

Good morning folks….This weekend I attended the Tea Party gathering at Walnut Grove Park….I want to say that I was very disappointed in this event….my husband and I sat at a picnic table behind those honored to speak by those that put this event on….another couple sat down at the end of the table and when Mayor Stohert was introduced and came to the mike to speak, the female sitting there would not applaud….once Mayor Stohert was finished with her speech, this same woman booed her at which time the Mayor looked back at US not the woman who had booed….anyway, the woman was upset because the Mayor was supporting the bill in the Unicameral to give “Dreamers” DL….well, so am I….so I decided to call the Mayor on her actions….well let me tell you this; I was treated with disdain and contempt...I was disrespected by Mayor Stohert because I went to her, like a lady, and called her on her open letter supporting DL for children that were brought her by their parents, who are illegal immigrants….SHE got very upset when I asked her why she would do such a thing.…SHE said because it is the right thing to do…that the Dreamers are going to school, working, serving our country by joining the military etc….I reminded her that she, others, and the Unicameral seem to have forgotten what the definition of ILLEGAL meant and WHY we should not be rewarding those that have broken our laws….SHE dismissed me like I was NOTHING..…I could have made a scene but I did not, but SHE sure did….SHE huddled WITH all the important people that were there and made it quite clear that she was not happy I approached her.…I am sorry I voted for her….When you are an ELECTED official YOU are supposed to handle yourself as such….YOU do not have the luxury to PICK and CHOOSE who you talk to…..YOU answer to the people of Omaha NOT the RNC or special groups that helped put you in office….Omahans still voted for you and I was one of them…but rest assured Mayor Stohert will not get my vote next time around….Disrespect me once and you lose all respect and support from me…. “

Ordinance 5165Omaha Mayor Jean StothertNe VOIAC 2011 005She believes in public safety so much that the Omaha Police Dept  REFUSES all ICE Hold requests …she would not attend or speak at the Memorial for 93 year old Louise Sollowin who was viciously raped and beaten to death by 19 year old illegal alien but was interviewed by local media on a South Omaha sidewalk after two drug buying/selling illegal aliens were shot in a park and said “..this kind of violence will not be tolerated….”  Her actions speaks volumes of betrayal against citizens and legal immigrants.

State Bill pic smallerJohn McCollisterHarry Reid Flipping Middle FingerIt seems that most Nebraska Republican elected officials/candidates have learned to lie, cheat and steal as well as their protected Illegal Aliens.  So you can either keep being used and abused OR you can tell them you will not donate, volunteer, promote or vote – let their illegal aliens do it for them since they are the ones benefitting from our taxes, donations and efforts.  Withdraw your membership to the Nebraska GOP 402-475-2122 and your County Republican Party.  Protest these Amnesty Republicans wherever you see them – shout them down, hold a sign, call/email their offices, get a couple of friends/family hold signs outside their offices.  Do something!

Obama, I am the law nowHillary What does it matter photo of Stephens beatenIf you betray your oath you should be firedOmaha Mayor Jean StothertP.S.  What will Amnesty Mayor Stothert’s BUDGET look like if Obama/Congress refuses to reimburse UNMC the cost of treating the Ebola patients – The NYC mayor requested a $20 million dollar reimbursement for treating just ONE Ebola patient.  Stothert didn’t talkabout this either – it seemed to have slipped her mind just like the drivers licenses for illegal aliens Dreamers.

45% sewer fee increase over 5 year period.

MAYOR JEAN STOTHERT’s Phone/Email:  402-444-5000  

More information on LB 623 – TAKE ACTION!

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