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OMAHA – VOTE TAYLOR ROYAL for Mayor on April 4, 2017

SSShowpic 12 18 2012 001What a laugh…Mayor Jean “Sanctuary City” Stothert campaign Ads say “she’s making our community safer, creating jobs and working hard for us”.  SHE IS DOING ALL OF THESE THINGS FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS not for citizens or legal immigrants!

Taylor Royal BillboardVOTE TAYLOR ROYAL for Mayor of Omaha.

Plague SymbolOmaha Mayor Jean StothertThe following is just one of the letters I’ve received from citizens complaining about Mayor Stothert’s favoritism for illegal aliens:

“Another thing that really grates on me is when Mayor Jean Stothert went into South Omaha to grieve for the two dead illegal aliens that Nikko Jenkins killed, but she would not do the same for Louise Sollowin, Dr. Ed Horowitz,or Sarah Root.  The names of those Illegal Aliens were Jorge Cajida-Ruiz and Juan Uribe-Pena.  They were killed on August 11, 2013 in Spring Lake Park by Nikko Jenkins.  Some time after August, Jean Stothert hot-trotted it down there to pay her respects for the Optics and for the votes.  Pure Patronization on her part, a shell of a person.  When Dr. Ed Horowitz was killed by a hit and run illegal alien driver on June 22, 2014 at 38th & Dodge St., the good Mayor never uttered a word.  The illegal alien was Pedro Diego-Antonio, and his passenger was Simon Santos-Lorenzo.  They ran from the scene like the cowards that they are.  The Mayor must have been out of town to not make it to this man’s funeral or tribute.  He was a Medical Doctor, who was a Professor at Creighton University.  But, good mayor, by all means, bend over and kiss the ass of the Chamber of Commerce and the Nebraska Bankers Association and the Nebraska Restaurant Association that want this steady flow of cheap illegal alien labor.”

Then there is Sarah Root, age 21, killed by illegal alien Eswin Mejia on Jan. 31, 2016, who Mayor Stothert would not even offer her Condolences to the parents when they were in the same room with her.  She basically ignored them.  Guess she was feeling guilty, and she has reason to be.

All three of these good people, American Citizens, deserved their lives not be taken from them due to a Corrupt Politician like Mayor Stothert not enforcing the laws of the land.  I pray that you Vote for Taylor Royal…….”

Omaha Mayor Jean StothertPlague SymbolMayor Jean “Sanctuary City” Stothert and other pro illegal alien/Federal Law Breakers can’t do enough for illegal aliens. Our State Motto should be “Nebraska, the Good Life for Illegal Aliens.”             “…..Among those backing the resolution Wednesday were Crete Mayor Roger Foster and the cities of Omaha and Lincoln……No one spoke against the bill, although three people sent letters of opposition……Sen. Laura Ebke of Crete, the Judiciary Committee chairwoman, praised the resolution. But she noted that the resolution could bring up different issues from the last two bills. Those helped implement a federal program, while LR 26 would put the state in opposition to potential federal action…..Lawmakers passed the three previous bills over gubernatorial vetoes. Legislative resolutions do not go to the governor for approval.”


ACTION ALERT for Nebraska SUPPORT LB505 Refugee Resettlement Notification Act by Noon Today!!

State Bill pic smallerACTION ALERT for NEBRASKA by NOON TODAY: Call or email each Judiciary Committee Member to SUPPORT LB505 Adopt the Refugee Resettlement Notification Act. This bill requires the Department of Health and Human Services to provide information about the refugees the agency has received for resettlement, and post that information on the agency’s public website on a periodic basis.

“Hello, I am (YOUR NAME) and I live in {County or City). I’m calling to urge (Senator’s Name) to support LB 505 – I will be following the senator’s vote in committee on these bills. Thank you for your time. Good bye.” IF YOU SEND AN EMAIL be sure to type in the Subject Line: SUPPORT LB505 Enter into Record.

Laura EbkeSen. Laura Ebke, Chairperson 402-471-2711
Roy BakerSen. Roy Baker 402-471-2620
Ernie Chambers Unicam picSen. Ernie Chambers 402-471-2612 No Email Available
steve-halloranSen. Steve Halloran 402-471-2712
Matt HansenSen. Matt Hansen 402-471-2610
Bob KristSen. Bob Krist 402-471-2718
Adam MorfeldSen. Adam Morfeld 402-471-2720
Patty Pansing-BrooksSen. Patty Pansing Brooks 402-471-2633

LB 505 Bill Text:

“…….. The Legislature recognizes that these regimes and terrorist organizations have recently been successful in Europe and the United States with their intent to exploit refugee programs by infiltrating refugee populations or inspiring some people within such populations to act on their terroristic goals.

The Legislature also recognizes that the federal government has not adequately supplied or appropriately informed the states with essential information regarding the refugees being placed and resettled into the states and the federal government’s future intentions or estimates for refugee resettlement and placement.

Therefore, it is the intent of the Legislature to require timely and adequate reporting of information from refugee resettlement agencies in Nebraska so that the citizens of Nebraska and their representatives in the United States Congress, the Legislature, and the Governor’s administration can better make informed decisions regarding the trends, feasibility, and the potential future security risks of refugee resettlement programs.

On or before July 30, 2017, and December 31, 2017, and each July and December thereafter, each refugee resettlement agency in Nebraska shall submit a semi-annual report to the department which contains: (a) A listing of how many refugees the agency has received for resettlement for the reporting period, broken down by: (i) Month, (ii) nation of origin or citizenship, (iii) age, (iv) sex, (v) family status, (vi) nation of entry into the United States, and (vii) reason for refugee or asylum status or designation of applicable federal refugee resettlement program;

Any state benefits obtained by such refugees with the assistance of the agency, totaled by each state benefit program; The amount of federal assistance the agency has received from the federal government by month and for the reporting period and any
amounts of federal assistance that were received by refugees with the agency’s assistance; and The agency’s projected refugee resettlement numbers by nation of
origin for the next year.  The department shall post the reports received under this section on a web site administered by the department.

On or before January 31, 2018, and each January 31 thereafter, the department shall:  Collect and tabulate the number of refugees that have obtained benefits for each state benefit program and the amount of such benefits;  Compile the data from the reports submitted under section 4 of this act for the preceding calendar year; and
Compile the data from subsections (1) and (2) of this section into a report which the department shall electronically submit to the Legislature, the Governor, and each member of the state’s congressional delegation. The department may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to carry out the Refugee Resettlement Notification Act and to ensure the collection and reporting of consistent and compatible
information from refugee resettlement agencies……..”

Sign Nebraska the good life