Hillary tells Omahans she’ll tax the Middle Class to pay for freebies — LOCK HER UP!

Hillary ClintonObama Get Out of Jail card

Updated 8/2/2016  Any truth to a caller into the Scott Voorhees radio show that teachers were told to prepare the auditorium for audio/visual/stage set-up?  Does that mean that Omaha taxpayers paid for the labor to set up an event for Hillary Clinton and Warren Buffet?  Let’s call the Omaha Public Schools Administration to find out 402-557-2222.  I’ll have to find Scott’s parody of “Oh, Warren won’t ya buy me….”

head in sandAlso interesting is that Hillary told the “audience” yesterday that she was going to pay for the free college and other free stuff by “taxing the middle class” – and the “audience” clapped and cheered! Sounds about right because many months ago one of the main stream media shows calculated taxing the very rich and said then it wouldn’t cover the debt we are in, so who do you think she is going to get that money from? Hmm?

5:15pm  Hillary finally takes the microphone.. wearing what looks like a throw a way table cloth.  Hey Hillary where’s all that money that was supposed to rebuild Haiti?  Hillary! get your hands out of our pockets! Hillary says “FOLLOW THE MONEY” which is exactly why we all know how you and Bill have criminally and can be considered treasonous in your nefarious business and government dealings as exposed in….

Clinton Cash – full documentary https://youtu.be/7LYRUOd_QoM

The Clinton Chronicles https://youtu.be/BPX1G–iE3Q

Is this the song Hillary and Warren (Depopulation) Buffet will dance to in the streets?  “The Crooked Hillary Song & Dance”  https://youtu.be/vV3PyGmjBOQ

5pm   They sure had trouble filling up the gym in North High School, looks like they grabbed some football players and cheer leaders to sit in back of Hillary and Warren Buffet, some aren’t even bothering to clap and look pretty bored.  Hillary looks like she is wearing someone’s throw away checkered table cloth and Warren Buffet blasts Donald Trump and is boring the kids in the stands to death!  UGH!  NOT GOING SO WELL FOR THE CRIMINAL IN CHIEF!

Pants on FireGod Bless Nebraskans protesting Hillary! Seems to be more protesters outside than those inside waiting to see her! WOW !! Protesters at North High School and at 72nd & Dodge Street. WAY TO GO NEBRASKANS!  My favorite protester sign said “LIAR, LIAR PANTSUIT on FIRE!”

Obama Get Out of Jail cardAnyone who doubts the pure evil that lurks within Hillary and Bill Clinton need to watch the following two documentaries.  I can’t believe anyone with a history of criminal activity could run for president much less be nominated by the Democratic Party and even MUCH LESS that the Oracle of Omaha is standing by her side.

Clinton Cash – full documentary https://youtu.be/7LYRUOd_QoM

The Clinton Chronicles https://youtu.be/BPX1G–iE3Q

Nebraskans, here’s the info about protesting HILLARY CLINTON’s visit in Omaha, Ne today at 72nd & Dodge! https://www.facebook.com/events/321012651621537/

13 Hours Benghazi


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