Don Bacon Exposed – Pro Amnesty

RedJackwFlagVeryNiceUPDATED 5/8/2016 Nebraskans, it really bothers me to oppose anyone who has served our country but I wonder how an experienced Brigadier General whose spent time on our border thinks the solution to the 20+ million illegal aliens in this country is to give them Amnesty via “pathway to legal status” …how can he support it when illegal aliens are being treated better than our military veterans, citizens and legal immigrants?

As recent as 5/6/2016 on KMTV3 he said that illegal immigration is a national security issue and bad for our workers…”  Yet you will see from the evidence shown below that he supports “a pathway for legal status” for illegal aliens.  Know before you vote!!

Based on the following information does it look like Don Bacon may be attempting to mislead voters, donors and endorsers about his opposition to Amnesty for illegal aliens? Looking at his issues page one would think he is against it except that a recent Omaha World Herald article quotes him saying this:  

12362806_545589485606882_8953472959890985879_oOWH article excerpt “…He also calls for stronger security on the nation’s southern border but does not believe that all 11 million illegal immigrants in this country can be deported. Bacon said those people need to be held “accountable” and should never be given all rights of citizenship, but he would support a pathway that would give them legal status to stay.”

Website issues page says  “Don is opposed to giving amnesty to illegal immigrants and President Obama’s unconstitutional power grab “We need to have employer enforcement when it comes to hiring illegals. This is the root cause of our illegal immigration problem. We also need to secure our borders. It is a security disaster to have over 300,000 illegal immigrants crossing our border every year. Finally, we owe it to the 4.5 million people who are waiting to come to the United States legally to not give amnesty for citizenship to those who came here illegally.

SSShowpic 12 18 2012 001Notice how he doesn’t mention supporting a pathway to legal status and slips the word “citizenship” in, which allows him to use the excuse that “pathway to legal status” is not amnesty – and he refuses to address it when asked on the Scott Voorhees show (link shown below) but we know it is.  Just like Marco Rubio who said that if illegal aliens pay a fine it’s not amnesty – but we know it is.  Just like Mayor Jean Stothert and Nebraska State Senator Laura Ebke and others say giving illegal aliens benefits/services is not amnesty – but we know it is.  We know that any time illegal aliens are rewarded with jobs, benefits/services, driver’s licenses, professional/commercial licenses, pre-natal care, in-state tuition, pathways to citizenship or pathways to legalization. It’s a form of AMNESTY.  

Since Mr. Bacon has a military background, perhaps the question to ask him is “If 20 million Americans showed up in another country, illegally, would it be called a migration or invasion?”  There is a big difference between Citizenship and Legalization BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT – the point is, to offer either of those options or ANY benefit or service to illegal aliens is a form of Amnesty….. it’s rewarding illegal aliens and has been proven to encourage MORE illegal immigration.

Chip MaxwellMr. Chip Maxwell who is running for the same seat posted this on his Face Book page:  “My Republican opponent told the Omaha World Herald on April 26th that he does not believe that 11 million illegal immigrants in this country can be deported. He also would support a pathway that would give them legal status to stay.

He says he is against special rights for illegals and wants to hold them accountable, but allowing people to stay here who have broken the law IS giving them special rights. This is doublespeak for amnesty. If given legal status how long before they are allowed to vote?

This is a disservice for the people who have followed the rule of law and have come here legally. “

Excellent video! Chip Maxwell gives some solid reasons why Amnesty, in any shape for form, is bad for our country, citizens and legal immigrants.

GOP logo picThe following item suggests that Don Bacon has plenty of Washington D.C. and Nebraska GOP help – what’s interesting is that Chip Maxwell said the Young Guns told him they were not going to get involved in the Ne Primary:

Letter from Vice Chair Stivers to send Don Bacon funds:“I’m sorry to bother you during the district work week, but I need a favor. Can you send Don Bacon (NE-02) money from your leadership PAC or re-election committee by tomorrow for Don’s 1st quarter FEC report?

Kevin McCarthy tells me that your checks will count as Young Gun money, if that is
important to you.

I will try to follow up by phone tomorrow, and my Chief of Staff will reach out to yours.
You may know that NE-02 is our #1 pickup opportunity in the country. Unfortunately, our best candidate, BG Don Bacon needs some fundraising help ASAP. I’m trying to raise him $50,000 to $100,000 in member money and I’d like as much of it as possible to happen in the first quarter (tomorrow).

Even if you cannot send Don Bacon (NE-02) money from your leadership PAC or re-election committee in March, he has a pre-Primary report in mid-April and so a check in April would be great too.

Several Members are doing a fundraiser for Don on Tuesday, April 19th from 5 -6:30 PM at the Capitol Hill Club and with your contribution we would like to add you as a host of the event.

Please make checks payable to:
Don Bacon for Congress
217 Third St, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Sorry to send this in an email, but I’m hoping on a plane, but I will try to call to follow up. There were 111 of you for whom I had political email addresses. We need each of you to do something, if you can.”

13087078_865635893566067_2610846454128705552_oBill KintnerDeb FischerDoug KaganCong Steve KingGovernor Ricketts,  Sen. Kintner, U.S. Sen. Fischer and Doug Kagan of NTF have been 100% opposed to any legislation giving benefits/services to illegal aliens so I was startled to see that they were among Don Bacon’s many GOP endorsements.  I could only assume they were not aware of this new development and sent a letter asking them to withdraw their endorsement.  You may wish to do the same.  Gov. Ricketts 402-471-2244   Senator Kintner (402) 471-2613    U.S. Senator Deb Fischer 402-742-0084 and Doug Kagan at Nebraska Taxpayer’s for Freedom 402-551-0921  Iowa Rep Steve King campaign office # Phone: 515.573.2738 .

Doug KaganUpdated 5/7/2016 Doug Kagan refused to withdraw Nebraska Taxpayer’s for Freedom from Bacon’s endorsement list so I asked him to cancel my membership and his response was “PISS OFF! and hung up the phone. It just doesn’t make sense for NTF to fight against high taxes and amnesty bills to then turn around and support candidates/elected officials whose pro-amnesty position will surely increase costs to taxpayers.   He also supported Democrat Jim Suttle for Mayor instead of Hal Daub who was against Amnesty and he continues to support pro amnesty Republican Mayor Jean Stothert and local talk show host Chris Baker who interviews Sarah Root’s father and then starts the next segment  with “…they’re not going anywhere…we need to educate them on how to fit in with us..” Chris also supported the Drivers License bill last session and supported the Business and Commercial licenses for illegal aliens this legislative session.
On 4/27/2016 I contacted Doug Kagan of Nebraska Taxpayer’s for Freedom to let him about Don Bacon’s Amnesty position and again on 4/29 I spoke with Doug who said that the Bacon campaign (Mark Dreiling) said the OWH staff writer misquoted him.  I left a message and sent an email on Fri 4/29 (left a 2nd message on 5/2) to Ms. Robynn Tysver for confirmation – you may wish to contact her as well 402-444-1000.  I will report on this as soon as I hear back from her.  To date, Mr. Bacon has not responded to my inquiries and neither has Ms, Tysver.

552931_3778621137813310918609_nScott Voorhees KFAB 1110 AM radio had Don Bacon and Chip Maxwell on his show today – Chip Maxwell held DBs feet to the fire over “legal status for illegal aliens” comment in OWH.  Bacon avoids the question three times.

12208651_10102172730377873_8275202510716175424_nKETV Dave RobertsUPDATED 5/4/2016  Don Bacon’s campaign staffer comments by Mark Dreilling are shameful and unapologetic and avoids Bacon’s support for “pathway to legal status” for illegal aliens in interview with Dave Roberts KETV7:  Facebook post at center of controversy between Don Bacon, Chip Maxwell campaigns

13006525_794395447328808_5228601743371618816_nChristopher ZhenDon Bacon and Donald Eftmier11041035_464739890342239_9088687244133772106_n
UPDATED 5/3/2016  Don Bacon supporters ridiculing Nebraskans killed by illegal aliens and those who OPPOSE Amnesty.  The “sombrero” picture was taken in a campaign office and posted on the DCRP Face Book Page with the following caption and tagged my name to it – to make sure I saw it (Christopher Zhen is a Youth Policy Advisor and Finance Intern at Don Bacon for Congress) :
Christopher Zhen shared Donald Erftmier’s photo.” Yet another presidential candidate goes soft on illegal immigration and wants to give amnesty to illegal aliens. Susan Smith ”  ‎Donald Erftmier‎ to Greg Tracey for President May 1 at 3:54pm Greg Tracey is pro-Amnesty!!!”  The posting was taken down when KETV showed interest in the story.

SSSwhitedresspics 001I’m thinking we can expect DON BACON to support this $$ surplus for illegal aliens too. “…Some Republicans are labeling the payments “amnesty bonuses,” one more reason they oppose Obama’s program shielding millions of immigrants from deportation…will now be able to claim up to four years’ worth of tax credits designed to benefit the working poor. For big families, that’s a maximum of nearly $24,000, as long as they can document their earnings during those years….”

Gavel and the word COURTSPerhaps Mr. Bacon should read this article:  “…Keller said. “But what they can’t do is grant authorization to be in the country” and therefore garner positive benefits. The House’s counsel added, “you’re not considered lawfully present just because the Executive is not actively pursuing removal proceedings against you.” ….Verrilli held that no one’s legal status was being changed – indeed, that “lawfully present does not mean you’re legally present.”

GOP logo picHere is a comment made on the DCRP Face Book page by Dan Frei:  if you look at all of the endorsements Don has you will see that most of them are the same ones that Lee Terry had when he last ran for office. Unfortunately for the party there were about 20,000 Republicans that voted for Sasse and Ricketts that didn’t give two shakes about these endorsements and refused to vote for more of the same status quo establishmnet politics. I trust that this election cycle will be the same. The voters will reject Washington’s candidate and vote for Chip to shake things up in DC.

13119848_1185536254790032_2441019612444054229_oAnother thing that Don Bacon’s supporters are spinning against Chip Maxwell is the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) ads promoting Chip Maxwell as the true conservative and Don Bacon as the D.C. insider.  Chip Maxwell went on KFAB 1110 AM radio and said he’s never spoken to the DCCC.

12362806_545589485606882_8953472959890985879_o13055858_600073486825148_2096822683588717376_oDON BACON POSTED THIS ON HIS FB PAGE: We are on Day #7 of Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC spending over $430,000 to prop up my Republican primary opponent with manipulative TV ads. On one hand I’m honored the left sees me as a clear threat and that they know I am in a strong position to win in November. Otherwise they’d never spend this kind of money in a Republican primary. On the other hand I find it very unfortunate my primary opponent won’t denounce the ads and the Democrat manipulation of our primary and demand they pull them. I’d be embarrassed to get Nancy Pelosi’s support.  A conservative leader would stand up on this and be counted.

The following are links to both candidates interviews and or debates:

KETV Chronicle: Chip Maxwell

KETV Chronicle: Don Bacon

Press Club & League of Women Voters Debate:

RedJackwFlagVeryNiceMy final thoughts for consideration…. “Pathway to legal status or citizenship” allows illegal aliens to stay in this country and makes them eligible for benefits and services.  It’s Amnesty and it’s not acceptable or fair to citizens, legal immigrants and immigrants waiting to come here legally and it encourages more illegal immigration.   Illegal Immigration is big money – who benefits from it…..employers, candidates/elected officials business donors, lawyers, churches, community organizations and who suffers from it….citizens and legal immigrants.

 killthebillI’ve read and opposed every Amnesty bill Congress has put out since 2006 because it gives illegal aliens a free pass ie.  their past IRS taxes owed would be forgiven – we would pay for their lawyers –  those found guilty of using stolen identity would not be penalized or prosecuted –  they would be assessed a “fine” and have 10 years to pay it off – ICE is allowed (with the John Morton Discretionary Memo) to let illegal aliens testify as to who they are, how long they’ve been here and allow their family members to testify on their behalf –  the term”children” means up to age 33.  This is just a small sampling of the goodies in Amnesty bills and they refuse to build the wall or add border security until their amnesty is passed.  Our nation’s security being held hostage.  

 July 13 2010 Fremont CC Mtg 010Nebraskans Advisory Group and many others have been opposing illegal immigration and Amnesty since 2006 at the local, state and federal levels.  I’ve participated on immigration debates and summits in IA, NE and Illinois , I’ve testified at legislative public hearings, city council meetings, county meetings, opposed and protested on the streets as well as many pro-amnesty groups gatherings and have read our federal immigration laws.  We’ve been called every dirty name in the book and encountered hostile pro-amnesty groups and have seen citizens and legal immigrants humiliated and demeaned while illegal aliens were treated like royalty.

Mexicans with Pumping FistsI’ve been a guest on many conservative radio talk shows across the country as well as interviewed and quoted by national and local newspapers, TV and radio stations like the Lou Dobbs show, NPR, IPS, AP, Reuters, Michelle Malkin, Univision, et al.   Participated in the UNO Schumaker Seminar on LB1110 Documentary, and worked with FAIR, NumbersUSA, Heritage Foundation and others to stop illegal immigration.  I had a show on pubic access called The Susan Smith Show and ran for Nebraska Legislature for District 11 in 2012.

 Rally NTFNAG 001I’ve stood up and spoken out against many pro-amnesty Lobbies like the ACLU, the Medical Community, University and College Lobby, Latino Peace Officers Assn, Catholic and other Churches, LaRaza, Heartland Latino Conference, Unions, UNO’s Latino OLLAS, Former Mexico President Vicente Fox,  Sen. Chuck Hagel, Sen. John McCain, Omaha Mayors Mike Fahey, Jim Suttle and Jean Stothert, Brad Ashford, John McCollister and many others you will find on the Nebraska’s Hall of Shame page, Unicam 2015 and Mayor Stothert Strikes Again LB947 page.

Ne VOIAC 2011 002I’ve attended some funerals of citizens and legal immigrants who have been murdered/killed by illegal aliens – all 100% unnecessary and preventable deaths if only our federal immigration laws were enforced.  I’ve seen how these victims family members have been ill treated by our state’s Judiciary Committee.  I’ve spoken to people in the streets that have been negatively affected by illegal immigration in relation to their children in school, their businesses unable to compete or discriminated against when it comes to benefits and services etc. 

SSSwhitedresspics 001I use the term “illegal alien” because that is the term used in our federal immigration laws. It’s important to use this term so people know you are NOT talking about immigrants who are here LEGALLY – which is what most media and pro-amnesty organizations do to confuse people when taking their polls, surveys or issuing reports.  It also lessens the chance of having the entire illegal immigration problem blamed on any one country.  I think it was in 2008 the GAO reported that 93% of illegal aliens here were from Mexico but that still left 6% from all other countries – it means illegal aliens come in all different colors including white.  It’s interesting to see Mexican organizations label citizens and legal immigrants as Racists for opposing illegal immigration when, in fact, it’s the Mexican organizations who encourage marching in our streets demanding benefits/services and legalization  and  are the first ones to go on T.V. defending them in the media.

I welcome immigrants who respect our laws and come here legally.  I don’t hate illegal aliens but I hate what illegal immigration is doing to our country and people and  I will never apologize for defending it.

When did freeloaders more impor taxpayersThe popular excuse used by pro-amnesty supporters is that it’s impossible to deport “11 million” illegal aliens or our economy will tank – so let’s look at this feeble objections:

 #1  The number 11 million is outdated, it was used back in the 1970’s in a university report.  We saw in 2014 and 2015 over 120 thousand illegal aliens crashed our border in just one week and then take into consideration reports by Border Patrol Agents.  It’s safe to assume that the actual number of illegal aliens in our country today is about or more than 20 million.

 #2 When Oklahoma passed HB1804 illegal aliens moved out (they likely moved to Sanctuary cities/states instead of going back to their country of origin).  Within months Oklahoma’s economy was thriving because the employers raised their hourly wages and provided benefits for the citizens and legal immigrants who took those jobs.

#3 Citizens and legal immigrants generally pay income taxes and spend their paychecks back into their communities unlike illegal aliens who pay no income taxes and send the majority of their paychecks back to their country of origin.  I believe remittances from illegal aliens in the U.S. is Mexico’s second largest revenue stream.

 #4.  A similar case happened in 2008 after ICE raided several Swift Company plants in four states.  Citizens and legal immigrants were lined up around their buildings to apply for those jobs.  Within 2 months Swift issued a press release stating they were up and at full capacity and that they increased their training programs, raised wages and offered benefits.

#5.  If our federal immigration laws were enforced employers would be severely fined and jailed for hiring illegal aliens, states would not be able to give benefits/services – although many illegal aliens get these benefits/services via their “children.”.  

NYT2010031117422459CMexicans with Pumping FistsSo the fact is if you shut off their jobs, benefits and services they have no choice but to self deport and they will either take their children with them or leave them with people who are here legally.  But the problem now is you have STATE LEGISLATURES usurping federal immigration laws by passing bills or policies giving illegal aliens in state tuition rates, pre natal care, welfare, housing subsidies, drivers licenses, commercial & business licenses, etc and you have Mayors or Chiefs of Police or Sheriffs who refuse to work with ICE – as is the case in Douglas, Sarpy, Hall and Lancaster Counties. In other words aiding, abetting, inducing, encouraging, transporting, harboring of illegal aliens.

Illegal Aliens ArroganceTake a look at 8 U.S.C. 1324 for more information.  Isn’t it interesting that local and state lawmakers tell us they can’t enforce immigration laws (they won’t even let an expanded EVERIFY bill out of Judiciary Committee) yet have no problem passing bills to provide aid and comfort to illegal aliens.

To find out more about the negative impact of illegal immigration please visit Michael Cutler (former ICE Agent) at

Illegal Aliens Flip U.S. off“….Today, anyone who would dare suggest that our borders should be secured against the entry of aliens who have inherent right to enter the United States and pose a threat to our safety and/or well being are quickly branded “Anti-Immigrant” and accused of being xenophobes or worse.  This is a blatant attempt at intimidation that must be rejected!  The demand for secure borders and effective enforcement of our immigration laws is a “Pro-Enforcement” position….”

NoIllegalsNoAmnestyNo AmnestyNotNowNotEver





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