9/11/2001 We Will Never Forget

May God Bless those who lost their lives on 9/11/2001 and their families and may God change the heart of those who hate God and America and for our President to do what is right for our country.

9 11 We Remember Military

A day that will live in our minds and heart forever.  A month previous to 9/11 I had gone through one of my “throw out all the T.V.s” phases and was listening to the radio as I got ready for work.  Driving to work at a stop light all was quiet except for the other car radios reporting from New York.

911 Flag against Twin TowersThe T.V. was on at the office with everyone watching one of the towers burning I thought I was watching a replay of the plane going into the building but it was actually the second airplane.  Shocking and stunning.  The following are snippets embedded in my mind from that terrorist attack:

A video showing two individuals dressed in white holding hands jumping to their death…

The story by a Red Cross member talking about a woman returning to her apartment near the towers and finding a person, strapped into their airplane seat charred beyond recognition….

eagleflagcrossReading the 9/11 Commission Report and thinking my head would explode from the information it contained.  Finding out that one of the first emergency responders to die was killed by one of the trade tower persons who had decided to jump to their death rather than being burned alive….That emergency personnel were stationed to act as spotters so those coming out of the building had to run for their lives in order not to be hit by a “jumper”…….that President Clinton had passed on an opportunity to capture Usama Bin Laden and what appears to me to be a leak high in G.W. Bush’s administration that thwarted early efforts to capture Bin Laden…..the heroism by the citizens on Flight 93…….

Marine asked where do you stand Isis on their necksWatching a documentary, that was being filmed as it happened , the crew in the lobby of one of the trade towers and hearing a thump, thump, thump every few seconds – the noise being made by “jumpers” landing on the roof of the lobby…..

And finally, the additional horror at the common sense questions raised by the 9/11 Loose Change documentary.

A day that will live in our hearts and minds forever.

picture of jesus do you need me13 Hours BenghaziISIS killing children 3Terrorist FLAGThe HarbingerDVDE Loose Change 9 11Islamist Terrorists sneak in Southern Border952939073ISIS killing children 4ISIS killing children 5

A Letter From Heavenpicture of jesus do you need me


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