Nebraska Taxpayer’s for Freedom Endorsed a Pro-Amnesty Candidate

SSShowpic 12 18 2012 001Nebraskans, It’s unfortunate that otherwise good people and organizations put me in the position to expose their support of pro-Amnesty candidates.  

I’ve known and worked with Doug Kagan of Nebraska Taxpayer’s for Freedom since 2006 on various issues, but mainly illegal immigration.  He is probably one of the hardest working community activists I’ve met and had the pleasure to work with over the years.

Doug KaganBUT – after alerting Mr. Kagan, several times, of Don Bacon’s pro-Amnesty position he refused to withdraw NTF’s endorsement,  so I asked him to cancel my membership. Surprisingly his response was “PISS OFF!” and hung up the phone.

Friends, it defeats our purpose, time and effort to fight against high taxes and amnesty bills to then turn around and support candidates/elected officials whose pro-amnesty position will surely increase costs to taxpayers and encourage even more illegal immigration.  

Jim Suttle-NTF supported Democrat Jim Suttle for Mayor instead of Hal Daub who was against Amnesty.

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert-Continues to invite pro amnesty Republican Mayor Jean Stothert as a speaker without holding her feet to the fire over her leading the fight on drivers licenses and commercial/business licenses for illegal aliens and who has done more for illegal aliens than our past two Democratic mayors.

Chris Baker laughingContinues to invite pro-amnesty local radio talk show host Chris Baker as Emcee for his events, who seconds after his sympathetic interview with Sarah Root’s father starts the next segment with “…they’re not going anywhere..the wall will never be built…deportation will never happen…so what we need to do is educate them on how to fit in with us..teach them how to be Americans…” he also supported the Drivers License and the Business and Commercial license bills for illegal aliens.

Wilson right BO liedMany of us have been duped by candidates in the past who say they are against Amnesty and then find out later they support or vote for benefits, services or pathways to legal status or citizenship.  Forms of Amnesty that’s in direct conflict with our current federal immigration laws.

It’s only fair to let voters and endorsers know before they vote and that’s what I’ve been doing since Don Bacon’s real amnesty position was revealed in an OWH article on 4/26/16.  I contacted Doug Kagan on 4/27.  On 4/29 I spoke with Doug again who said that the Bacon campaign (Mark Dreiling) said the OWH staff writer misquoted him.  Since then I’ve left messages and emails on to Ms. Robynn Tysver for confirmation – you may wish to contact her as well 402-444-1000.  I will report on this as soon as I hear back from her.  To date, Mr. Bacon has not responded to my inquiries and neither has Ms. Tysver.

More about Don Bacon at


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