STOP DONALD TRUMP PINATA event by Hispanics at University of Nebraska Lincoln

Susan coverUPDATED 9/8/2015  A Rep from Perez’s office called me this morning to say that after they spoke with the group indicating it was in poor taste decided to NOT have a Donald pinata and that this was a few days ago. Here is the article: Sept 4, 2015 – UNL Engineering Organization cancels Trump Pinata for fundraiser.  

A group of Hispanic students is making The Donald the centerpiece of a fundraiser on the afternoon of Sept. 16 on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus…. take a cathartic swing at a candy-filled Trump piñata… in honor of Hispanic heritage.

Illegal Aliens Flip U.S. offSurely we can expect President Obama to send in the DOJ to investigate this blatant display of racism and violence promoting event as they did with the “Obama Outhouse” float in Fremont….(I won’t be holding my breath).  How would it be received if a group of conservative white students held an event with a Pinata in the likeness of Francisco Mora? Imagine the outrage and headlines? Or maybe just a good old fashioned protest would do.

Donald Trump Official Pic
Mexicans with Pumping Fists

NYT2010031117422459CThis is what a secure Border Looks Like


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