13178939_1091445437568466_8713256973756464088_nExcellent video! Chip Maxwell gives some solid reasons why Amnesty, in any shape for form, is bad for our country, citizens and legal immigrants.

13041145_1083976954981981_8617992965162501092_oI agree with Chip Maxwell who posted this on his Face Book page: “My Republican opponent told the Omaha World Herald on April 26th that he does not believe that 11 million illegal immigrants in this country can be deported. He also would support a pathway that would give them legal status to stay.

He says he is against special rights for illegals and wants to hold them accountable, but allowing people to stay here who have broken the law IS giving them special rights. This is doublespeak for amnesty. If given legal status how long before they are allowed to vote?

This is a disservice for the people who have followed the rule of law and have come here legally. “

8756_1062316287148048_3838716584323944702_nChip Maxwell and Don Bacon on the Scott Voorhees show  – Chip Maxwell held DBs feet to the fire over “legal status for illegal aliens” comment in OWH.  See how Bacon avoids the question three times.

12983461_1077672092279134_3528613207703351873_oKETV Chronicles: Chip Maxwell

 12771997_1047733855272958_242833726387439537_oDan Frei: ..” if you look at all of the endorsements Don has you will see that most of them are the same ones that Lee Terry had when he last ran for office. Unfortunately for the party there were about 20,000 Republicans that voted for Sasse and Ricketts that didn’t give two shakes about these endorsements and refused to vote for more of the same status quo establishment politics. I trust that this election cycle will be the same. The voters will reject Washington’s candidate and vote for Chip to shake things up in DC…”

Chip MaxwellPress Club & League of Women Voters Chip Maxwell vs Don Bacon Debate:



Chip Maxwell sign against baby feet


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