Jihadist Traning Camps in the United States – Trump is the only one to say he will look into it. Media pouncing on smoke and mirrors.

Donald Trump Official PicHow refreshing that DONALD TRUMP took questions from citizens unfiltered and uncensored. How nice it is to have everyone’s opinion and voice count.

President Obama bowing to ArabsOnce again main stream media is missing the gist of the story out of a question during DONALD TRUMP’s town hall meeting.  The ISSUE OF JIHADIST TRAINING CAMPS IN THE U.S.  And….why has President Obama gone to great lengths, much to the peril of Americans, to aid and abet Jihadist countries with financial aid, equipment and lack of proper U.S. military efforts?

IBO Crotch SaluteI’ve not read the Koran but a friend of mine has and said it is in there to kill the non believers – that is their purpose. The Islamists Terrorists not only kill non- believers but are killing moderate Muslim leaders right here in the U.S. to take over their congregation. They’ve had Jihadist training camps running in this country for the last 20 years and have done so with the protection of the police and our government.

20100714_AlShabaabIn Colorado (1991) local law enforcement called in the FBI to take down one such camp but the FBI refused to do anything because that’s what Washington directed. This information is in a documentary called Jihadist Training Camps in the United States – the video of these places and the fear the locals and police have is hair raising. Why has our government allowed these camps to operate when in WACO Texas (1993) they had no problem sending in fire tanks against American citizens David Koresh religious group. Who was the President in l991 – George H.W. Bush. Who was the President during the 1993 Waco Texas Massacre – Bill Clinton. Who was President during the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing? Bill Clinton.

Sean Hannity – 35 Jihadist Training Camps in the U.S. – video report

Western Journalism – 22 Jihadist Training Csmps in the U.S.

Conservative Tribune – Map showing Jihadist Training Camps in the U.S.

Truth and Action – 35 Jihadist Training Camps in the U.S. – three video reports

AABC NEWS – Alleged Terror Training Camps in ALABAMA

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