Mayor Jean Stothert Strikes Again LB947

Susan coverUpdated 4/23/2016  So once again, we have “Republican” Omaha Mayor Stothert defying Governor Ricketts effort to stop illegal immigration to Nebraska by endorsing, leading the charge to give illegal aliens AMNESTY via our Legislature.  Look at Schumacher’s comment below – see how they MOCK and DISRESPECT citizens and LEGAL immigrants while giving a standing ovation to the illegal aliens and their Lobbyists who attended the hearings and each of the votes.   It doesn’t matter that we’ve showed up at hearings, made calls and sent emails and protested EVERY AMNESTY bill for illegal aliens since 2006.  They demean us for having to work instead of physically showing up at this ONE hearing. The most despicable thing about this is that our legislature is mostly “Republican” our Mayor Jean Stothert is “Republican” and yet they’ve done MORE FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS THAN ANY OF THE PAST DEMOCRATIC mayors and legislatures.  Even KFAB 1110 AM Radio Conservative talk show host CHRIS BAKER supported LB947.  YET THESE PEOPLE CALL THEMSELVES CONSERVATIVE? (videos will be posted later)

Rats drinking sewerOmaha Mayor Jean StothertUPDATED April 23, 2016 Your Nebraska Legislature voted to over ride Govenror Ricketts’s VETO of LB947e  31 Yes  13 No  5 Present NOT Voting.   

Voting in the affirmative, 31:
Baker Ebke Hilkemann Morfeld Stinner
Bolz Garrett Howard Pansing Brooks Sullivan
Campbell Gloor Kolowski Scheer Williams
Chambers Haar, K. Krist Schilz
Coash Hadley Lindstrom Schumacher
Cook Hansen McCollister Seiler
Crawford Harr, B. Mello Smith

Voting in the negative, 13:
Bloomfield Davis Kintner Murante Watermeier
Brasch Fox Kuehn Riepe
Craighead Groene McCoy Schnoor

Present and not voting, 5:
Friesen Hughes Johnson Kolterman Larson

Excerpts of comments from some of the Senators:

Jim SmithJim Smith read an update from Mayor Jean Stothert saying the profesisonal/commercial licenses will remain in effect for as long as their DACA status is valid…”
Burke HarrBurke Harr “…over use of “Rule of Law”…”
Paul SchumacherPaul Schumacher “…we got calls and threats of not being re-elected with the pre-natal care bill for illegal aliens and instead of hell fire raining down the issue evaporated and we we’re all re-elected..same thing with the Driver’s License bill last session so when it comes time to vote remember that…”
Ken Haar “…keeping our best and brightest from getting a license..they’re Americans for gosh sakes!….”
Patty Pansing-Brooks “..the stance to over ride the Governor’s veto is clearly bipartisian..”
Matt Hanson “..this is great legislation..”
Lydia Brasch “…this bill is more LIBERAL than other states…”
Bill Kintner – said that DACA policywas issued by Dept of Homeland Security NOT Obama.
Dave Bloomfield – said why not wait until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on this in a couple of months?
Tanya Cook “…ridiculous things said by my colleagues..”
Colby Coash “ one showed up to oppose it..the Committee said it was THE BEST hearing they’ve ever had…”
Les Seiler “…Committee voted 8 – 0 to advance this bill….”

No AmnestyNotNowNotEver2016 Judiciary Committee Members: Sen. Les Seiler Chairperson,
Sen. Ernie Chambers, Sen. Colby Coash, Sen. Laura Ebke, Sen. Bob Krist
Sen. Adam Morfeld, Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks, Sen. Matt Williams

Gov Pete RickettsGovernor Ricketts’ Veto letter:
Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, and
Members of the Nebraska Legislature

Dear Mr. President and Members of the Legislature:

I am returning LB 947e without my signature and with my objections.

As I wrote to you earlier this week, not only is the bill unfair but I have
serious concerns on the breadth and scope of LB 947. While proponents of
this legislation have artfully focused only on the DACA youth, the bill, in its
current form, would provide business licenses to a much broader group of
illegal immigrants than just the young adults under the federal DACA

LB 947 clearly will require state agencies to issue Nebraska business
licenses to multiple classes of non-qualified aliens, including those persons
who have a pending application for asylum, those who have, or are pending
review for, temporary protected status, and those individuals granted
temporary deferred action status – a status which is much more expansive
than covering only DACA youth.

I understand the desire to help these individuals, but first let’s review how
we got to this point and what passing LB 947 will ultimately mean for the
State of Nebraska.

On June 15, 2012, President Obama usurped congressional authority and
created the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”)” initiative.
Deferred action, by federal definition, does not provide anyone with lawful
permanent resident status or any legal status in the United States. It confers
no legal immigration status, nor a pathway to citizenship.

DACA status does not confer any right or ability to remain permanently in
the United States. It is merely an indication that deportation proceedings for
illegal immigrants will not occur within a time specified by the federal

The President’s unilateral executive action created a temporary status that
placed a large group of illegal immigrants in limbo. There are currently
estimated to be over 3,000 individuals in Nebraska with DACA status.

On November 20, 2014, President Obama once again usurped congressional
authority and unilaterally announced his “Deferred Action for Parents of
Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (“DAPA”)” initiative. There
are an estimated 18,000 individuals in Nebraska with this status and with the
proposed extended DACA status.

Last year, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas issued a
preliminary injunction against implementation of DAPA and further
expansion of the DACA status. The federal court agreed with Nebraska and
25 other states which sued the federal government challenging the lack of
the President’s authority to create an immigration status out of thin air.

A federal circuit court then agreed that the DACA and DAPA temporary
stay of deportation status conferred by the President was not lawful.

Next week, the U.S. Supreme Court will consider arguments and review the
legality of the DACA and DAPA initiatives. A decision is expected within
the next several months. Depending on the Supreme Court’s decision, or a
new president’s policy, or further action taken by the states, there could be a
reversal or complete elimination of the DACA and DAPA deferred action

LB 947 is premature and exacerbates the uncertain situation of individuals
in a deferred action status. It is also an attempt to codify benefits in state law
at the same time as there are serious legal challenges to the federal
government’s extension of the temporary deferred status to the DACA and
DAPA groups.

The extension of business licenses proposed in this bill is not a policy that
has long-term solutions in mind. It is poorly conceived policy that does not
consider what happens when the deferred status is removed – by federal
court order or by a change in federal policy.

LB 947 is an affront to the individuals who are observing our laws and
navigating proper immigration channels to obtain jobs and legal status. The
enactment of this bill would unjustly allow individuals who are here
illegally to be ahead of those who have been waiting years to be granted a
proper permanent or legal status in our country.

For each of these reasons, I urge you to sustain my veto of LB 947.

(Signed) Pete Ricketts

NYT2010031117422459CUPDATED April 13, 2016 – VOTES by the Nebraska Legislature to PASS LB947e with the Emergency Clause meaning it will go into effect immediately if signed by Gov: 

Voting in the affirmative, 33: Baker Ebke Harr, B. McCollister Seiler Bolz Friesen Hilkemann Mello Smith Campbell Garrett Howard Morfeld Stinner Chambers Gloor Hughes Pansing Brooks Sullivan Coash Haar, K. Kolowski Scheer Williams Cook Hadley Krist Schilz Crawford Hansen Lindstrom Schumacher

Voting in the negative, 11: Bloomfield Fox Kuehn Murante Brasch Groene Larson Riepe Davis Kintner McCoy

Present and not voting, 5: Craighead Johnson Kolterman Schnoor Watermeier

Gov Pete RickettsGovernor Ricketts Opposes LB947 – Respecting the Rule of Law

BUT ONCE AGAIN REPUBLICAN MAYOR JEAN STOTHERT GOES AGAINST the Governor to provide more amnesty for illegal aliens. Read on my fellow Nebraskans…..

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothertbaby saying why do i have to press 1 did america move#1  Call Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert (402-444-5000) tell her you will no longer vote for her because she keeps endorsing bills that give illegal aliens our benefits and services like last year Driver’s Licenses and now supporting LB 947 that will allow ILLEGAL ALIEN “kids” to get professional licenses.  PROTEST or BOYCOTT events that has her as a speaker or guest.

Ne GOP LogoPatrioticElephant# 2.   Tell the DCRP (402) 330-8133 and the NE GOP (402) 475-2122 that you will NOT be supporting or voting for Mayor Stothert (402) 444-5000 or ANY candidate/elected official who supports or votes for benefits/services for illegal aliens. (LB 947  Professional Licenses for illegal aliens)

Chris Baker laughingBat - hanging upside down - animal#3.   Tell Chris Baker 402-561-2000 (MoonBat Puppet for Head MoonBat Mayor Stothert’s AMNESTY LB947) how you feel about him joining the MoonBats on encouraging more illegal immigration to Nebraska by giving them benefits and services. (LB 947  Professional Licenses for illegal aliens).  STOP LISTENING TO HIS SHOW and BOYCOTT any event that has him as a speaker or EMCEE.

Chris Baker KFABBat - animalChris Baker’s pro-LB947  says “…No Wall, No Deportation we need to educate illegal aliens about our American values… sew the seeds of American values – embrace and educate them cuz they aren’t going anywhere… “ April 6, 2016.

552931_3778621137813310918609_nKFAB Scott Voorhees once again gave Mayor Stothert a pass but at least he still opposes illegal immigration  “… can’t really blame Mayor Stothert….Congress..has put her in a corner…”  –  April 6, 2016

Rats drinking sewerWhat your Nebraska Legislature did today April 7, 2016 on LB947  Professional licenses for illegal aliens:

Bats - 50 flying bats animalThe MoonBat Legislature just took a VOICE VOTE (so individual senators votes cannot be recorded = you won’t get to know how your senator voted) to advance LB947 to Final Reading. Pretty sneaky of them isn’t it – hiding from their constituents!  Your MoonBats hard at work.

Jim SmithSenator Jim Smith (Republican) “…struggling with it…..but leaning towards supporting LB947…” CALL AND CHANGE HIS MIND! (402) 471-2730

Bat - hanging upside down - animalBob KristSen. Bob Krist (MoonBat RINO) just said that listening to Gary and Rosie on KFAB this morning “giving the election for President to Hillary” that there’s no worry about a president coming in and overturning Obama’s Amnesty. PRO-LB947

Bat - caricature against the MoonTommy GarrettSen. Tommy Garrett (MoonBat RINO) is a co-sponsor and talking on behalf of illegal aliens “whether you like it or not – it’s a no brainer..”

Bat - with boxing gloves - animalErnie Chambers Unicam picMoonBat Sen. Ernie Chambers said the people in his district want him to support this bill – funny thing is he wouldn’t know what the people want because he doesn’t live in his district.

Bat - head teeth of animalHeath MelloMoonBat Sen. Heath Mello already invoked and hailed MoonBat Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert’s endorsement letter.

Red White Blue RoseThe Senators who stood up to OPPOSE this bill (at least from the time I tuned in to the debate) Sens. Brasch, Kintner, McCoy, Murante, Craighead and Groene.

Original LB947 introduced:

killthebillSenators Contact Info:

No AmnestyNotNowNotEver






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