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POPE’s Visit = what was it about? Smoke and Mirrors

SSSwhitedresspics 001A national media outlet reported that Obama released USAMA BIN LADEN’s body guard from Guantanamo in hopes it would go unnoticed while media frenzy surrounded the Pope’s visit? Was Obama successful?

My opinion of the Pope’s visit:

NoIllegalsNoAmnestyLeave it to the illegal aliens to force a  child out of the security line to approach the Pope with a note that said she’s scared her parents would be deported…..does it make your heart drip with compassion for law breakers?

Now for the Pope’s speech to Congress:

pro life baby kill her now it's murder a week ago its abortionONE SENTENCE about ABORTION, without using the word ….it seems to me that the massive number of innocent babies/human lives murdered in the womb and the body parts being sold would require more than one sentence.  How very sad the Pope chose to be politically sensitive on this subject yet stressed how important it is TO NOT USE THE DEATH PENALTY for doing so would remove all hope of rehabilitation.

ISIS killing children 3ISIS killing children 4983756_463807357041122_151897559_nYet not ONE WORD about Jihadists – Islamist Radicals beheading, shooting, and crucifying CHRISTIANS many of them children, the most vulnerable.

Illegal Aliens Arrogance20100714_AlShabaabSERGIO a dreamerThe Pope reminded us of the U.S.’s past flaws and to welcome all foreigners and should begin by having no borders.  In essence, telling Americans to keep working hard so you can give everything to the illegal aliens crashing our borders.Not one word to illegal aliens or “Refugees” about following the laws of the land or respecting our country’s sovereignty.

DVD Deliver Us From Evil Innocence and Faith Betrayed photoDVD Our FathersBut then why would I expect the Prophet of the Catholic Church whose leaders protected and helped perpetuate the molestation and rape of hundreds of children by transferring them to other parishes rather than turning them over to the police.

Jeff Sessions unswayed by Pope Francis on Immigration, Economy, Climate

When Satan reminds you of your past remind him of your futurepicture of jesus do you need meI'm a Jew to Auschwitz Hamas will to Christians


Jihadist Traning Camps in the United States – Trump is the only one to say he will look into it. Media pouncing on smoke and mirrors.

Donald Trump Official PicHow refreshing that DONALD TRUMP took questions from citizens unfiltered and uncensored. How nice it is to have everyone’s opinion and voice count.

President Obama bowing to ArabsOnce again main stream media is missing the gist of the story out of a question during DONALD TRUMP’s town hall meeting.  The ISSUE OF JIHADIST TRAINING CAMPS IN THE U.S.  And….why has President Obama gone to great lengths, much to the peril of Americans, to aid and abet Jihadist countries with financial aid, equipment and lack of proper U.S. military efforts?

IBO Crotch SaluteI’ve not read the Koran but a friend of mine has and said it is in there to kill the non believers – that is their purpose. The Islamists Terrorists not only kill non- believers but are killing moderate Muslim leaders right here in the U.S. to take over their congregation. They’ve had Jihadist training camps running in this country for the last 20 years and have done so with the protection of the police and our government.

20100714_AlShabaabIn Colorado (1991) local law enforcement called in the FBI to take down one such camp but the FBI refused to do anything because that’s what Washington directed. This information is in a documentary called Jihadist Training Camps in the United States – the video of these places and the fear the locals and police have is hair raising. Why has our government allowed these camps to operate when in WACO Texas (1993) they had no problem sending in fire tanks against American citizens David Koresh religious group. Who was the President in l991 – George H.W. Bush. Who was the President during the 1993 Waco Texas Massacre – Bill Clinton. Who was President during the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing? Bill Clinton.

Sean Hannity – 35 Jihadist Training Camps in the U.S. – video report

Western Journalism – 22 Jihadist Training Csmps in the U.S.

Conservative Tribune – Map showing Jihadist Training Camps in the U.S.

Truth and Action – 35 Jihadist Training Camps in the U.S. – three video reports

AABC NEWS – Alleged Terror Training Camps in ALABAMA

BO My Work Is Done

LOOSE CHANGE 9/11 – An American Coup

DVDE Loose Change 9 11Narrated by Daniel Sunjata of Rescue Me.  Written, edited and directed by Dylan Avery.  Produced by Korey Rowe and Mathew Brown.

Too many unanswered, legitimate questions surrounding September 11, 2001.  Watch this documentary and you will see what I mean.  Susan

Excerpt 1:

A Report of The Project for the New American Century – September 2000……….A neo conservative think tank led by Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and JEB BUSH….Rebuilding America’s Defenses:

  • massive overhaul of U.S. military encouraging multiple theater wars
  • fight and win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars
  • the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new pearl harbor.

17 of the projects participants would later take positions in the new white house administration.

Excerpt 2:

9/11 Terrorists….”all of them should have been denied entry (into the United States).  They didn’t have to beat the system.  The system was rigged in their favor from the get-go.” – Joel Mowbray, The National Review regarding the 9/11 hijackers’ Visas.

  • several of the terrorists had booked other flights later in the day and several days following 9/11
  • terrorists’ credit card statements indicate booze, prostitutes and strip clubs prior to 9/11
  • the Pentagon:  the expertise that would have been extremely difficult for the most seasoned pilot was navigated by a terrorist who had trouble flying a twin engine plane
  • an FBI informant infiltrated this terrorist network and was providing information prior to 9/11
  • questions surrounding building #7’s collapse, the twin towers collapse, the lack of jet fuel contamination at the sight of Flight 93, the lack of an explanation of the cause in a 10k page report….and so many more questions.

Friends, I have watched many videos about 9/11, this is the most comprehensive and thought provoking. I hope I have given enough tidbits to pique your interest to watch this documentary and  welcome a discussion on it.   Susan

DVDE Loose Change 9 11LOOSE CHANGE 9/11 – An American Coup.  Dramatically narrated by Daniel Sunjata of FX’s Resue Me, and an outspoken advocate for the First Responders, LOOSE CHANGE 9/11: An American Coup first examines mysterious and infamous events that reshaped world history – from the Reichstag Fire in 1933 that catapulted Hitler to dictatorship – to the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 that led to the Vietnam War, and then takes viewers on a turbulent journey through several pivotal moments in history before delving into the most significant catastrophe in recent memory, 9/11.

Loaded with powerful, new footage and in-depth interviews with the likes of Steven Earl Jones, an American physicist who has discovered undetonated explosive material in multiple samples of dust from the World Trade Center collapses, this documentary presents a wide array of evidence both known and unknown..until now.  Eight years later, the American people continue to live in the aftermath of 9/11 and deal with its ongoing repercussions. Is this just another machination of power on the timeline of history?  If so, the real question is what happens next?  Or better yet, what can we do to prevent another 9/11?

The film serves as a fundamental call to action which is fueled by hope that those affected by 9/11 will soon receive the answers that they have sought after for nearly a decade.

Liberty Eyes Covered with hands911 Flag against Twin Towerseagleflagcross9 11 We Remember Military

9/11/2001 We Will Never Forget

May God Bless those who lost their lives on 9/11/2001 and their families and may God change the heart of those who hate God and America and for our President to do what is right for our country.

9 11 We Remember Military

A day that will live in our minds and heart forever.  A month previous to 9/11 I had gone through one of my “throw out all the T.V.s” phases and was listening to the radio as I got ready for work.  Driving to work at a stop light all was quiet except for the other car radios reporting from New York.

911 Flag against Twin TowersThe T.V. was on at the office with everyone watching one of the towers burning I thought I was watching a replay of the plane going into the building but it was actually the second airplane.  Shocking and stunning.  The following are snippets embedded in my mind from that terrorist attack:

A video showing two individuals dressed in white holding hands jumping to their death…

The story by a Red Cross member talking about a woman returning to her apartment near the towers and finding a person, strapped into their airplane seat charred beyond recognition….

eagleflagcrossReading the 9/11 Commission Report and thinking my head would explode from the information it contained.  Finding out that one of the first emergency responders to die was killed by one of the trade tower persons who had decided to jump to their death rather than being burned alive….That emergency personnel were stationed to act as spotters so those coming out of the building had to run for their lives in order not to be hit by a “jumper”…….that President Clinton had passed on an opportunity to capture Usama Bin Laden and what appears to me to be a leak high in G.W. Bush’s administration that thwarted early efforts to capture Bin Laden…..the heroism by the citizens on Flight 93…….

Marine asked where do you stand Isis on their necksWatching a documentary, that was being filmed as it happened , the crew in the lobby of one of the trade towers and hearing a thump, thump, thump every few seconds – the noise being made by “jumpers” landing on the roof of the lobby…..

And finally, the additional horror at the common sense questions raised by the 9/11 Loose Change documentary.

A day that will live in our hearts and minds forever.

picture of jesus do you need me13 Hours BenghaziISIS killing children 3Terrorist FLAGThe HarbingerDVDE Loose Change 9 11Islamist Terrorists sneak in Southern Border952939073ISIS killing children 4ISIS killing children 5

A Letter From Heavenpicture of jesus do you need me

STOP DONALD TRUMP PINATA event by Hispanics at University of Nebraska Lincoln

Susan coverUPDATED 9/8/2015  A Rep from Perez’s office called me this morning to say that after they spoke with the group indicating it was in poor taste decided to NOT have a Donald pinata and that this was a few days ago. Here is the article: Sept 4, 2015 – UNL Engineering Organization cancels Trump Pinata for fundraiser.  

A group of Hispanic students is making The Donald the centerpiece of a fundraiser on the afternoon of Sept. 16 on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus…. take a cathartic swing at a candy-filled Trump piñata… in honor of Hispanic heritage.

Illegal Aliens Flip U.S. offSurely we can expect President Obama to send in the DOJ to investigate this blatant display of racism and violence promoting event as they did with the “Obama Outhouse” float in Fremont….(I won’t be holding my breath).  How would it be received if a group of conservative white students held an event with a Pinata in the likeness of Francisco Mora? Imagine the outrage and headlines? Or maybe just a good old fashioned protest would do.

Donald Trump Official Pic
Mexicans with Pumping Fists

NYT2010031117422459CThis is what a secure Border Looks Like