Stop 3 male students from getting away with their sperm laced cupcake fed to Homec Teacher in Omaha, Ne

Susan coverSeems to me this sexually deviant behavior is the same as if they had slipped a roofie to the teacher and sexually assaulted her. It also seems to me that it’s possible anyone who would do this sort of thing may have done other “acts” but have either not been caught or swept under the rug.

A charge of disturbing the peace, in this case, is an insult to all sexually abused victims. When I called the prosecutor’s office they said the woman who was quoted in the first story that this was a “Disturbing the Peace” crime was NOT a spokesperson from the their office. So who was this spokesperson? Who are the parents of the three young men and have their parents made substantial donations to any elected official who may have the authority to down play this horrendous behavior?  Is this the “Good Ole Boy Network” at play?

Please take time to sign the petition and then contact these agencies asking they charge them with a felony: Omaha Police Dept (402) 444-5600 ;  The City Prosecutor’s office (402-444-5290) I heard attorney Mr. Gallup speak out against this misdemeanor charge and is calling for a Felony charge.

Please Sign this Petition: Expel the Students Responsible for Sexually Assaulting a Foods Teacher at Westside
Last week, three students conspired to ejaculate into a container, and mix it with the frosting with the intention of feeding it to their foods teacher. Two of the three went through with it. All three students have faced a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace, and a suspension of 1.5 weeks. They are allowed back into the school to complete their finals. Westside High School is attempting to silence the situation and their lack of a proper response to it. This is not the first time Westside has shoved sexual assault in their schools under the rug, but it should be the last. By signing this petition, you can show your support for taking action against sexual assault by properly punishing the boys responsible for this. With situations like these being shoved under the rug, sexual assault will continue to go unpunished in Westside High School. I encourage you to sign this whether or not you attend Westside. We need your support to make this happen.

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – A Westside High School student has started a petition after three students mixed bodily fluids with frosting and watched their home economics teacher eat it.

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The students are currently facing a misdemeanor charge for disturbing the peace.

“It has been really uncomfortable, really quite, the school is urging teachers to not talk about it,” said Junior Ella Hubbard.

District 66 is not disclosing how they are disciplining the boys.

“I think it needs to be talked about, I think it is sexual assault what they did was disgusting,” said Hubbard.

She said she decided to create a petition on Change.Org to give people an easy way to share how they feel about the situation.

“It got a lot wider spread than I was expecting, but I think that is really good because I think it is no longer a community issue it is a bigger issue.”

Superintendent Blane McCann issued a statement saying “We have offered our complete support to the staff member involved. I do want to make it clear that this type of behavior is not tolerated in any of our schools.”

Hubbard said she wants to show the number of people who are upset by the student’s actions.

“You can’t just say that a lot of people support you, you can’t say I’ve heard a lot of people talking, you have to have the numbers,” she said.

The petition had more than 1,000 signatures Wednesday evening, and Hubbard said she will take it to Superintendent McCann when she thinks there is enough.






Sign the Petition


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