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Stop 3 male students from getting away with their sperm laced cupcake fed to Homec Teacher in Omaha, Ne

Susan coverSeems to me this sexually deviant behavior is the same as if they had slipped a roofie to the teacher and sexually assaulted her. It also seems to me that it’s possible anyone who would do this sort of thing may have done other “acts” but have either not been caught or swept under the rug.

A charge of disturbing the peace, in this case, is an insult to all sexually abused victims. When I called the prosecutor’s office they said the woman who was quoted in the first story that this was a “Disturbing the Peace” crime was NOT a spokesperson from the their office. So who was this spokesperson? Who are the parents of the three young men and have their parents made substantial donations to any elected official who may have the authority to down play this horrendous behavior?  Is this the “Good Ole Boy Network” at play?

Please take time to sign the petition and then contact these agencies asking they charge them with a felony: Omaha Police Dept (402) 444-5600 ;  The City Prosecutor’s office (402-444-5290) I heard attorney Mr. Gallup speak out against this misdemeanor charge and is calling for a Felony charge.

Please Sign this Petition: Expel the Students Responsible for Sexually Assaulting a Foods Teacher at Westside
Last week, three students conspired to ejaculate into a container, and mix it with the frosting with the intention of feeding it to their foods teacher. Two of the three went through with it. All three students have faced a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace, and a suspension of 1.5 weeks. They are allowed back into the school to complete their finals. Westside High School is attempting to silence the situation and their lack of a proper response to it. This is not the first time Westside has shoved sexual assault in their schools under the rug, but it should be the last. By signing this petition, you can show your support for taking action against sexual assault by properly punishing the boys responsible for this. With situations like these being shoved under the rug, sexual assault will continue to go unpunished in Westside High School. I encourage you to sign this whether or not you attend Westside. We need your support to make this happen.

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – A Westside High School student has started a petition after three students mixed bodily fluids with frosting and watched their home economics teacher eat it.

SEE RELATED: Westside High students charged with feeding teacher semen

The students are currently facing a misdemeanor charge for disturbing the peace.

“It has been really uncomfortable, really quite, the school is urging teachers to not talk about it,” said Junior Ella Hubbard.

District 66 is not disclosing how they are disciplining the boys.

“I think it needs to be talked about, I think it is sexual assault what they did was disgusting,” said Hubbard.

She said she decided to create a petition on Change.Org to give people an easy way to share how they feel about the situation.

“It got a lot wider spread than I was expecting, but I think that is really good because I think it is no longer a community issue it is a bigger issue.”

Superintendent Blane McCann issued a statement saying “We have offered our complete support to the staff member involved. I do want to make it clear that this type of behavior is not tolerated in any of our schools.”

Hubbard said she wants to show the number of people who are upset by the student’s actions.

“You can’t just say that a lot of people support you, you can’t say I’ve heard a lot of people talking, you have to have the numbers,” she said.

The petition had more than 1,000 signatures Wednesday evening, and Hubbard said she will take it to Superintendent McCann when she thinks there is enough.






Sign the Petition


Huma + 650k emails = Treason = more HRC bad judgment. #VOTETRUMP

SSShowpic 12 18 2012 001i-voted-trump-rwb-thumbs-upHdog-peeing-on-hillary-yard-signere’s how I see it if Huma had only 300 – 1,000 emails on her husband’s lap top that could be considered likely that she was covering herself or her life insurance policy against harm from HRC should the worm ever turn.  However, 650,000 emails must be looked at as a treasonous act given her and her family ties to Saudi Arabia et al.  Take a look at the video and decide for your self.

Huma Abedin tied to terrorism – Hillary’s number 1 aide Huma Abedin has undeniable ties to terrorists & 9/11 funders.

Twenty-One Refugees Diagnosed with Active TB in Nebraska – STOP the program, contact Gov. Ricketts

Gov Pete RickettsNebraskans, Governor Ricketts has the authority to stop the Refugee Resettlement Program, please contact him today.  Phone: 402-471-2244 Email

Updated 10/1/2016  Another good reason to ask him to stop the Refugee Resettelement Program in Nebraska. ” Fargo, like many other small cities that have received large numbers of refugees, has been divided by the issue. There have been protests against refugees and counter protests in favor of them, followed by biting blogs and news reports on both sides…..Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, the agency the government hires to resettle refugees in Fargo, has been less than forthcoming with information about Adan and his family….”

Dear Governor Ricketts:

Please stop the Refugee Resettlement Program in Nebraska until proper vetting and medical examination requirements are in place. My concern is based upon the story shown below indicating that 21 cases of TB have been found in Refugees 2 of them were caught within 90 days, the rest within 5 years after they moved here. Also alarming is that DHHS said they do not track treatment or the result of treatment. Thank you.

Summary of Article:

12936484_10207675639702663_5968685110706783484_nTwenty-One Refugees Diagnosed with Active TB in Nebraska – Two of those refugees were diagnosed with active TB within ninety days of arriving in Nebraska during an initial domestic medical screening. The remaining 19 refugees were diagnosed with active TB within five years of their arrival in Nebraska. The estimated 10,000 refugees who live in Nebraska comprise less than one percent of the state’s 1.9 million population. Yet the 21 cases of active TB diagnosed among resettled refugees in Nebraska accounted for more than 15 percent of the 137 total cases of active TB diagnosed in the entire population of the state between 2011 and 2015….But in Nebraska, this rate is not tracked. “We do not have data on the number of people treated after testing positive for LTBI,” a spokesperson for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services tells Breitbart News. “Local physicians and clinics take the lead for treatment of positive LTBI patients,” the spokesperson says.

Complete Article by MICHAEL PATRICK LEAHY30 Aug 2016 :

Plague SymbolTwenty-one refugees resettled in Nebraska were diagnosed with active tuberculosis (TB) between 2011 and 2015, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services tells Breitbart News.

Two of those refugees were diagnosed with active TB within ninety days of arriving in Nebraska during an initial domestic medical screening. The remaining 19 refugees were diagnosed with active TB within five years of their arrival in Nebraska.

The estimated 10,000 refugees who live in Nebraska comprise less than one percent of the state’s 1.9 million population. Yet the 21 cases of active TB diagnosed among resettled refugees in Nebraska accounted for more than 15 percent of the 137 total cases of active TB diagnosed in the entire population of the state between 2011 and 2015.

Nebraska joins a number of other states in which Breitbart News has confirmed recently arrived refugees have been diagnosed with active TB. Twenty-seven cases of active TB were diagnosed in Wisconsin, 21 in Louisiana, 17 in Vermont16 in Colorado, 11 in Florida, 7 in Idaho, 4 in one county in North Dakota, 4 in Indiana, and 9 in one county in Kentucky.

In fact, every state that has provided data to Breitbart News about refugee health has confirmed that recently resettled refugees have been diagnosed with active TB in the state.

Many states Breitbart News contacted, like New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, however, have so far either refused to provide refugee health data or simply not responded.

Among the states that have provided all or part of the refugee health data Breitbart News requested, some patterns are apparent. Idaho and Nebraska, for instance, have several similarities. The two states have the same population (1.9 million), the same percentage of foreign-born population (6 percent), and high per capita rates of refugee resettlement.

As Breitbart News reported, 82 percent of the 38 cases of active TB diagnosed in Nebraska in 2014 were foreign-born. During the three-year period between 2012 and 2014, 73 percent of the 37 cases of active TB diagnosed in Idaho were foreign-born.

Nebraska reported that two cases of active TB were diagnosed among refugees during their initial domestic medical screenings conducted within 90 days of their arrival during the years between 2011 and 2015. Idaho reported that seven cases of active TB were diagnosed among refugees during their initial domestic medical screenings conducted within 90 days of their arrival.

Nebraska, however, has been more forthcoming so far in its provision of refugee health data.

The state reported that, in addition to the two cases of active TB diagnosed among refugees upon arrival, an additional 19 cases were diagnosed during the first five years subsequent to their arrival.

Idaho has yet to answer Breitbart’s questions about the number of refugees who have been diagnosed with active TB during the first five years following their arrival.

High levels of latent TB infection (LTBI) among resettled refugees is another pattern apparent from the refugee health data Breitbart News has been able to obtain from cooperating states.

As Breitbart News reported, approximately 4 percent of the general population in the United States has LTBI, in contrast to 33 percent of the population throughout the world.

Though 10 percent of the general population that tests positive for LTBI develops active TB at some point in their life, that activation percentage seems to be significantly higher in the resettled refugee population in the United States, according to a number of recent medical studies.

Twenty-five percent of the 4,848 refugees who completed initial domestic medical screenings in Nebraska during this five-year period tested positive for latent TB infection (LTBI), the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services tells Breitbart News.

Several other states, including Vermont (35 percent) and Tennessee (27 percent), report higher rates of LTBI among refugees than Nebraska reported. Other states, such as Texas (15 percent) and Arizona (18 percent), report lower rates.

Another pattern that emerges is that successful treatment rates of refugees diagnosed with LTBI vary by state.

In some states, the treatment rate is low, around 60 percent, while in other states, like Minnesota, it is high, around 85 percent.

The LTBI treatment rate matters because of the apparent greater activation rate to active TB among the resettled refugee population.

But in Nebraska, this rate is not tracked. “We do not have data on the number of people treated after testing positive for LTBI,” a spokesperson for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services tells Breitbart News. “Local physicians and clinics take the lead for treatment of positive LTBI patients,” the spokesperson says.

“If a refugee tests positive for LTBI, he/she is referred to a local healthcare provider/clinic. DHHS offers free medication to providers to encourage patients to return to complete their course of medicine. We do not have data on the number of people treated after testing positive for LTBI,” the spokesperson adds.

“Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services receives Refugee Medical Assistance dollars [from the federal government’s refugee resettlement program] and has contracts with CHI Florence Residency Clinic in Omaha and Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department in Lincoln” to perform the initial domestic medical screenings of arriving refugees, the spokesperson tells Breitbart News.

Elected leaders in Nebraska appear to be largely unaware of the significant public health risk posed to the general population of the state by the high rates of active TB and latent TB infection among the refugees resettled in the state by the federal refugee resettlement program.

Unlike Tennessee, Kentucky, Idaho, Kansas, New Jersey, and several other states, Nebraska has not withdrawn from the federal refugee resettlement program, though the state’s Republican governor, Pete Ricketts, has the authority to do so.

The Tennessee General Assembly recently announced that it intends to sue the federal government on Tenth Amendment grounds to stop the resettlement of refugees within the state.

Plague SymbolSign Nebraska the good life






Donald Trump has law on his side with Temporary Ban on Muslims

McCarran-Walter Act of 1952               Donald Trump was recently severely criticized for suggesting that the U.S. should limit or temporarily suspend the immigration of certain ethnic groups, nationalities, and even people of certain religions (Muslims). The criticisms condemned such a suggestion as, among other things, being “Un-American,” dumb, stupid, reckless, dangerous and racist. Congressmen and Senators swore that they would never allow such legislation, and Obama called such a prohibition on immigration unconstitutional (as if, all of a sudden, he cares about the Constitution).
It seems that the selective immigration ban is already law and has been applied on several occasions. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, a.k.a., the McCarran-Walter Act allows for the “Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by the president (something which we haven’t had for the past seven and a half years). Whenever the president finds that the entry of aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, the president may, by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”
Note that McCarran and Walter were Democrats and this act was utilized by Jimmy Carter, no less, in 1979 to keep Iranians out of the United States . . . but he actually did more. He made all Iranian students already here check in, and then he deported a bunch. Seven thousand were found in violation of their visas, 15,000 Iranians were forced to leave the United States in 1979. You won’t hear a word about this from the liberal media, propaganda machine.
It is of note that the act requires that an applicant for immigration ”must be of good moral character” and “attached to the principles of the Constitution.” Since the Quran forbids Muslims to swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, technically, all Muslims should be refused immigration.


13178939_1091445437568466_8713256973756464088_nExcellent video! Chip Maxwell gives some solid reasons why Amnesty, in any shape for form, is bad for our country, citizens and legal immigrants.

13041145_1083976954981981_8617992965162501092_oI agree with Chip Maxwell who posted this on his Face Book page: “My Republican opponent told the Omaha World Herald on April 26th that he does not believe that 11 million illegal immigrants in this country can be deported. He also would support a pathway that would give them legal status to stay.

He says he is against special rights for illegals and wants to hold them accountable, but allowing people to stay here who have broken the law IS giving them special rights. This is doublespeak for amnesty. If given legal status how long before they are allowed to vote?

This is a disservice for the people who have followed the rule of law and have come here legally. “

8756_1062316287148048_3838716584323944702_nChip Maxwell and Don Bacon on the Scott Voorhees show  – Chip Maxwell held DBs feet to the fire over “legal status for illegal aliens” comment in OWH.  See how Bacon avoids the question three times.

12983461_1077672092279134_3528613207703351873_oKETV Chronicles: Chip Maxwell

 12771997_1047733855272958_242833726387439537_oDan Frei: ..” if you look at all of the endorsements Don has you will see that most of them are the same ones that Lee Terry had when he last ran for office. Unfortunately for the party there were about 20,000 Republicans that voted for Sasse and Ricketts that didn’t give two shakes about these endorsements and refused to vote for more of the same status quo establishment politics. I trust that this election cycle will be the same. The voters will reject Washington’s candidate and vote for Chip to shake things up in DC…”

Chip MaxwellPress Club & League of Women Voters Chip Maxwell vs Don Bacon Debate:



Chip Maxwell sign against baby feet

Sarah Root killed by illegal alien – POLICE, JUDGE and ICE Fail Citizens and Legal Immigrants Again.

SARAH ROOT SARAH ROOT another 100% unnecessary and preventable death.

Eswin MejiaUPDATED April 11, 2016  Nebraskan Sarah Root’s illegal alien murderer update.

UPDATED April 2, 2016  Pictures from the Justice for Sarah Root complaint signing event against Judge Marcuzzo.



12952795_512128838994083_2070691476_oSARAH ROOTJudge MarcuzzoEswin Mejia

UPDATED MARCH 30, 2016  ****TAKE ACTION:  On Saturday, April 2, 2016 Sarah Root’s father will be at 78th & Dodge St @ 11:00 am collecting signatures for a Complaint against Judge Marcuzzo.  Signers may be from any state.       FROM Chris Baker at KFAB 1110 AM RADIO:   It’s not an actual “petition” but an official complaint form. I signed one, so did Randy and Scott. Hope you’ll be there, I’m bringing donuts.  ACTUAL INTERVIEW WITH SCOTT ROOT:


Omaha P.D. Badge pictureOmaha Mayor Jean StothertThanks to the Omaha police department’s refusal to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and ICE’s failure to issue a detainer, illegal alien murderer Eswin Mejia is on the run and may never serve time for killing a young woman.

Eswin MejiaThe Honduran Mejia, 19, killed 21-year-old Sarah Root while allegedly street racing on January 31, rear-ending her so hard she succumbed to her fatal injuries that same night. Police found Mejia’s blood-alcohol level was four times the legal limit, and the alien had “a suspended driver’s license.”

Root had graduated from Bellevue University with a 4.0 GPA just the day before.

Judge MarcuzzoAlthough Mejia faced up to 20 years in prison for killing Root, Judge Jeffrey Marcuzzo set Mejia’s bond at $50,000. Mejia’s brother paid the necessary $5,000–ten percent–and the illegal promptly disappeared, rubbing salt in the mourning Root family’s wounds.

Police did not contact Root’s family to warn them they freed their daughter’s killer.

Liberty Eyes Covered with hands“I agree with everything you have all written,” the victim’s mother told KMTV. “Those are all questions we have. If it wasn’t for my ex-husband checking every day with the investigators, we wouldn’t have known [Mejia] was released. This is such a big nightmare. We will not stop until we get justice for my baby girl. She deserves that.”

eagleflagcross“We would like call attention however to the fact that we laid her to rest yesterday, and the cost of a bond cost less than a funeral,” said the young woman’s father at a February vigil.

Eswin MejiaWOWT NBC Nebraska noted Mejia was a noted flight risk and police only bothered with him after he kept committing crimes on the road:

Court records show that Mejia skipped a court date in 2014 in relation to a traffic violation — he only went to court when he was charged with a second offense in 2015 and was subsequently taken into custody.

Furious community members began to demand answers from police.

SARAH ROOT“Why he let him out on such a low bond when the county attorney was asking for a higher bond? Why wasn’t there a detainer on him? Why didn’t they call ICE to come get him?” asked co-founder of the Burlington Road Neighborhood Association Rebecca Barrientos-Patlan. Police reluctantly confirmed to KETV NewsWatch 7 Mejia was “undocumented,” rushing to add they didn’t want to “focus” on the fact. Yet they knew Mejia was an illegal alien before his bond hearing after investigating his background.

If you betray your oath you should be firedObama Get Out of Jail cardUntil Wednesday, neither police nor local media coverage thought it concerned Americans that an extremely drunk illegal alien street racing with a suspended license killed a beautiful young woman, preferring to frame the horrific — and entirely preventable — crash as a routine traffic accident. Blackouts of this kind of critical information encourage Americans to accept that their streets will be terrorized by invaders and their daughters can be mangled to death at illegals’ leisure. Mejia is identified as “man,” “teen,” “suspect” in local news coverage. Nothing to see here. Needless to say, the “Black Lives Matter” and “undocumented immigrant”-obsessed national media outlet ignored Root’s death.

Omaha Deputy Police Chief Dave Baker told RadioIowa police allowed Mejia to go free even after investigators demanded a detainer:

NYT2010031117422459CAs a local law enforcement agency, we’re not empowered to enforce federal immigration laws however, we do work with the immigration authorities on a federal level. In this case, the individual, Mr. Mejia, was in our country illegally. He was from Honduras. We do attempt to make sure the judge is aware the individual is in the country illegally, not on the basis of whether the individual is guilty or not guilty. It does not effect what charges they are charged with on a local or a state basis. It has to do with whether or not there is a flight risk. Our accident investigator did request a detainer; however, one was not issued or granted prior to him bonding out. His brother did bond him out before the detainer was issued. My understanding was that he was bonded out fairly quickly.

Omaha Mayor Jean StothertAccording to the non-partisan Centers for Immigration Studies, Douglas County is a “sanctuary city” and will not honor ICE detainers without a warrant.

Eswin MejiaMejia had several warrants for his arrest before killing Root and is believed to have fled the U.S. by now. Root’s needless death is the latest in a tsunami of immigrant crimes indulged by every level of government. Her death bears a grim resemblance to Kate Steinle’s murder last July at the hands of an illegal alien shielded by San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policy.

Ne VOIAC 2011 002How many more Americans are be killed at the hands of illegal aliens before the political class will lift a finger to stop the bloodshed remains to be seen.

Voting BoxTrump airplaneU.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director Sarah Saldana gave a baffling — and seemingly inaccurate — explanation during a Senate hearing on Tuesday for why federal immigration agents failed to detain an illegal alien who killed a 21-year-old Iowa woman in a drunken street race in Omaha in January.

picture of jesus do you need meSARAH ROOTeagleflagcrossFamily, friends mourn Sarah Root–367988481.html

Judge MarcuzzoNebraska Supreme Court suspended Judge Jeffrey Marcuzzo in 2009 …without pay for four months for helping his nephew get a lighter sentence.

Sign Nebraska the good lifeOmaha Mayor Jean StothertA REMINDER of when Douglas, Sarpy, Hall and Lancaster Counties in Nebraska became official SANCTUARY CITIES.

graceful EagleSARAH ROOTeagleflagcross


John Kasich EXPOSED

Susan coverI’ve summarized why I will NOT be voting for John Kasich:  he accepted donations from left wing extremist George Soros + supports Amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens + voted for NAFTA + supports TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) + said “I ought to be running in a Democrat primary.” + his role at Lehman Brothers during the time of the economic collapse + telling people to “get over” their Social Security + initially failed to gain sufficient signatures to qualify for the ballot in Pennsylvania and Iowa + missed the threshold for a full slate of delegates in Maryland + said he would have to get his wife and daughters approval to vote for Trump if he is the nominee.

John Kasich laughingKasich, the farthest left of the candidates takes money from left wing extremist George Soros groups

John KasichKasich tells audience member to “get over” his plan to cut Social Security…

John Kasich laughingEarlier today we reported that Gov. John Kasich had failed to obtain enough signatures on his petition to be on the ballot in the Pennsylvania primary…..Kasich also didn’t gather enough names to be included on the Illinois ballot.

John Kasich laughingNathaniel Rome, chairman of Pennsylvania Students for Rubio, filed a petition in Pennsylvania court to keep Kasich off the ballot, since he failed to garner the requisite number of signatures to be added. Rome’s lawyer is John Bravacos, the brother of Chris Bravacos, who is chairman of Rubio’s Pennsylvania campaign.

John Kasich laughingGeorge SorosHarry Reid Flipping Middle FingerKasich’s previous declaration, which he had intended in jest: “I ought to be running in a Democrat primary.”…..Kasich’s role at Lehman Brothers during the time of the economic collapse, as well as Kasich’s support for NAFTA and Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement—a deal which Donald Trump and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)80% have warned would destroy Ohio’s auto industry.

John Kasich laughingJeb BushHeidi speaking in front of TRUSTED signJohn Kasich ties to Wall Street to haunt 2016 bid..the years he spent as a senior executive at Lehman Brothers….Kasich joined Lehman’s investment banking division as managing director in 2001, working there until the firm’s collapse in September 2008 unleashed global panic and served as the catalyst for the financial crisis..

Gringo De Mexico BOEHNERJohn Boehner endorses John Kasich LOL – shows Kasich is out of touch with the people.

John Kasich laughing“I ought to be running in a Democrat primary.”