Nebraskans Killed by Illegal Aliens

Ne VOIAC 2011 002

graceful EagleeagleflagcrossIn solemn remembrance and respect. The following names are some of Nebraska’s victims killed by illegal aliens – 100% unnecessary and preventable deaths.

FNCIC-VOIACM Foreign National Crime Information Center – Victims of Illegal Alien Crime Memorial

SARAH ROOTSarah Root  UPDATED April 2, 2016

Dr. Edward Horowitz



Sunday, June 22, 2014  Drunk Driver HIT AND RUN Dr. on Dodge St…..Two illegal aliens from Guatemala both driver and passenger tested 3X the legal limit are responsible for the hit and run death of Dr. Edward Horowitz, Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 38th & Dodge.  Dr. Edward Horowitz, Specialist in Infectious Diseases walking in the cross walk was hit so hard he was thrown into the windshield of a U-Haul truck sitting at the stop light, his bible and glasses landing in the street.  The illegal aliens, 31 year old Pedro Diego-Antonio and passenger Simon Santos-Lorenzo fled the scene abandoning the car at 40th & Harney bail set at $300k each and on a Federal ICE hold.

Pedro Diego-Antonio–264611831.html Santos-LorenzoDriver-264171181.html 

Good article and video:!38ZXu

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SERGIO a dreamer







Kerra Wilson


September 2011 Kerra Wilson   8 years old     Raped and Murdered by alleged illegal alien step-father.

Salvador Carlos Lopez, 32, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Kerra Wilson.  Lopez acknowledged killing his stepdaughter after Kerra’s body was found is now being held in the Scotts Bluff County Detention Center on felony charges of first-degree murder and first-degree sexual assault. The Nebraska State Patrol has only announced the murder charge, but the Scottsbluff Star-Herald has confirmed with jail authorities that Lopez is also being held on the sexual assault charge. Kerra was from Mitchell, Ne.

December 2010  Danny Alcantara  22 years old   Hit and Run
Victor Rodriguez is charged with two counts of manslaughter and failure to render aid.  Rodriguez had been drinking at a holiday party before he lost control of his SUV near 42nd and H streets, where he slammed head-on into a car carrying Danny Alcantara and his girlfriend.  Investigators said Rodriguez, who had no license, was speeding and then ran from the scene. Rodriguez read an apology letter in Spanish in the courtroom Tuesday, saying he didn’t remember the crash. He’s eligible for release in about 10 years. After that, he’ll be deported.  The crash also killed Rodriguez’s passenger, 24-year-old Manuel Santos-Gomez it’s unknown if Manuel was an illegal alien or a citizen.

Szczepanik FamilyDecember 2010   Szczepanik Family   Vanderlei, his wife, Jaqueline, and son, Christopher        Robbed, Murdered, Dismembered and thrown in river
Vanderlei Szczepanik, who along with his wife, Jaqueline, and son, Christopher, have been missing for more than five months. The men who were booked on suspicion of the unauthorized use of the family’s personal and business bank cards, running up charges totaling $4,347 are illegal aliens from Brazil.   The three men arrested are Jose C. Oliveria-Coutinho, 35; Elias Lourenco-Batista, 29; and Valdeir Gonclaves-Santos, 30. Gonzalez-Mendez also will be charged with the illegal use of a financial transaction device. Police said he is an illegal alien from Mexico.  MY NOTE:  The Vanderlei hired the illegal aliens to work at his church renovation project – and a local newspaper article reported that approx $100,000 in cash at the Szcepanik home was thought to be money from illegal immigration smuggling. Testimony indicates the mother was hung and then Christopher – the bodies dismembered and thrown into the river.

*Szczepanik KillersTRIAL RESULTS:  Daughter gets her request for justice: Life for her family’s killer
Jose “Carlos” Oliveira-Coutinho


***UPDATED 4/2016 According to a local conservative talk show host Josie’s illegal alien murderer was sentenced to 6 years in prison he was released in Sept 2010 after serving only 10 months and was discharged from parole on March 28, 2012.

May 2009  Josie Bluhm   4 years old     Hit and Run
in May 2009 was killed when Eleazar Rangel-Ochoa ran through a red light in his Ford truck and smashed into the side of the Bluhm family mini-van.  The van then spun into two cars that were waiting at the red light.  Little Josie was ejected from the vehicle and trapped under the bumper of the min-van. She later died from her injuries. Her mother and siblings also suffered injuries.  They lived in Elkhorn, Ne.
A check of court records by Channel 6 News found that he had several prior traffic convictions. His license was suspended in 2002 after he was convicted of drunk driving for the third time.  It was unclear how Rangel-Ochoa could have gone through the courts several times over a ten year period, and obtained a valid drivers license while being in the country illegally.

Josie Bluhm, 4, Killed By Illegal Alien Eleazar Rangel-Ochoa [Video

Midwest Free Press   Four-year-old Josie Bluhm was pronounced brain dead and was eventually removed from life support. Her mother and siblings also sustained injuries during the accident, but it appears they will survive. On top of being here illegally, Rangel-Ochoa was driving with a suspended driver’s license. He had his license revoked for a term of 15 years after being convicted of his third DUI, along with other traffic violations. He will only be charged with misdemeanor motor vehicle homicide.

Evelyn VerdugoMay 2009  Evelyn Verdugo-Panianqua   3 yrs old     Raped, Sodomized and Murdered
29 year old De Jesus Milisio-Camacho a friend of Evelyn’s family and a suspected illegal alien, is under arrest.  Reports say “he went in through the bedroom window of the little girl Evelyn raped, sodomized and then killed her, and then left through the front door.” It also traumatized Evelyn’s five year old brother. “He was awake the majority of the time and basically played possum through it all,” explains Squires.  “Her older boy who is five was awake and crying on the couch, when the mother asked him what was the matter he stated that there was somebody hurting his sister.”
Susie Squires is known in her community for helping kids, especially sexual assault victims, though her organization – Watchful Eye Foundation.  Squires also fears there could be other victims out there. She says Melisio-Camacho lived in Arizona before moving to Nebraska and lived in Mexico before that. “I can almost guarantee you that a 29-year old man doesn’t suddenly, in the middle of the night, rape and sodomize and murder a three year old child, and she had just turned three.”  It was her 5-year old brother, Brandon, who shared a room with his sister, witnessed what happened in their bedroom. Brandon later identified her alleged killer.
3 Year old Evelyn’s murderer given life sentence instead of the death penalty.

Steven Mike McAdamsJuly 4th 2009    Steven “Mike” McAdams    29 yrs old    Hit and Run
The passenger in the car that was hit, 29-year old Steven “Mike” McAdams, was killed. The driver, 30-year-old David Hardin of Omaha, was treated for injuries at Creighton University Medical Center. They were going to buy some more fireworks.  “His son wanted to come, but he told him no and basically we drove, got to 37th and Y and the white car came out of nowhere about 50 or 60 miles an hour and slammed into the side of my car,” said Hardin.   Two males in their late teens or early twenties in the car that ran the stop sign fled from the scene on foot. Hardin tried to chase after them, but his injuries were too severe and he collapsed in the street. Hardin’s medical bills are piling up and he was supposed to start a job on Monday. Doctors say he may be off work for three months.
McAdams’ father and mother are still coming to grips with their loss.  McAdams’ parents, Mike and Judy, said they want to get these guys off the streets because they feel no one is safe. For now, the McAdams are trying to figure out a way to pay for a funeral and give Mikey a secure future.   Samantha on Jul 7, 2009 posted on story page this comment    “I am Mikey’s mom. My son is having a very hard time with the death of his father. We are all just devastated to say the least. I hope and pray they find the 2 who did this. My son will get through this, he has a ton of people who love him & are there for him.  I am taking him to grieve counseling. But his life will never be the same, he and his dad were very close. . this is going to be a long, hard road. Please keep Mikey in your thoughts and Prayers. Thank you.”

Ronald E. RydbergOctober 26th 2009   Ronald E. Rydberg   27 yrs old     Hit and Run
Rydberg, 27, died after a hit-and-run crash at the intersection of 42nd and Q Streets.Police said Rydberg was turning onto 42nd Street when his older-model Buick was struck broadside by a Dodge Ram pickup truck heading east. Rydberg died at the scene.Two people ran from the pickup truck, heading south.  Police still are searching for two people who fled a Dodge Ram pickup that ran a red light and struck Rydberg’s Oldsmobile.  NOTE:  Flor Campos, 24,  charged with being an accessory to a felony. Police reports indicate Campos drove the driver of the truck and his passenger, his brother, to a bus station in Kansas City so they could escape to Mexico.
Woman helped illegal aliens run from crime scene

November 2006    Dawn Rice   30 years old     Hit and Run
Dawn Rice, 30, was driving home from work and was thrown from her car after a blue pickup truck crashed into her vehicle. Rice was killed  A witness said two trucks traveling east on Blondo may have been street racing. One of the pickups ran the light at 85th Street, smashing into Rice’s Pontiac Grand Prix, police said.  Rice was thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene, according to authorities.  A blue pickup continued across the street and crashed into an unoccupied car, while the driver of the Ford truck jumped into the blue pickup and fled the scene, authorities said.   Omaha police and Immigration and Customs Agents arrested Luis Cortez and his brother, Juan Cortez, on Tuesday night at 2011 N. 45 St.

Mindy Schrieber

May 2002     Mindy Schrieber, 29 yrs old      Stabbed repeatedly and ran over with a vehicle
Investigators said Victor Hernandez, 22 was an acquaintance of the victim, 29-year-old Mindy Schrieber.  The other suspect is Luis Fernando Granados, 19, a former employee of the Ruby Tuesday restaurant that she managed.

September 28th  2002    Norfolk Bank Massacre   Lola Elwood 43;   Jo Mausbach  42;   Lisa Bryant 29;   Samuel Sun 50   Evone Tuttle 37  were found dead at the scene and State Patrol Officer Mark Zack.

Mark Zach State TrooperShortly after the Norfolk Bank massacre Mark Zach, State Trooper shot himself near Norfolk.  Trooper Zach had stopped Mr. Vela last week and had given him a ticket for carrying a concealed weapon, Gov. Mike Johanns said, but because of typing error he did not learn that the weapon had been stolen.
It was the nation’s deadliest bank robbery in more than a decade. Gov. Mike Johanns declared a state of emergency and authorized the use of a Black Hawk military helicopter for the manhunt. The State Patrol used its helicopter and three planes in the search. The patrol, which has a troop headquarters in Norfolk, pulled in officers from other areas to help. Roadblocks were set up throughout the area and schools in Norfolk were locked down.  The governor and executives with the bank’s parent company, U.S. Bancorp of Minneapolis, flew to the community upon word of the shootings.  Jose Sandoval, Jorge Galindo and Erick Fernando Vela
The gunmen spread out as they came in, two going to offices on either side of the entrance. The third went to the tellers’ counter, where Ms. Tuttle was among the first shot. The gunmen then hurdled the counter. The killings of the four employees were not visible on the tape. Another customer was wounded in the shoulder by gunfire, while two employees were unharmed. The four were identified as Jose Sandoval, 23; Jorge Galindo, 21; Erick Fernando Vela, 21; and Gabriel Rodriguez, 26. All are from the Norfolk area – Galindo, Sandoval and Rodriguez attended school in Madison, Superintendent Robert Ziegler said. He said Galindo left high school in 1998, Sandoval left in 1995 during his freshman year and Rodriguez left in 1991 after eighth grade.  All of the men had criminal records, mostly involving multiple drugs and weapons charges. Vela had been charged as recently as last Friday with carrying a concealed weapon.  Criminal records indicated Sandoval and Rodriguez spent time in prison for a burglary in Madison County, which includes the cities of Norfolk and Madison. Sandoval was in prison from 1995 to 2000; Rodriguez served time from 1995 to 1998. Prison records indicate he attempted to escape from work release in 1996 and 1997 while serving that sentence. At least three of the suspects have lived in the area for years.

Lisa Bryant –  Larry Johnson (Lisa Bryant’s father) says “There ain’t a day that goes by that at some time or another, I don’t think about how things might be different if she was still here.” Since that day, he and his wife, Coni, have had custody of Bryant’s son, who was 9 years old at the time.  Coni Johnson said, that out of something bad comes something good. The communities of O’Neill, Norfolk and Madison have been so supportive, and their kindness and prayers have been greatly appreciated.

Lola Elwood,  Royal Colson (Lola’s mother) said her daughter loved crafts, sewing, music and taking care of her family. Royal planted roses a few years ago to remember her daughter sayiing “Roses are so beautiful and … peaceful, you can just go out and look and feel at peace.” Lola had two children a boy and girl.

Samuel Sun, Sam’s former wife said  they celebrated the wedding of their son Bill and his wife, Jodee,.“It was the most amazing thing,” Joan Sun said. “It was perfect. … We felt Sam there, giving his blessing.”  Their youngest son, Ben, 21, who was a high school sophomore when his dad was killed, is a junior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the honors program.  We think about Sam everyday, “When you are in the middle of it, you wonder if you will ever come out of it,” she said. “But we have gotten to the other side and can see there is life after tragedy.   Bill and Ben Sun testified in April at the Legislature in opposition to a bill that would have modified the criteria for who gets the death penalty.  “I try to forget, but I’m never really able to let go. It haunts me to this day,” he said. “Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how much I miss my father.”  In making his point about the need for the death penalty, Bill’s younger brother Ben said his pain, too, continues to grow. “I feel I will explode at some point,” he told the committee.

Evonne Tuttle,  Evonne’s daughters Virginia and Sarah who was 3 when her mom was shot to death at the bank counter has told her grandmother she doesn’t remember what her mom’s voice sounded like. “Once in a while, we have to get out the video so Sarah can see her laugh.”  Vivian Tuttle, Evonne’s mom.,2933,64237,00.html#ixzz1cogi1EXp

There are many other victims in Nebraska and throughout our country.  Please commit today to take action against any and all forms of Amnesty.  Thank You.

No AmnestyNotNowNotEver


9 thoughts on “Nebraskans Killed by Illegal Aliens

  1. obbop October 29, 2015 at 9:46 p10 Reply

    Thank you for your efforts at enlightening the citizens about the many horrors forced upon citizens by rampaging illegal aliens. I was forced to flee my home state of California in 1993 due to the multitude of horrors forced upon We, the People by millions of illegal invaders. I re-entered the USA when I left California. I spent 15 years in Nebraska and was active in spreading the warning about the horrors coming Nebraska’s way. And the spreading horde started filling Nebraska even faster than I thought would happen.

    Sadly, local and mass media too often treat the illegals as a protected species. The media is not telling the full story about the horrors.

    Now in Missouri I do what I can to spread the word of the dangers facing all of us and the USA as a whole. The Web assists us but I also use real-life opportunities to warn others.

    Keep up your efforts. We must!!!

    • thesusansmithshow October 31, 2015 at 9:46 p10 Reply

      Thank you for contacting me. I appreciate your efforts as well and wish you great success and safety in continuing to wake up America. I used to go to California once a year but refuse to go anywhere near it since the illegal aliens have taken over it’s so sad to see the devastation illegal immigration has done and continues to do to our country. You’re right that the media and politicians are aiding and abetting illegal activity by soft pedaling and protecting them. Nebraska was scheduled to become a Sanctuary State – gateway for illegal aliens back in 2006 but the courageous efforts of Nebraskans Advisory Group and others prevented it from happening for several years but that changed as our politicians/legislators became more aggressive and outright over ruled our Governor and citizens by passing benefits and services for illegal aliens. Unfortunately there are plenty of followers and not enough leaders in the grassroots arena who are willing to stand up and speak out against these politicians in public and THAT is the only thing they understand. I pray for strength and courage for those who put their lives on the line to publicly expose illegal immigration. Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going in Missouri.

  2. john July 22, 2016 at 9:46 p07 Reply

    why don’t I read about the young girl in Lincoln who was murdered by an illegal immigrant. he beat her to death with a board after an immigration judge in Omaha released him on a $500 Bond.I believe he was arrested on a domestic charge to begin with.this was a few years ago but during Obama’s administration. thank you.

    • thesusansmithshow July 22, 2016 at 9:46 p07 Reply

      Hi John, thank you for the information and your question. The only way I have of finding out about Nebraskans killed by illegal aliens is via the media or if a citizen contacts me with the information. Since the media is all too happy to protect illegal aliens it’s not always easy to catch each and every murder by illegal aliens. I tried googling the case you mention but couldn’t find anything. If you will send me an article link or give me the girls name or illegal aliens name I may be able to track it down and add her to the website page. Thank you and I hope to hear from you. Sincerely, Susan Smith

  3. Natalie October 28, 2016 at 9:46 p10 Reply

    Take my cousins name off your filthy site. My family suffers still to this day that his killers have not been found, but he died because two idiots drove drunk and struck him not simply because they were illegal. My cousins death is not to be used as propaganda for you. 😡

    • thesusansmithshow November 5, 2016 at 9:46 p11 Reply

      Natalie, My sincerest condolences to you and your family. While you do not indicate who your cousin is I will not remove the names or stories of Nebraskans killed by illegal aliens. It’s unfortunate you do not realize that if our federal immigration laws were enforced that illegal alien would not have been in our state and would not have killed your cousin. It’s a 100% preventable and unnecessary death. When Mr. Trump is elected the problem will be taken care of as it should have been done many presidents past.

  4. Frank Nowak March 12, 2017 at 9:46 p03 Reply

    I disagree with Natalie. This site is not a filthy site. My friend lost his only son, and he wants him to be remembered. This site is trying very hard to prevent other families like mine from having to go through this agony, because our Politicians are led around by the nose by such organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, the Nebraska Cattlemen Association, the Nebraska Bankers Association, the ACLU, Nebraska Appleseed, the Mexican Consulate, MALDEF. This is who you should direct your anger to. These people are Heartless and are like the Moneychangers in the Temple during the time of Jesus. They only care for the money they make, and do give not give a Damn about the past dead victims or the future ones. This site truly cares for American Citizens and their safety.

  5. Frances March 14, 2017 at 9:46 p03 Reply

    Most of these case especially in Madison County are illegal working and protected by Joseph Smith allowing these killers out, he is directly involved in the illegals meth and drug dealing for 30 years.

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