Hillary’s people caught sneaking items from podium after debate.

Hillary ClintonWatch Hillary, Bill, and several campaign people sneak a large item out of Hillary’s podium during the 10 minutes after the debate. A wireless receiver for ear bud or Parkinson’s Disease electrical equipment and was this the reason why Hillary requested her podium be altered? https://youtu.be/RIYdjq2Wa6E https://youtu.be/RIYdjq2Wa6E

Here’s more facts about the Democrat’s choice for president:

Their candidate is the one who has the major health issues as seen here Hillary Collapses at 9/11 Eventhttps://youtu.be/US8X6rVWOzw

Hillary “GREEN SCREENED” a rally look at the screens of the people holding up their cell phones “videoing” it – IT DOESN’T MATCH up with the background and Hillary doesn’t even show up on them as she walks to the podium. https://youtu.be/ouGHDEon4SM

Hillary told Omahans that she would pay for all of her free stuff by raising taxes on the middle class https://www.facebook.com/Tom-Becka-FOX-42-490838034403044/?pnref=story.unseen-section

Hillary said to follow the money and I found this Clinton Cash documentary https://youtu.be/7LYRUOd_QoM

Here’s a documentary of Bill and Hillary’s nefarious business activities going back to the early days in Arkansas The Clinton Chronicles https://youtu.be/BPX1G–iE3Q

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2 thoughts on “Hillary’s people caught sneaking items from podium after debate.

  1. Judith Cook November 2, 2016 at 9:46 p11 Reply

    You speak without proof.

    • thesusansmithshow November 4, 2016 at 9:46 p11 Reply

      Judith, If you watch the video you’ll see that it proves, once again, Hillary and her team are willing to do sneaky, underhanded things – as Wikileaks, her emails and criminal history has shown going back to Arkansas days.

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