Donald Trump owes NO APOLOGY !

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Eyes Wide Open NEW WEBSITE PICIt is Sen. John McCain who owes the apology. Yes, what McCain did as a POW was honorable but that does NOT excuse or give him Carte Blanche to give the interests of illegal aliens priority over the National Security of our country, former Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compeon, other citizens and legal immigrants. Somewhere along the way McCain forgot whose country and people he is SUPPOSED TO DEFEND.

To the media talking heads of CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and others like the Republican Party it just irks you that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is gaining the majority support of THE PEOPLE – why? because it exposes your biased, buffoonery based pro-amnesty comments as lies, a heinous sham, con, scam committed against citizens and legal immigrants.

For years border patrol agents and other policing authorities have been prosecuted and imprisoned for doing their jobs;  ranch owners live in fear and have been sued for acts illegal aliens committed against their persons and property;  heavily armed Mexican Drug Cartels grow their drug crops in our national forests while signs are posted telling us to keep out;  repeatedly the Mexican Military and Drug Cartels have been allowed to cross our border shooting at border patrol agents and citizens with no action by our government; every day citizens and legal immigrants lose loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens; millions of citizens and legal immigrants lose their jobs to illegal aliens; small business owners close their doors because they can’t compete with illegal alien wages; everyday millions of our hard earned dollars and benefits/services are given to illegal aliens;  for years citizens and legal immigrants have been called racists, hate mongers, mob mentality and police escorted out of “immigration summits” for speaking out on the negative impact of illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration permeates every aspect of our lives financially, national security, environment, social services, identity/medical theft, loss of life, unemployment, voter fraud and more. We are tired of being treated like third class citizens, watching our country turn into a third world cesspool, seeing our country weakened in the eyes of the world – a mockery of everything moral and decent and we are done with politicians lying and betraying us.

The only difference between politicians is the length of their whiskers looking up at us from the sewer and THAT’s why WE THE PEOPLE are supporting Mr. Donald Trump.

Articles from July 23, 2015

SSSwhitedresspics 001My comment to this article:

#1. Illegal Aliens are NOT immigrants, instead of misleading the public by using the term immigrant to describe illegal aiens you should use the proper term ILLEGAL ALIEN. #2 Love the Racist slant by the author trying to indicate that only “White faces” are showing up at Trump’s events. #3. My experience in speaking with LEGAL immigrants and American born Mexicans and others, is that they are reluctant to speak out against illegal immigration out of an absolute and real fear of retribution not only in their local community but for their family members who may still be in their country of origin.

One of the many abuses not seldom talked about – is that families who are here legally are expected to assist in the housing and support to illegal aliens, or drug/sex trafficking and the consequences if they don’t help is horrific.

An entire family legally here in Omaha, Ne was brutally murdered by illegal aliens they employed. December 2010 Szczepanik Family Vanderlei, his wife, Jaqueline, and son, Christopher – Robbed, Murdered, Dismembered and thrown in river.

It’s pathetic to see media, politicians and others stick their head in the sand or worse purposely mislead the people. Truth in reporting? I don’t think so.

Watch Trump tell a reporter he should be ashamed of his question

SSShowpic 12 18 2012 001My comment to this article:
More than 23 billion dollars was sent to Mexico in 2013 from the U.S. by immigrants (legal and illegal) – an overall staggering 120 billion dollars was sent to other countries by migrants working in the U.S. That’s money not going back into our economy and that’s why the Mexican government encourages its people to come to the U.S. and why not when our government officials force us to house, employ, feed, clothe, educate and provide them healthcare. (

In November 2008, Mexico President Vincente Fox was celebrated and given a key to the city in Omaha, Nebraska by Mayor Mike Fahey. In the opening of Fox’s comments he heralded the illegal aliens who had made the dangerous trip to the U.S. and was met with resounding applause by the pro-illegal alien audience. Nebraskans Advisory Group was outside the Orpheum Theatre protesting the event. (

A documentary The Other Side of Immigration (illegal) by Roy Germano, available at your local library, tells the story of how corrupt the Mexican Government is and the abuses of illegal immigration. Why should they stay and change their own country when they can just walk across the border and be taken care of?

Articles from July 21, 2015:

Nebrtaska radio station KFAB POLL: Has Donald Trump Killed His Own Campaign With His John McCain Comments? 88% say NO it hasn’t !

RedJackwFlagVeryNiceMY COMMENT to this article: No surprise coming from PRO-Amnesty/Illegal Alien IOWA. I was police escorted out of a Marshalltown, IA “immigration Summit” in 2008 following the 2007 five state ICE raid on Swift Co. for speaking out against their pro-illegal alien agenda.…..

Des Moines Register calls for Trump to end his campaign

Donald Trump dominates stunning rise in polls

Disavowed by GOP Leaders TRUMP supporters cheer louder–election.html

Articles from July 20, 2015:

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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump owes NO APOLOGY !

  1. ernie werner September 18, 2015 at 9:46 p09 Reply

    Where was Jeb When HIS BROTHER was president WHEN 911 ATTACK HAPPENED?

    Maybe JEB was smoking weed!!!!

    Bill Clinton Warned W BUSH when transferring the power at White House about Bin laden Jan. 21.
    Valery Flame’s REPUBLICAN husband was ignored!!!
    Then W ‘s flunkies retaliated against him , fired him then probably committing TREASON when outing Valery being CIA !!! 7 1/2 MONTHS Later we Got SLAMED!!! Elect Jeb & he will probably give his ( worst president EVER ) brother W a medal!!!
    Jeb should be poster person why not to smoke weed : mind slips 7 months.
    Silverado Savings & Rip BY personal buddies Loan!!

    • thesusansmithshow October 6, 2015 at 9:46 p10 Reply

      I agree although CLINTON passed several opportunities to nab Bin Ladin – according to the 9/11 Commission Report Clinton’s administration was getting plenty of chatter about 9/11 but failed to act on it and then it was dumped into G.W.’s lap six months into his presidency. If anyone else but Trump or Carson is elected it will be business as usual – a continued downward spiral of our country and that’s if Obama doesn’t finish us off in the next year. Thanks for commenting Ernie, I appreciate the conversation.

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