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Updated 11/7/2016  The Trump Nebraska Team is doubling its efforts on the phones. Please join us today and tomorrow by phoning from home at least 30 minutes per day. Ne office ph (402) 509-2400 ADDRESS 210 N. 78th St, Omaha, Nebraska

Show your support for Donald Trump on Election Day by using the hashtag #IVoteTrump.     Victory is within reach. Help Donald Trump’s Campaign finish strong!
Sincerely, Trump Team Nebraska

13177487_10205938968168629_7802211381163165529_nDonald J. Trump Rally in Omaha, Ne 5/7, 2016

Susan coverWhy I support Mr. Trump for president:  he owes no favors to anyone + can’t be bought, intimidated or pressured by either party, Lobby or Special Interest groups + will strengthen our National Security by securing our borders and enforcing current federal immigration laws to stop the flow of illegal immigration, terrorists, drugs, sex trafficking slaves and building up our military + will put citizens and legal immigrants first + expert at making the best deals + extensive experience with international business relationships + knows how to hire the best and streamline procedures which will be key in modifying or eliminating current government departments + has a no nonsense, common sense thought process + successful track record + knows how to create jobs + will end the waste, fraud, abuse and corruption in D.C.

Greta Van SusterenDonald Trump Townhall with Greta Van Susteren

Anderson CooperAnderson Cooper interview with Trump Part 1

Anderson CooperAnderson Cooper interview with Trump Part 2

Anderson CooperAnderson Cooper interview with Trump Part 3

Melania TrumpMelania Trump interview with Anderson Cooper..

Melania Trump Beige Coat



Melania Trump interview on Morning Joe…

Donald Trump Official PicUpdated list of Donald J. Trump’s endorsements,_2016#Current_4

Dr. Ben CarsonDr. Ben Carson “I will serve in an advisory position in a Trump administration.”

Ronald ReaganWASHINGTON, April 2, 1983— In an unusually strong protectionist action, President Reagan today ordered a tenfold increase in tariffs for imported heavyweight motorycles. The impact of Mr. Reagan’s action, which followed the unanimous recommendation of his trade advisers, is effectively limited to Japanese manufacturers, which dominate every sector of the American motorcycle market.The action was exceptional for protecting a single American company, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company of Milwaukee, the sole surviving American maker of motorcycles….It would raise the current tariff of 4.4 percent to 49.4 percent in the first year of the five-year program. The President’s order, which was signed in Santa Barbara, Calif., was taken under the so-called Escape Clause of the trade law authorizing help for industries severely hurt by import penetration. (The only comparable trade action by this Administration, the President’s decision last May to impose quotas on sugar imports for the first time since 1974, was aimed at an entire industry.)

Trump airplaneDonald Trump’s airplane documentary – interesting to see the level of excellence Mr. Trump expects from all of his employees.

Ben Carson I mean every word I sayBen Carson…sees Trump as the only candidate remaining who is not part of what he often called “the political class.”….Carson believes that the political establishment has ruined the country, and is throwing his support to Trump because the businessman and reality TV personality is best able to disrupt the status quo….Carson was also angered by some of the tactics employed by Sen. Ted Cruz. For example, a number of Cruz’s supporters tried to undermine Carson on the night of the Iowa caucuses Feb. 1 by telling them that Carson was pulling out of the race.

Boston Protest 2Mexican-Americans who support Trump “…”Yes, you are,” the 59-year-old Laconia resident said out loud, as she watched Trump make the claim that he’d win Latino vote at the New Hampshire rally….”

Donald Trump Official PicMr. Trump inspires some to get off drugs and alcohol – Inspiration and hope for the future.

12920535_10156748559420181_501643254012672534_nMr. Trump with Rosa Parks and Muhammed Ali.

Dr. Ben CarsonDr. Ben Carson “….we have political operatives trying to manipulate the outcome…”


mitt romney 2Jeb BushWho is heading up the anti-Trump super pacs? #1 Former Mitt Romney’s deputy campaign manager Katie Packer and is the founder of Our Priorities PAC which is spending millions on anti-Trump ads who said “The strategy has always been to deny him 50%…I’m expecting and prepared to take this all the way to Cleveland…..I think it would be smart strategy for those guys to let these candidates win their states…clearly Kasich has the best shot of winning Ohio and Rubio winning Florida…” #2 Tim Miller former Communications Director of Jeb Bush’s campaign is now Communications Advisor for Our Principles pac for the sole purpose of spending millions in anti-trump ads.. they spent 3 million in Iowa….they’ve raised more money in the last week…we have over a $1 million in television ads …. America Future Fund pac is spending money as well in this effort…” (Sources: Info Wars – Alex Jones document quoting Katie Packer and Bloomberg Politics With All Due Respect interview with Tim Miller)

Trump Chicago protesters 3MOB for HIRE ads run in Craigslist

George Soros


..billionaire New Yorker, George Soros, is putting up his own millions to prevent Trump from winning the presidency and is calling on Latinos to be part of that effort.

Singer Chris Brown


Chris Brown urges black protesters at Trump rallies to travel in groups: F__ck Trump and F__ the pigs”…“Man, this s–t is getting crazy. Black people getting assaulted at f–king rallies where you’re supposed to talk at,” MEMO to CHRIS BROWN – Rallies is where the SPEAKERS are supposed to talk not have riled up protesters yelling screaming racist comments and flipping everybody off. – play with the bull you get the horns.

Ben SasseSen Mitch NMcConnellTake a look at the GOP/DEM names who attended this meeting to STOP TRUMP including Sen. Ben Sasse and Sen. Mitch McConnell

Trump Chicago protesters 2Protesters in Ohio yelling F*** your God, F*** your Flag and F*** Donald Trump.
Black Panther Leader pic kill some crackersNew Black Panther leaders on Southern Poverty Law’s listed as a “Hate Group”..The NBPP is notable for its anti-white and anti-Semitic hatred.

Untruth about Donald TrumpThe Untruth About Donald Trump

Untruth about Donald Trump  More Untruth About Donald Trump

Hillary What does it matter photo of Stephens beaten


Feb. 03, 2015 – 22:34 – Raw video: ISIS terrorists execute captured Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh



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