Nebraska’s HALL OF SHAME


Stop the use and abuse of your donations, support and votes – hold them accountable!  If a senator or other elected official is voting opposite of what they represented during their campaign ask them to RETURN YOUR DONATION – I did and got it.

2015 – LB 623 Driver’s Licenses for illegal aliens – Summary

In summary, left winger Sen. Jeremy Nordquist introduced LB 623 Drivers Licenses for illegal aliens.  While this bill pertains to children of illegal aliens who qualify under President Obama’s Executive Order DACA the Constitutionality of his authority to do so without Congressional approval is working its way through to the U.S. Supreme Court.  

Nordquist and McCollister argued it brings NE into compliance with The Real ID Act except that Nebraska passed and Adopted LR 28 in 2007 opposing the enactment and urged Congress to repeal it; On April 10, 2014 Nebraska Legislature passed and Adopted LR399 opposing any state action on immigration because it is a duty of Congress.

LB623 was initially voted down by the Transportation and Telecommunication Committee but then Republican Sen. John McCollister made it his Priority Bill guaranteeing it would get on the floor agenda. Lobbyists like the ACLU, Nebraska Appleseed and others began pressuring senators to be co-sponsors.

After OMAHA MAYOR STOTHERT endorsed it the Committee advanced it and Republicans added their names giving enough votes to pass and over ride a veto.

Voting to advance it from Committee were Sens. Jim Smith, Al Davis, Curt Friesen, Les Seiler and Tommy Garrett.   NO votes by Sens. Beau McCoy and John Murante.  Abstained Sen. Lydia Brasch. 

Updated List of 37 Senators supporting LB 623:  John McCollister   Laura Ebke  Les Seiler Jim Smith  Tommy Garrett  Kathy Campbell   Bob Krist   Ken Schilz  Jerry Johnson   Rick Kolowski  Roy Baker  Jeremy Nordquist  Adam Morfeld  John Stinner  Matt Williams   Matt Hansen  Mike Gloor    Ken Haar    Kate Sullivan   Tanya Cook  Ernie Chambers   Sue Crawford   Burke Harr  Al  Davis   Sara Howard    Heath Mello  Paul Schumacher  Patty Pansing-Brooks  Curt Friesen Mark Kolterman Kate Bolz  Colby Coash  Galen Hadley  Dan Hughes  John Kuehn  Jim Scheer Robert Hilkemann

Others who endorsed or supported it:  Omaha Mayor Stothert; Secretary of State John Gale; FOP Fraternal Order of Police; Chambers of Commerce for Omaha, Lincoln and state; League of Women Voters; Ne Retail Federation; Restaurant Assn; Ne Cattlemen; League of Municipalities; Catholic Conference; Archdiocese of Omaha; newspapers’ editorials; Nebraska Appleseed, Justice For Our Neighbors; ACLU; 

Their actions are despicable and reprehensible  – REFUSE TO DONATE, VOLUNTEER, PROMOTE OR VOTE FOR THEM.  Print this flier to hand out at political events.  Visit or Nebraskans Advisory Group on Face Book.

                                                       Remember Lee Terry


Omaha Mayor Jean StothertOmaha Mayor Jean Stothert

John Gale SOSSecretary of State John Gale

John McCollisterSen. John McCollister

Jim SmithSen. Jim Smith

Laura EbkeSen. Laura Ebke

Tommy GarrettSen. Tommy Garrett

Bob KristSen. Bob Krist

Les SeilerSen. Les Seiler

curt friesenSen. Curt Friesen

Kathy CampbellSen. Kathy Campbell

Ken SchlizSen. Ken Schilz

Jerry JohnsonSen. Jerry Johnson

Rick KolowskiSen. Rick Kolowski

Roy Baker

Sen. Roy Baker

Paul Schumacher

Sen. Paul Schumacher

Sen. Mark KoltermanMark Kolterman

Matt WilliamsSen. Matt Williams

al davisSen. Al Davis

John StinnerSen. John Stinner

Adam Morfeld

Sen. Adam Morfeld

Sue CrawfordSen. Sue Crawford

Kate SullivanSen. Kate Sullivan

Tanya CookSen. Tanya Cook

Matt HansenSen. Matt Hansen

Mike GloorSen. Mike Gloor

Ken HaarSen. Ken Haar

Jeremy NordquistSen. Jeremy Nordquist

Burke HarrSen. Burke Harr

Sara HowardSen. Sara Howard

Heath MelloSen. Heath Mello

Ernie Chambers Unicam picSen. Ernie Chambers

Patty Pansing-BrooksSen. Patty Pansing-Brooks Sen Kate BolzSen. Kate Bolz Sen. Robert HilkemannSen. Robert Hilkemann

Sen Colby CoashSen. Colby CoashSen Galen HadleySen. Galen Hadley

Sen Dan HughesSen. Dan HughesSen John KuehnSen. John Kuehn Sen. Jim ScheerSen. Jim Scheer


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